November 2012

Sneak Preview – Eddie’s MMA Submission

November 21, 2012 // 2 Comments

Hey guys, thanks for making “Luke’s Brutal Abduction” a top 100 seller in Amazon’s erotica list!  I’m working on a new story I think you’ll like, especially if like me you fucking love those MMA dudes.  Here’s a sneak peak at “Eddie’s MMA Submission,” coming soon, with your first look at the hot cover 🙂 This part of town hadn’t been Eddie’s choice for an office space.  The realtor said it was “up-and-coming,” and his boss had bought the line, but “down and out” was more like it, Eddie thought.  The street was lined with dingy old buildings that held the kind of bars whose names might as well start with  “A stabbing occurred last night at.”  Then there were the strip clubs, er, gentlemen’s clubs, the weekly motels, the head shops, the liquor stores.  But all this meant one thing that was most important right now – the rent was damn cheap.  And since their office was above the check-cashing joint, [MORE]

Luke’s gonna get it now!

November 8, 2012 // 0 Comments

So sales have been great on “Luke’s Brutal Abduction,” and you know what that means…a sequel!   For now, it’s only on Kindle right here for US readers – and for you dirty birds in the UK, here’s the link for you.  Thanks to all on both sides of the ocean for making Luke cum!  Here’s an extra taste of the story, which picks up right after Amazon made me cut off the excerpt for lack of space…it only gets hotter from here… His body struggled instinctively as hands tore the sheet off the bed, grabbed him and spun him around.  He looked up.  There were four of them, just like in the basement, and all of them had ski masks on, black t-shirts and black sweatpants, even Slader, who had no reason to hide his face.  They’d put a four part restraint system under his mattress, and they quickly and roughly strapped his hands and feet and pulled the restraints tight.  His head was at the bottom of the bed, and the four of them [MORE]