Luke’s Brutal Abduction III – Too Hot for Amazon?

“Luke III” is stuck “IN REVIEW” at Amazon…that means they found something potentially NASTY!


Readers of the series know there’s nothing Luke gets he doesn’t want and ask for, but while we hang fire waiting for publication, you can buy it at Smashwords!  And here’s an EXPLICIT excerpt for you that picks up where the SW and AMZ (some day!) excerpts leave off:

“Now I don’t have to hear any more of your bullshit,” Slader said, walking back to the cabinet.  Halfway there, Luke heard him stop, then abruptly rush back, pick up the belt, and lay it across Luke’s ass even harder – higher up this time, closer to the tail bone, closer to the bundle of nerves at the base of the spine. 

Luke screamed with the pain, but the ball did its job, turning it into a muffled whimper. 

He felt Slader’s hand reach between his legs, the tail end of the belt in his hand.  “Yeah, those are some nice big balls you got there.”  Gently, surprisingly gently, he tapped the rough underside of the belt against Luke’s freshly shaved balls, then stroked the leather across them, back and forth.  “Fucking smack the cum right out of those before I’m done.”  Then the backsides of his hard fingers brushed the underside of Luke’s cock.

Slader’s hand was touching Luke’s dick for the first time ever, he realized.  He’d been used and abused his holes wrecked, but never had Slader reciprocated any pleasure.  The tip of the belt touched the tip of his cock as Slader rubbed it on his balls, but not for long, as Luke got hard and his cock strained up towards the sky.

“Yeah,” Slader hissed.  “Pain and pleasure, that’s what it’s all about.  Give you a little of this…” And he tapped the belt harder against Luke’s balls, the shock of it making him jump.  “Then a little of this…” And he wrapped the rough side of the belt around Luke’s hard cock and squeezed it, stroked it, the painful friction of the leather and the sweet stroke of that big hard hand around it clashing in Luke’s mind. 

“Then a little of THIS.”  And Slader stepped away, and the belt was across the meat of Luke’s upper back, like a sailor being disciplined against the mast.

Luke shouted, screamed, as the belt came down again, on his back, on his ass, on his hamstrings, shorter strokes, faster strokes, Slader grunting as he wielded the belt over and over.  “Fuck yeah,” he hissed.  “Fucking take it.  Go on, you little punk, scream.”  Whap!  Whap whap whap!

Finally, exhausted, Slader dropped the belt.  He walked away and came back again, this time the hand from behind Luke pulled the strap up and over his head and popped the ball out of his mouth.  He barely had time to gasp for breath before Slader was in front of him, evaluating him, water bottle in hand.  “Drink.”

Luke drank greedily, half the water dribbling down his face, down his chest, onto his cock.  Slader nodded, satisfied.  With quick and practiced motions, he unhooked Luke’s wrist bonds from the hooks on the pipe, and gave him a push towards the mattress.

“Get some rest.”  He threw the water bottle onto the mattress.  “There’s a can over there you can piss in.”  Slader headed for the steps upstairs.

Luke sat down on the mattress.  “That’s it?” he asked.  It could have lasted an hour, or a few minutes, he couldn’t even tell.  And now Slader was leaving him here already?

Slader froze in his tracks.  In the blink of an eye he was in Luke’s face, his hand smacking him harder than Luke had ever been hit.  Slader grabbed his jaw and smacked him again, so that this time he couldn’t even recoil with the impact.  He spit in Luke’s face, right in his eyes, making him blink furiously.  “What…did…you…say?”

One hand still grabbing Luke’s jaw, the other unbuttoned his jeans and he pulled his big fat dick out.  Luke stared at it like a hunter at its prey.  It was worth it, all worth it, to get that cock in his mouth!

But Slader had other plans.  He grabbed his cock and let go a fountain of hot salty piss in Luke’s face, holding his mouth open and using it like a urinal.  Luke gagged and choked on it, unable to avoid swallowing some of it.  “This is what you are, faggot, you hear me?  You’re my fucking toilet, and I flush you when I’m fucking done with you.  You got it?  Nod your fucking head.”

Luke nodded, the piss splashing everywhere, soaking him, soaking the mattress.  Slader finished finally, shaking the last drops into Luke’s face before pushing him away.  Luke fell backward onto the mattress, the piss cooling off now, reeking. 

Without another word, Slader left, slamming the trap door shut behind him.  Luke could hear the slide of the bolt locking him in.  He lay there in Slader’s piss, naked, cold, shuddering, heart racing.  What have I got myself into? He asked himself.  What the fuck have I done?

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