“Given the Circumstances” is Whispersynced! And the Amazon BS I’m dealing with on that…

July 21, 2016 // 0 Comments

Buy the book for $4.99, and get the audio for $1.99. Pretty sweet deal! As soon as you buy the ebook, come back to the product page and you’ll see the $1.99 offer. Which, I’m semi-ambivalent about. I know, I should be standard issue promotional rah rah so excited etc., but a $1.99 audiobook sale, vs. a $14.95 audiobook sale, is a big diff. That said – I get a $3.75-ish royalty on a full price audiobook, minus Authors Republic’s cut, and who knows I guess $0.50 on the Whispersync purchase. But… if a new reader buys the ebook at $4.99, that’s $3.50 in royalties on that + .50 for the audiobook, so it balances out, or close. Or better. Math class is hard; that’s why I write books, silly. Also, I have the sneaking suspicion that Audible best seller lists are based on Whispersync availability and not just straight up sales or credits used, so yeah, “visibility” for the book and for me is good. I’ve been fighting with Amazon, [MORE]

“Given the Circumstances” got a BOOKBUB again!

July 20, 2016 // 4 Comments

Yep, yep, July 31st – August 2nd, it’ll be .99 at all fine retailers. This is my first BookBub since November! My first BookBub was in May 2014, and the reach was 40,000 people. The LGBT list is now… 256,000 people. It was $80 for 40k people, and $140 for 256k, 6x the audience, so it’s an even better deal than it was then. (To answer your question, yes, BookBub is always worth it regardless of genre, if you can get one.) On my first one for Given the Circumstances, I sold almost 1,000 copies during the sale. I can’t expect 6,000 sales this time, but hell, I’ll take 1,000 again! Best part is, it’ll get people to the page to see the audiobook version as well. I think I may have had problems getting BBs for a while because I was in KU; the program seems to favor wide disti over Amazon exclusivity. But our funny Uncle KU has…moved away, and let’s never speak of him [MORE]

IT’S HERE! Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook is LIVE!

July 13, 2016 // 0 Comments

Here at Audible: http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Given-the-Circumstances-Audiobook/B01ICA3YES Here as a straight-up purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Given-the-Circumstances/dp/B01ICA0AW2 DO remember that the audio samples on the product pages are not reflective of the real content – they’re pretty metallic and grating, actually, but what can you do… AuthorsRepublic (my wide distributor, whose staff has been very efficient and helpful) told me I was actually very lucky to get both my titles up this fast: “Amazon/Audible/iTunes can take up to 15 days to review the content, and then another week to push it live. The time-frame that you experienced with your first title was extraordinarily fast.” So! Editing work $$ is Numero Uno now, but I’ll be sliding in bits and pieces of the Apollo’s Curse audiobook as I get a [MORE]

Rave review for “A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook”! Still waitin’ on Audible, Amazon, iTunes for GTC…

July 12, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah, GTC passed review Thursday a.m. at AuthorsRepublic but no sign of it anywhere yet. God I hate waiting. But! I got my first editorial audiobook review, and it’s a 10/10! A Little Too Broken written and narrated by Brad Vance is incredible… I was hooked from the moment I started the audiobook till the very end.  A Little Too Broken is 3.5 hours long.  It was so good, I was able to finish within 5 hours of starting it.  I would have finished right at the 3.5 hours, if life wouldn’t have gotten in the way. The voices fit the characters and the story flowed well.  Therefore, it was easy for me to connect with them all and get a good visual of the scenes. …The only complaint that I have has nothing to do with how the book is written or narrated. I felt so much for the characters that I didn’t want the book to end. This may have been the first book that I have read or listened to by Brad Vance, but it wont be the last. O HELL YAH! Now I’m [MORE]

Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook has PASSED REVIEW! In stores any time now…

July 7, 2016 // 2 Comments

WOW. That took two working days to pass review. That’s it. And it’s off to Amazon, Audible and iTunes, as well as a fleet of other smaller distis/stores. The only problem I have with AuthorsRepublic is that you only get a batch number of audiobooks sold, no breakdown by site – but as they told me, “due to contractual obligations imposed on us, we’re legally currently only allowed to display total units sold and total royalties earned per month per book. We can’t currently display the sources but this may change in the future.” I HOPE SO! The worst thing about KU page counts per book per month was how useless they were. (Now that I’m out of KU, how very relaxing to use the past tense…) I mean, if 1,000 pages of Werewolves of Brooklyn were read in a month, was that five people who read it all, or 1000 people who quit on page one? Who knows? Amazon does, of course, but they’re not sharing… At any rate. I’d turned down a [MORE]

Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook…is DONE!

July 3, 2016 // 0 Comments

Should be at all fine retailers in about a week or so! Yeah, I’m gettin’ the hang of this shit now. Took me, on and off, 10 months to get A Little Too Broken: The Audiobook done. Took me, off and on but mostly on, 2.5 months to get this one done. Of course, I need a job soon for $$, but, otherwise, I could see pushing these babies out the door even faster than that. Like any other skill, the better you get, the faster you get. The more I edit, frustrated with huffs and slurs, the more careful I am narrating. The more I narrate, the more relaxed I get, no longer punching myself in the head when it comes out wrong six times in a row – and, if it’s a really fucked up sentence when you try and speak it, I can just change it in the ebook and hey presto, ebook and audio match! It’s good to be the king! It took about six days for the book to pass review last time, and what with the holiday and vacations, I figure middle of the week of the 11th it’ll be [MORE]

$25 to IAVA for “A Little Too Broken” June sales!

June 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

Yeah ok the exclamation point is a bit much for $25. But, on the bright side, I’m back in wide distribution again, out of KU completely as of end of day today! Which is a relief. Also, ALTB The Audiobook has now made $180 so far, so that’s another $90 committed on the “planned giving” thing – that is, I’m super poor but I want to also give 50% of ALTB:TA royalties but I can’t now because I’m super poor and I need that money now. Whereas donating $25 off of $50 in June ebook sales doesn’t really matter that much to my relative financial doom, I figure. Which is the sort of cavalier financial thinking, no doubt, that’s brought me to this precipice. That said! I’m days away, for reals, on finishing Given the Circumstances: The Audiobook. Hey, I figure, if I have to get a job again, I better get used to working a full time schedule now, so I’m putting in more Brad hours each weekday. TBH I’ve had it good for a [MORE]

I’m back on the WROTE podcast!

June 24, 2016 // 1 Comment

I’m back on the WROTE podcast! Talking about EuroPrideCon2016, the Importance of research when writing about tougher subject matter (mental illness or homophobia, for example), making the shift from MM Romance/Erotica to more mainstream fare (and making Dan Brown my [MORE]

Back from Berlin, and thoughts on the “Wild West”

June 16, 2016 // 4 Comments

Back from Berlin! It was great to be at EuroPrideCon and meet, at last, so many of the humans I’ve only known as little status boxes on Facebook. It was a real native experience, let me tell you. I ended up in the ER my first morning, with a serious case of Traveler’s Tragedy. My socialized medicine cost me 300 Euro/$365 up front, but fortunately Mom talked me into buying $80 in travel insurance at the last moment. They drained my blood for testing and put me in a bed just like that – of course it was like 9 AM so the place was empty, not the case when I left. Within five minutes, they already knew from the blood that I was dehydrated, and stuck me with a fluid bag. The doctor was about Doogie Howser age, quickly reviewed me, and put me out in the waiting room when the fluid bag was drained (they needed the bed by then). A few minutes later he handed me a Cipro blister pack, the bill and lab results, and I was done. So my Berlin experience ended up more bourgeois than I planned. [MORE]

On Doing “Something Great”

June 4, 2016 // 9 Comments

Last post for a while, as I’m off to Berlin this week BTW most of my novels will be back in iTunes, Google Play etc. over the next few days! So I haven’t written anything in months now, since the release of Strength in Numbers. It’s the longest I’ve gone in the 3.5 years I’ve been Brad Vance. Some of that is because I’ve been putting a lot of energy into my audiobooks, but some of it is simply burnout – not with writing, but with publishing. Yeah, the constant marketing and promotion, but also the overall Decline and Fall of the Selfpub Empire. We all know how bruising it’s been this year, seeing scammers make off with the lions’ share of the KU pot while Amazon shrugs and says, well, we’ll fix it for next time, but as far as all the money the criminals already took out of your pockets? You’re SOL, sorry. Rather than guarding our frontiers against barbarians, we spent all our money on Religious Police to make sure there’s no “about what you’d expect” [MORE]
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