Wow, so ALL FIVE “Luke” stories are BANNED in the Apple Store.  Perversely, last week they rejected #1 and accepted #2-5…Now this week they’re “unapproved.”  Of course they don’t explain in particular, only that they’re rejected for “Prohibited Explicit or Objectionable Content.”  No doubt some bluenose who “just happened” to be shopping for GAY EROTICA discovered them and complained!

So…here’s where you can find the printed word, uncensored:

Thanks for your support!


  1. Any plans to compile a print version of Luke’s series?
    Just found your site on Amazon and probably will wind up buying all e-books but would rather have a print.
    :Love the cove with the barbed wire— very Hot!

    • Thanks! I haven’t thought about doing a print version, though I wouldn’t rule it out…if you buy the ebook bundle of stories 1-4 at AllRomanceEbooks, I put #5 in there as a special secret bonus feature :).

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