Luke’s gonna get it now!

So sales have been great on “Luke’s Brutal Abduction,” and you know what that means…a sequel!  


For now, it’s only on Kindle right here for US readers – and for you dirty birds in the UK, here’s the link for you.  Thanks to all on both sides of the ocean for making Luke cum!  Here’s an extra taste of the story, which picks up right after Amazon made me cut off the excerpt for lack of space…it only gets hotter from here…

His body struggled instinctively as hands tore the sheet off the bed, grabbed him and spun him around.  He looked up.  There were four of them, just like in the basement, and all of them had ski masks on, black t-shirts and black sweatpants, even Slader, who had no reason to hide his face.  They’d put a four part restraint system under his mattress, and they quickly and roughly strapped his hands and feet and pulled the restraints tight.  His head was at the bottom of the bed, and the four of them were standing there, rubbing their crotches with one hand, beers in the other.

“C’mon boss, let me go first.”  Luke recognized the voice.  It was the guy who’d admired his ass in the basement, begging for the chance to wreck it.  “Lemme stretch it out for you.” 

“You can stretch his throat,” Slader said.  “His ass is mine.”

The wrecker had his sweats down and his crotch in Luke’s face in no time.  His black jockstrap was stuffed with meat, and his big calloused hands grabbed Luke’s ears like jug handles.  He pushed his package into Luke’s face, smothering him with it.  “Chew on it, bitch.  Nice and easy.”

Luke opened his mouth.  The wrecker’s cock was swelling but still soft and held down by the jockstrap.  Luke turned his head to put his mouth on the huge corn cob, gently massaging it.  “How many loads you gonna take tonight, huh?”

“All you got,” Luke said, and they all laughed darkly. 

“Fuck yeah.” He slapped Luke’s face to knock him off his package and pulled his cock out from the side of the jock.  He smacked it against Luke’s face.  Luke flinched and the wrecker slapped him again.

“Keep your eyes open.  Watch me beat you with this cock.”

He kept his eyes up.  The masked man lifted his t-shirt with one hand while he used the other to hammer Luke’s face with his tool.  Luke was dying to be free of the straps, to reach up and touch the washboard abs lightly dusted with hair, to trace the gothic lettering of the tattoo over his belly button:  “100% TOP MAN.”

He pulled his t-shirt off to reveal more tats, and the lean taut arms flexed as his hands grabbed Luke’s head again.  His cock was rock hard now, aimed like a missile straight at Luke’s mouth.  Luke didn’t need to be told, he was so ready, he opened wide and looked up adoringly.  The man turned his head to look at Slader, waiting for permission.

“You want that?” Slader asked. 

“Yes, sir, oh fuck yes sir.”

“You been waiting for that, huh?”

“Yes, sir.  Oh god…”

“Maybe I should make you wait some more.  Maybe I should tell Joe to put his cock away and leave you there.”

“Whatever you say, Sarge,” Joe said to Slader, sounding disappointed.

“No!” Luke cried, and Slader pushed Joe aside to crouch down till his face was at eye level with Luke’s, till his face was so close Luke could feel the heat, could smell the beer on his breath.  Slader lifted his chin with the rim of the bottle, then held him there with the force of his hot angry eyes as he took a pull off the beer.  He held it in his mouth for a moment, then spit it in Luke’s face. 

“Thank you sir,” Luke said, his tongue eagerly licking Slader’s spit and beer off his mouth.

“Show us how you suck,” Slader said, and put the bottle in Luke’s mouth.  “Show us why we should stick around.”

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