Sneak Peek at Tyler’s Pirate Island Manhunt!


Okay, this one is ROLLING.  Should be going to press with this next week.  Here’s an extended preview:

Dark Bar was mobbed as usual on a Friday night.  But Tyler loved it, loved the crush of hard bodies as he squeezed himself through the press to get to the bar.  His bare torso slipped across other bare torsos, or scratchy wife beaters, or slick leather jackets whose zippers and buttons nipped and scratched at his skin.  Hands were everywhere, like centipede legs pushing and pulling at him as he inched through the crowd, some grabbing at his cock but mostly reaching for his ass.

His now famous ass, he smiled to himself, as the bartender dropped what he was doing to serve him.  “Two Stellas?” he asked Tyler, who nodded.  He wished he could remember the bartender’s name…he just called him “37” now, since he’d been number 37 in line when Tyler had starred in “60 Cocks in 60 Minutes” right here in Dark Bar’s bathroom.

“On me,” 37 said with a wink.

“Any time,” Tyler responded, getting a laugh.  He dropped the fiver on the bar as a tip and worked his way back to Nick.

He grinned from ear to ear as guys looked at him and did a double take, realizing they knew him from somewhere, and then realizing where.  Some of them smiled, nodded knowingly, some of them had probably gang-banged him in “Pirate Island Hotel,” his last movie for Pirate Island Studios.

A finger caught him through a belt loop, and he turned and found himself lip-locked with a skinny punk rock dude who put Tyler’s hand on his crotch to let him feel his monster cock.

“Nice,” Tyler said.  “You should audition for Pirate Island.”  He had a handful of Mark Blackbeard’s cards in his pocket now, Mark trusting him to know who to offer them to, who would make good PI material.  He handed the guy one of them.

“Where’s your number?”

Tyler laughed.  “I’m unlisted.”  He gave the huge cock one last caress, feeling it get rock hard in wow, like two seconds.  How flattering was that!

His smile faded as he got closer to Nick though.  Nick wasn’t…scowling, no, he was too cool for that.  But he wasn’t meeting Tyler’s eyes, and his face was the face of a guy who just got bad news.  The bill of his Giants cap was down, shadowing his face, the reason most dudes love wearing ball caps – to keep their feelings hidden, to prevent eye contact when they don’t want eye contact.  When Tyler handed him his beer, Nick nodded, his eyes smoldering.

Tyler was getting to know his boyfriend, for that was what Nick was now, getting to know him a little better every day.  And he knew what Nick was thinking.  It turned him on to see Tyler adored, to see him worshipped and desired by other guys, but…he wasn’t enjoying this.

“Are you okay?” Tyler asked him, putting an arm through Nick’s as they sat on the bench that lined the walls of the bar.

Nick shrugged off his mood, took a big swig of beer, left handed so as not to break Tyler’s embrace.  “Yeah, man.  No worries.”

“Liar,” Tyler smiled.  “Spill it.”

Nick smiled too, at last.  “You got a read on me now?”

“Don’t I, though?  What’s up.  You’re…not jealous, are you?”

Nick’s eyes were distant, as if he didn’t want to think about feelings like that, about what they meant about himself.  That he was in love with Tyler, sure, but that he was one of those guys, the possessive insecure types?

His eyes widened as Tyler separated himself from him, pushed his way back to the bar, not stopping, and said something to the bartender, who looked at Nick and laughed.

Nick was steaming now.  The fuck is that?

Tyler pushed his way back through the crowd, his arms over his head with a triple shot of Jager in each hand.  The whole time, his eyes never left Nick.  He wriggled and twisted out of every assgrabber’s grasp, until he was face to face with Nick.

He handed Nick the shot.  “Cheers.”

“Cheers,” Nick said, puzzled and wondering what was going on.  They both knocked back their shots and the bartender dimmed the lights even dimmer than they already were.  A few whoops went up, the music suddenly got louder, and Tyler dropped to his knees in front of Nick.

He looked up adoringly at his boyfriend.  “Just us two now,” he said, unbuttoning and unzipping Nick’s trademark cargo shorts.  He reached in and pulled out Nick’s long, fat cock for all to see.  The crowd closed in around them, hands reaching for Tyler, and he looked up at Nick as he swatted them away.

Then Tyler’s lips were on Nick’s already-stiffening dick.  Nick closed his eyes, his senses shutting out the whole world outside the tip of his penis.  Tyler was concentrating just on the head of his dick, licking it, kissing it, nipping ever so lightly with his teeth on it.  Nick pushed his hips forward to thrust his package out, to let Tyler do what he wanted to do – to show the world Nick’s enormous cock, to show them what he had that they didn’t.  Then, finally, Tyler adjusted the angle of his head and neck, opened wide, and took it all down his throat.

Nick groaned as the audience sighed, all drowned out by the pounding sound of Glass Candy’s “Beatific.”  Tyler held Nick’s dick entirely inside his throat, his chin grinding on Nick’s pelvis, for what seemed like an eternity.  Like a diver, it seemed Tyler could go forever without breathing.  Finally, though, he came up for air and let Nick’s dick bounce and snap back against his hard flat abs.

Both of them were now swatting hands away, till the audience finally got the idea – look, don’t touch.  Helping hands now kept overeager graspers from trying.  They were into it now, protecting the island that was Tyler and Nick.

Nick reached down, caressed Tyler’s face, then gave it the little slap he knew would really get him going, then took his dick in hand and pointed it at Tyler’s open eager mouth as his other hand reached back and forced Tyler’s head down on it.  This time, when his cock was fully engulfed, he started thrusting, both hands on the back of Tyler’s head now, fucking it like a farm boy would fuck a melon.

Every now and then he’d let Tyler up for air.  He reached out and grabbed someone’s beer, took a swig, and spit it in Tyler’s face.  Shock and delirious pleasure suffused Tyler’s face then, and rest period was over, he was ready again.

Nick stood up now, putting his abs, his hips, into the thrusts.  Tyler’s head was a hole, a tunnel, a cum dumpster.  He felt himself edging closer and thought about pulling out and stroking it.  But it was like Tyler read his mind, reaching up and grabbing his cock himself so it couldn’t get away, never taking his mouth off it.

Nick gave in, thrust harder and harder, his prostate stinging, squeezing, his balls getting tighter and tighter.  “FUCK!” he shouted as he came down Tyler’s throat, every drop slamming straight into his guts.   He pumped and pumped, until finally, his spent dick lost pressure and started to get soft.

Tyler sucked every drop out of him, until he could finally lean back with a smile and wipe his mouth.  The audience burst into applause.

Nick laughed, pulled Tyler up and kissed him long and hard, tasting Jager, beer and his own cum in his lover’s mouth.

“I get it,” Tyler whispered.

“Get what?”

“Other guys.  It’s okay in a movie, but that’s it, right?”

Nick nodded, realizing, accepting himself, his nature.  He was jealous, possessive.  Fuck yeah!  He was!  So what!

“Let’s go,” Tyler said, and led Nick by the hand through the crowd.

The crowd thinned, but near the door, a pair of hands grabbed Tyler, firmer this time.  “Hey, you can’t put on a show like that and not do an encore,” the guy said.  He was big and built, brutish looking, mean-eyed in a way that threatened more than rough sex.

Tyler broke free.  “Sorry, man, show’s over.”

The man scowled.  “Fucking cock tease, that’s what you are.”

Tyler laughed.  “That’s right, bitch.  I’m a porn star.”  He put on his Ewan MacGregor as Obi-Wan voice.  “Teasing cock is my spe-ci-al-ity!”

Nick burst out laughing, and they walked out arm in arm.  Yeah, Nick thought.  I’m in love and I like it.

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