Getting Kinkier…

“Luke’s Brutal Abduction” is up here on Kindle!


(It may be a while before you can buy it as it takes pricing more time than it takes the listing to roll thru their system).  And, I’m all up and running on Smashwords if you’re not a Kindle user.  Nook readers, I’m on the way, B&N takes a while longer to get books up on their site.

This latest story is definitely hotter and kinkier than the last two.  I think even a week ago I thought I was “out there” with Officer Mike’s adventures, but I’m starting to see that the market for gay erotica is WILD.  Had to toss an idea I had for two married guys doin’ it in the basement…waaay too tame for this market.

Here’s another taste, in addition to the extract on the sales sites:

Luke Googled.  He found Slader’s website, and skipped all the “About Me” and “Gallery” and “Movies” links and went straight to “Services.”

NON SEXUAL kidnap fantasy service.  You know what this is or you wouldn’t be here.  It’s $3,000.  Send me $500 via PayPal and I’ll call you. 

Damn, that was a lot of money.  Three thousand bucks…he could get a lot of new equipment for that.  Take a nice long vacation.  Or make a memory to last a lifetime.

He logged into PayPal.  He looked at the message box on the Send Money page.  What to say?  I love your movie.  I fucking worship you.  I would pay ANYTHING to get you fuck me like that, and if I can’t get that, I want to get as close as I can.

Like he doesn’t know that, if you’re sending him five hundred dollars just to talk about it.  Instead, he just wrote his name and his phone number and clicked Send.

When a week passed and he hadn’t heard anything, he started cycling between glum, angry, and optimistic.  He’s a porn star, his sensible side told him.  Not exactly the most stable people in the world.  Yeah but I paid five hundred dollars for a fucking phone call!  How hard is that to do, to take fucking five minutes of time?  Maybe it’s part of the game, he told himself.  Maybe it’s his way of showing you he’s in control.  He hoped for the latter.

The phone rang one day while he was out running errands.  He looked at the number – blocked – and almost didn’t answer it.  Could be a new client, though, he thought, and ducked into an alley to muffle the traffic noise on the busy street.


“So you want to get kidnapped.”  The voice was smooth, a little contemptuous.

“Y…yeah,” he stuttered, his throat suddenly dry.


“The movie.  I can’t stop jerking off to it.”

“Why’s that.”

“It’s…”  He knew just saying “it’s hot” was the wrong answer, the boring stupid answer.  He could already tell from Slader’s bored tone that he would have to work just to keep him on the line.  “I finally found a movie that delivers what it promises.  They all say rough this and hard that, and it’s all bullshit.  You fucking gang-bang that guy.  It’s not acting.  His face, man, he’s in real fucking pain when you shove your dick in him.  I mean you fucking shove that big piece in there, with one stroke.  And you, you love it.  The more he bucks and the more it hurts, the harder you grab him, the harder you shove his face into the mattress.

“I’m sick of it, you know?  I’m sick of fucking half-ass sex and half-ass guys.  And even if this is ‘everything but,’ fuck man, everything but is still hotter than anything else I’m getting these days.”

The silence on the end of the line seemed to go on forever.  Then Slader said, “So you’d fucking love it if right now someone drove up and blocked that alley you’re standing in and threw you into a van.”

Luke’s blood pressure soared.  He was watching me right now!  How the fuck could he find me with just…he thought about it.  “Just” his phone number and email address and name.

“Yeah man.  Yeah.”

Another silence, shorter this time.  “Well, that ain’t gonna happen.”  Luke let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.  Relieved and disappointed at the same time.  “Because you pay in full first.”


“You’ll get 24 hours notice.  So when you disappear, nobody freaks and calls the cops.  Sometime the day after you get the call, it happens.  And that’ll be when I’m good and ready.”

“How…how long will I be gone?”

“How long you wanna be gone?”

“A day..a night…?”

“Okay, I might let you out that soon.  Better tell people you’ll be gone a couple days.”


“Non sexual, right?  You’re aware that this is a perfectly legal operation?”


“I’m emailing you a consent form.  Gotta protect myself.”


“Be ready.”  He hung up.

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