DISTRACTED DRIVING, a Short Play by Brad Vance

February 9, 2017 // 0 Comments

My first five-character piece, written expressly for these talented comedic actors 🙂 We did a cold read on this last night at Take 2 Performers Studio and it went great! Official Video coming in a couple weeks; in the meantime check out the cold read HERE on my YouTube channel! CHARACTERS BEAU, 20s, multitasking professional………..Beau Hogan STORMY DAWN, 30, glamorous movie star………..Stormy Tucker FAN – early 20s, enthusiastic to say the least………..JJ Mungcal TANNER CHATUM – 20, easygoing teen idol………..Cody Wyatt COP – early 20s, brisk, unimpressed by stardom………..Jasmeet “Jazz” Baduwalia LOCATION A busy intersection in Los Angeles. TIME Rush hour.   OFFSTAGE, the sound of a minor crash. LIGHTS UP on BEAU and STORMY, getting out of their cars. STORMY I’m so sorry, omigod. Are you okay? BEAU A little shaken up, you? STORMY Yeah. (examines the front of her [MORE]

All the News that Fits! Status Updates on, um, Everything…

February 8, 2017 // 0 Comments

Okay! Just because I haven’t posted in a bit, here’s what’s up. I’m wrapping up the copy edit phase of a large editing job this week, and then, next week, I’ll be starting work on the new Brad/Elsa book, coming May 1! It’s going to be a romcom this time, no angst or at least none that comedy can’t fix. Editing is tiring. It doesn’t leave me any energy for writing. When I write, I need *total focus* on MY story, and I can’t focus on that and someone else’s at the same time. (That’s part of why very few writers are also editors.) The Dream is to work on my own stuff, period, but The Dream isn’t paying any $ right now. And this still beats going back to Cubicle City, hands down. Work’s suspended on the Would I Lie to You audiobook as well, until I can finish this edit. Again, right now all focus and energy must be diverted into $$$ now. I was offered an audition for another author’s book, out of the [MORE]

I have a YouTube channel! See videos of my plays and more!

February 2, 2017 // 0 Comments

ABOUT TIME, RIGHT? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcFR91i3IU_bihw_Lw640cw I’m having a bitch of a time getting pix up on there to make it pretty, but fuck it, the videos are up of the playlets “If Only” and “The Job Interview.” Stay tuned for lots more productions, as I work diligently towards my screenwriting debut! And, when I don’t feel so fat, maybe even a vlog… [MORE]

$100 to IAVA from “A Little Too Broken”! $5,600 to veterans’ orgs and counting!

January 31, 2017 // 2 Comments

All the more important now that the Great Pumpkin will be throwing every sick person, veteran or not, onto a bonfire over which billionaires may safely warm their hands (those many deaths saving them, to their great satisfaction, a whole nickel on their power bills). I haven’t said it in quite a while, but I’ll reiterate it today. I always call them “veterans’ organizations” and not “charities.” Charity is something given to those who’ve fallen on hard times, regardless of how or why. Veterans who return from war with PTSD, missing limbs, burns, brain injuries, chemical poisoning, didn’t “fall on hard times.” They deliberately walked into hard times. Nobody who’s joined the United States Military in the last fifteen years is unaware of the price to be paid. They’ve seen it every day on the news. And yet, they still sign up. They still go, knowing that there’s a good chance of coming back with some [MORE]

“The Job Interview” playlet is now a short film! See it HERE!

January 30, 2017 // 0 Comments

Here it is, a filmed version of the staging of “The Job Interview,” featuring Beau Hogan and Stormy Tucker, as presented at Take 2 Performers Studio. Beau is Going Places, mark my words… And Stormy and I are shaping up as a pretty good comedy duo, so look for us in future short films, especially as I Get Serious about screenwriting! I’ve got film of “If Only” as well, that needs an edit to tag on the missing last line. (I know, I need a YouTube channel. Nobody reads blogs anymore, [MORE]

My Sunday “Side Project”: The screenplay for “A Little Too Broken!”

January 29, 2017 // 4 Comments

Yeah as you know, there are about 13 different things I’m doing for cashmoneynow, from editing other people’s books to working on the next Brad/Elsa and researching Game Theory to finish out the Marc and Jesse trilogy and doing my audiobooks (Would I Lie to You at 66%!). So there’s really not much “me time” for things I’d like to do whose financial value may be substantial some day, but is $0.00 right now. That said. As you may recall, the motivator behind all my playlets I’ve put up here was the acting class I started taking. Which has probably been the greatest thing I’ve ever done, in so many ways. Creative outlet, creative friends, potential money as a voiceover artist, or writer, or who knows. (I made $80 as an extra on A Big Movie filming in town recently, my first experience “inside” a film’s production, even if on the fringe!) And the acting class came about because one day I was on the couch thinking, [MORE]

Yesterday was great. Here’s what you do tomorrow.

January 22, 2017 // 0 Comments

Because we deserve a rest today, and besides, my boyfriend Aaron Rodgers demands my complete attention at noon 🙂 But these are my thoughts on what comes next. Showing up yesterday and then just going home and saying, that’s it – we all know it’s not enough. Here are my Big Thoughts on what all of us can do next. Social Media isn’t enough, BUT it’s essential – keep doing what you’re doing there. Why? Because the struggle for the “control of truth” is always part of the struggle against dictators. Right now, we’re at an advantage because the Trumputin forces are focused on fighting “the last war,” that is, doing it the way the Nazis did it – attacking mainstream media’s legitimacy. The Nazis could shut down a dozen newspapers and that was it, the end of public dissent. Fortunately for us, this time around it’s asymmetrical warfare. Trumputin can wage a Goebbels-style attack on the truthfulness of CNN or the Post or the Times, betting that [MORE]

Reflections on a National Day of Mourning and the Duties of an Artist

January 20, 2017 // 7 Comments

Notice how you don’t hear anybody saying what they were saying just a few months ago? “Give him a chance so we can unify and come together and get over it.” Well, he had his chance, and look who he’s picked for his cabinet. Anti-gay, anti-women, anti-science, anti-environment, anti-worker, anti-education, pro-theocracy, pro-Crusade, a corrupt congressman who should be in jail for using his office to enrich himself but is getting a cabinet post instead, a Treasury secretary who “forgot” about $100,000,000 in assets because there were, you know, so many forms… Oh yeah. And proof that Russia hacked the election. I think it’s time that the people who told me to get over it? Get over that. I read a post that Jessica Faust, a literary agent, put up a few days ago, in which she reiterated her advice to writers that they “keep the YOU out of your brand.” Well, as soon as I hear the words “your brand,” I reach for my vomit [MORE]

Add audio to “Apollo’s Curse” for $3.47! And, The Gay Agenda Revised

January 18, 2017 // 2 Comments

Whooo… I think. Hard to get too enthusiastic about selling a full length audiobook for less than $4, but, So It Goes. The good news is that it happened pretty quickly after the audiobook release, so it’s got a better chance of hitting the Audible bestseller list now (which is almost all WS’d titles). And I may have hit on the Secret Formula for Not Getting Too Screwed on WS pricing. WARNING: MATH. Given the Circumstances was WS’d at $1.99, whereas AC is at $3.47… definitely not a normal price, right? I think that GTC may have been priced at $2.99 when the audio went live, whereas AC was $4.99. So $3.47 = 70% of that. Even I can do the math wherein GTC’s WS price was 66% of the ebook price. So… maybe the Big Secret is to jack up the ebook price just as I submit the audiobook… If Would I Lie to You is $7.99 when I release the audio, then the WS version would be $5.60. Or almost 3x what I’m getting for GTC:TA. I’ve raised [MORE]