A long sneak peek at Colum for one week only!

Okay, guys (and gals), I hope you like this one.  Lot of plottin’ and I haven’t got to the sexin’ yet, but I think Viggo and Colum will be a winner (think Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell, because that’s what I’m thinking!).  So to thank you for visiting the blog, here are the first FOUR THOUSAND WORDS of the first draft of “Colum’s Viking Captivity.”  I hope this one isn’t too much story and not enough sexin’, but I guarantee a LOT more sexin’ in the parts to come…

This post will be up till April 4th, then it goes away :).  Oh, and here’s the cover.  I know, I know, Viking helmets didn’t have horns!  But sexy barbarian cover models are not easy to come by!

JANUARY 2015. Finally remembered to take it down!  It was an old version anyway.  And, it’s in Kindle Select now so I probably shouldn’t have so much of it here…  Here’s the link 🙂


3 Comments on A long sneak peek at Colum for one week only!

  1. Ohhhh this is gonna be good. Love it and love the wrestling scene! Hurry up MORE!

  2. Yes, agreed! More would be very nice, and soon! I loved this. I have a soft spot for rough-and-tumble scholars…

    • Me, too, brains and brawn going hand-in-hand is the best! Thanks for the positive feedback, I really appreciate it. Now, back to work…Viggo…mmmm…

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