…And I never linked to Luke/Slader IV…

Put up the “under construction” post but that was it…so much going on…sorry, man!

Here are the links to it on Amazon, Smashwords and BN/Nook.  And here’s another excerpt in addition to the one on the AMZ and BN pages (can’t “work blue” at SW because they distribute to Apple, and all that dirty talk is an Apple Store No-No).  This is the opening, picking up right where Part III left off…

Luke was silent in the cab home from the restaurant, because Slader was silent as well.  Luke kept stealing looks at his new master, who was looking out the window at the streets.  “His new master” – how strange that sounded.  How silly, to say it out loud, if he dared…  There was so much to think about.  He fingered the slender silver chain around his neck, the blood surging to his crotch at the touch.  When he accepted that gift, he had accepted the role of Slader’s slave, and what that would mean was still to be determined.  It would involve giving more than he wanted to give, that was for sure.

Slader had given the cab driver Luke’s address.  In a “normal” relationship, Luke thought, he could just say, “Are you dropping me off?  Would you like to come up?”  But it wasn’t his role to ask questions.  Slader had made up his mind what he was doing next, and now it was for Luke to wait to be told what Slader wanted.  A flash of irritation at not knowing what was happening crossed Luke’s mind.  This whole slave thing was not natural to him; he knew guys who’d get down on the ground and slobber for anyone in a bar who called himself a “master,” but not Luke, no way.  It took someone of Slader’s magnitude – his handsome face, his chiseled bod, his overall badassery, to force, yes, force Luke to become someone else if he wanted to have more of Slader.

When the cab stopped he waited a second to see what would happen – would Slader sit there and tell him to get out?  Would he stay, and if so, would he get out first and open the door for him as he did at the restaurant?

“Let’s go,” Slader said, paying the driver.  Luke opened his own door and they headed into his building.  In the elevator he kept stealing furtive glances at Slader but he didn’t look back – it was like riding with a stranger, two handsome businessmen in their dark suits, tieless but elegant.

Luke unlocked the door and braced himself once inside – would Slader slam him up against the wall as he’d done at his own house, would the game begin again?

“You got shoe polish?” Slader asked him, choosing the most comfortable chair in the living room.

“Yes, did you want me to…” Slader’s angry look stopped him short.  “Yes, Sir,” he said, swallowing nervously.

“Take your clothes off, get the shoe polish and a rag, and get to work.”  Slader picked up a newspaper and started reading.

Luke undressed quickly, carefully hanging up the suit Slader had given him.  He hardly ever wore dressy clothes anymore now that he worked for himself, and where the hell was the black shoe polish and all that stuff I used to have to deal with when I worked in an office?  Naked, on his hands and knees, he tore through his closet, but didn’t make the mess he normally would have, bachelor style, knowing how much Slader hated it.  Luke was going to have to be Marine Corps tidy from now on.

He finally found the polish and a clean rag.  Back in the living room, Slader was buried behind the paper just like an executive in a train station, ready to be serviced.  He got down on his hands and knees and got to work.

To his surprise, Luke started getting turned on, even when, especially when, Slader lifted one foot and kicked him lightly in the jaw as he crossed his legs, rattling the paper as he did.  He’d clearly been paying attention, after all, Luke thought, since he knew when I was done with that shoe.  He thought of rubbing the black polish off his chin but left it there.  Slader would want to see it, he knew.

He finished the other shoe and leaned back.  “Get in the shower,” Slader said, not lowering the paper.

Luke jumped up and got in the shower.  Slader followed him in.  “Down,” Slader commanded, and Luke got down on his knees.

Slader brushed back his jacket and unzipped his pants. This is what you do it for, Luke reminded himself.  For that beautiful perfect cock in your holes…

But Slader didn’t approach any further.  Standing just outside the shower, he aimed his cock at Luke’s face and let out a furious stream of piss into his face.  Luke spluttered with surprise but then knew what he had to do – he opened his mouth to take it, letting it fill his mouth before letting it wash down his chest.  It was hot and bitter and sour, but clean, healthy, the only toxins in it from the wine they’d had at dinner.  When Slader finished, he shook off the last drops by slapping his cock on Luke’s face, finally making the first skin-on-skin contact since they’d left Slader’s basement.  He slapped it a few times more for good measure and Luke could feel it getting hard.  He wanted so badly to just clamp his lips around it!

But even as Slader got hard, he tucked it back into his pants, zipped up, and walked out.  A few seconds later, Luke heard the front door shut.

Luke touched his jaw, looked at the shoe polish on his fingers where Slader had planted it, and smeared it on his cock.  He stroked himself slowly, thinking about Slader, his tears of frustration mixing with the piss still dripping down his body.  To do everything Slader wanted, and then be left here, horny as fuck!  To have him just…walk out on me!

That was the point, he suddenly realized.  Slader was sending him a message – my terms, my time.  As he pumped himself harder, watching his own cock and thinking about Slader’s, a dizzy, nauseous excitement overtook him.  Slader could go just like that…but he could come back just like that, too.  Any time he wanted, whenever he wanted, he would come for Luke and take him, use him, and Luke would be ready.

“Slader,” he whispered, shooting his load all over the shower tiles.

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