Another Taste of “Eddie”

Here’s a little more of Eddie’s MMA Submission for you, picking up right where the “Explicit Excerpt” on Amazon leaves off!

Jake set the round clock to five minutes, then shut the cage behind them with a clang that went straight to Eddie’s balls.  Holy shit, he thought, I’m in the octagon.  He looked around and saw the old bloodstains on the mat and realized that he’d never done anything so awesome in his life.  This is badass, he thought with a smile, and Jake, reading his mind from his face, smiled back.

They danced around the cage, and every time Eddie let his guard down a little, Jake would remind him with a quick punch that Eddie had time to back away from.  “Defense, buddy, defense first, learn to keep that guard up before you start attacking.  Attack doesn’t do any good if it drops your defenses.”

Eddie nodded, moving, moving.  He saw Jake rub his nose with the back of a glove and in that second he landed a punch to Jake’s ribs.

He hit harder than he’d intended, felt the impact in his own hand.  “Oh shit, sorry,” he said, and Jake laughed.

“Fuck yeah, man.  All right, we’re waking up now.”

Eddie looked at Jake and saw it was true – the first contact had put a light in Jake’s eyes, a hunger and a heat.  Now Jake started toying with him, his punches coming a little faster but still not landing as Eddie instinctively backed away just in time.  Finally Eddie thought, fuck you, I’m not a baby!  And he stood there this time and took it on the jaw.

It didn’t hurt, to his surprise; he’d been hit with the thick padding over Jake’s knuckles and it had rocked him, shocked him, but the biggest shock was that it wasn’t so bad.

Jake nodded.  “All right.  Milestone.  The biggest obstacle to fighting is taking that first punch.  Realizing it ain’t the end of the world.  People go forever in training and never let themselves get that far.  Here we go.”

And he elevated the game.  Now Eddie was taking hits to the body, took a palm strike when he reflexively clenched his arms to his chest against a body blow from one hand, leaving him open to the palm strike from the other.  Jake wasn’t forgetting he was with an amateur, but he’d acknowledged that Eddie could take it, take more, wasn’t going to burst into tears at a little pain.

Then he rushed Eddie, slamming him to the mat.  It wasn’t like hitting the ground, there was enough give that nothing was going to get broken, but the shock was electric.  Eddie was fighting now as Jake wrestled him down, pinning him on his back.  Eddie was over and above him, dripping sweat onto his face, Eddie’s arms pinned to the mat.

“Ground game, baby.  You gotta get out of the submission, use your hips to turn and get out of here.”  His cup was a hard mass against Eddie’s ass and he grinned.  “Unless you fucking like this.”

Eddie was angry, the combat jacking up his testosterone, Jake’s little words of contempt fueling his fire, and he started to struggle.  “That’s it,” Jake said, encouraging him but not helping, not letting go, and Eddie worked harder to get out from under him.  Finally he got one of his wrists out from under Jake’s grip, giving himself an Indian burn in the process, and landed a haymaker on the side of Jake’s head, rocking him.

Jake’s surprise was enough for Eddie to get out of the submission hold, throwing Jake off with a shout and jumping to his feet, hands up in the ready position.

Jake stood up and laughed.  “So you wanna fight.”

“Fuck yeah,” Eddie said, meaning it now.

“Okay,” Jake nodded.  “Time for a change of tactic.”  He reached into his tight shorts and pulled his cup out and threw it across the room before rushing Eddie again, ramming him up against the cage and then down to the ground.

Eddie was on his knees and Jake was on top of him, his arm around Eddie’s neck.  Eddie remembered what he’d seen on TV and pushed his head down, preventing Jake from getting a lock on his throat, trying to pull his arm off with one hand while reaching back and trying to punch Jake with the other.

Then he felt it, Jake’s raging boner up against his ass, no cup in the way now.  It was like an extra limb in the fight, looking to pin Eddie to the mat, knowing what he wanted.

With one hand Jake yanked down the back of Eddie’s shorts, and now his huge weapon was pressing on Eddie’s hole.  “Tap out, bitch, or this fucker goes right in there.”

Eddie struggled, feeling the sweat in his ass crack lubing Jake’s cock, not nearly enough to let him take it easily – that was going to hurt, more than being hit in the jaw.  A lot more.

“Come on,” Jake whispered, his hot breath in Eddie’s ear, “it’s okay to quit.  No shame in losing.”

“Fuck you!” Eddie shouted, bucking his ass up, his hole open, right into Jake’s cock, and felt it bust open his asshole, the pain a ring of fire.  “Aaaaahhh!” he screamed.

“Oh shit,” Jake said, and thrust it in further.  “Here we go.”

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