Hey to all the Evan J. Xavier fans!

Hey to everyone visiting from Evan J. Xavier’s blog, and for all you Brad Vance regulars, check out his interview with me here! As a thank you, here’s the first part of my next story, Tyler’s Pirate Island Gangbang…

Tyler Il

The invitation to the Pirate Island video release party came in the mail a week after Tyler’s own successful audition at the studio. Well, he thought with a smile, at least I don’t have to worry about what to wear. He double checked himself in the mirror before leaving the house. Tight faded jeans, check. Black boots, check. Pirate Island Video t-shirt with the trademark skull and crossbones, check.

He’d thought about jacking off before going out. The last thing he wanted was to be so excited by the hot guys all around him that he started drooling. Taking the edge off might be just the thing…but then Tyler thought, fuck it. If I can’t drool on hot guys at a release party for a porn video, where the hell can I?

The party was at Dark Bar, just South of Market, which was closed for the private party. The guy at the door checked his name off the list, and he was waved in towards the insistent beat of PiL’s “This is Not a Love Song.”

The bar was packed. Even in the dim lighting, Tyler could see familiar faces – familiar because he’d jacked off watching them again and again as they fucking nailed their willing, hungry bottoms onscreen. A couple of them looked at him and then away, then did a double take and looked back and nodded. Tyler nodded back, his smile getting bigger all the time. They must have seen his audition tape, he thought, or maybe even the second tape he’d made with Mitch Bradford onsite at Pirate Island.

He saw Mitch across the room, one of the little spotlights picking him out. His head was down and he was concentrating on something. Tyler saw his head moving to the beat of the music and thought he was dancing, but then realized no…Mitch was fucking someone right here in the bar, matching his strokes to the pounding beat.

His mouth suddenly dry with excitement, Tyler squeezed his way to the bar and ordered a beer. When he went to pay for it but the bartender waved his money away, leaning over and yelling, “Compliments of Mark tonight!” Tyler nodded and dropped two bucks as a tip, getting a wink from the bartender and the assurance that he’d get served later when cheaper bastards were left waiting.

Mark Blackbeard was the mysterious and reclusive owner of Pirate Island Video. He wouldn’t be here tonight, of course, but Tyler knew someone would be filming the party for him to watch later – especially whatever was going on right now at the back of the bar.

Tyler pushed through the crowd, willingly exchanging a hand on his cock or his ass for another inch of forward movement. He just had to see Mitch Bradford, ruthless brutal top man, and what he was doing back there. The crowd around Mitch wasn’t in the mood to give up their ringside seat, but Tyler was tall enough to see over most of them and check out the action.

There was a bench that ran all around the walls of Dark Bar, the only seating there was other than at the bar, and braced against it now was Mitch’s latest victim. His head was bent down, his hands up against the wall to try and shock-absorb some of the impact as Mitch hammered his smooth, ripe ass with his massive cock. His cries of pain were drowned out by the music, and thanks to Mitch’s rhythm, the thump of his head knocking against the wall was mixed in with the beat. He had a black jockstrap on, and Mitch had pulled and twisted its straps up and around his hands like a pair of reins on a horse, keeping him from getting too far off Mitch’s dick. The look of concentrated anger on Mitch’s face as he worked gave Tyler a boner, thinking of his own hot session with him on the bed at Pirate Island’s studios.

Mitch suddenly noticed Tyler’s intense stare, and turned to see who was burning holes in him. He recognized Tyler and fixed his eyes on him even as he pounded the crap out of the anonymous bitch in his hands. Tyler stared back, hypnotized by the hot glint in Mitch’s eyes. He was telling Tyler, I’m fucking him but I’m thinking about fucking you next. Almost unconsciously, Tyler put both hands on his ass.

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his friend Nick, who’d filmed his audition tape – a tape that had turned out to be Nick’s own audition for Pirate Island as a cameraman, and maybe as a star himself. Nick was wearing a PI t-shirt as well, but with the sleeves cut off to show his chef’s tats, brightly colored fruits and vegetables and, Tyler saw, a new addition, a big pig on his shoulder.

“Who’s the pig?” Tyler asked him with a smile.

“You know the answer to that,” Nick laughed. He looked at the action in the corner. “You looking for an encore?” he asked with his sly grin, putting a hand down the back of Tyler’s pants.

“Hell, yeah!”

“Mark’s got other plans for you tonight, pal.” He led Tyler back to the bathroom, a one-stall-and-a-trough affair, the walls painted black, the reflection of the track lights off the white fixtures the only way you could see your way around. A camera on a tripod was pointed at the open stall.

“Down on your knees, buddy,” Nick said. “Facing me.” He was already behind the camera, adjusting the lens, compensating for the dim lighting.

Tyler got down on the dirty floor, his temperature rising. “I’m getting hot, can I take my shirt off?”

“You sure can,” Nick said, hitting Record. “So you know what’s coming?”

“No,” Tyler said honestly into the camera. “No idea.” He looked towards the door, where he saw Zack Black, one of the Pirate Island stars, leaning against the door frame and rubbing his crotch. Zack had a baby face that would make you think he was anything other than the brutal top he was.

“This is called ‘Sixty Cocks in Sixty Minutes.’ Sixty lucky guys tonight are going to get one minute each for you to suck their cocks.”

Tyler swallowed. “Holy crap.” He watched as Zack pulled out his nine inch dick and started stroking it, watching Tyler the whole time.

Nick laughed. “You up for it?”

“Yeah. Oh, yeah.”

Nick looked over the camera. “Don’t worry. They’ve been handpicked, no losers in the lot. And told to stroke themselves first, because we want to see a lot of cum shots. Right, Zack?”

“Ready when you are,” he said, walking towards Tyler.

“Clock starts…now,” Nick said, and with that, Zack thrust his rock hard piece into Tyler’s waiting mouth.

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