April 2013

A taste of Colum II

April 29, 2013 // 2 Comments

EDIT:  Replaced the first draft sample with the final…how did I fuck up and call a prow a mast? 🙂 The wind was a blessing and a curse, Colum thought.  When there was no wind, he and Niall were slaves to the oars, their shoulders and backs nearly torn apart by the effort of resisting the ocean’s power.  Their Viking masters laughed at them, mocked their exhaustion, and beat their already aching backs when their strokes flagged.  They were the only two slaves; so the Vikings also stroked the oars, and every lapse by their captives was more work for them. But when there was a wind, as there was now, he and Niall were put on another duty.  The sea spray pelted Colum’s naked body and soaked the ropes that kept his hands bound around the forward prow of the ship, the great wooden dragon’s head that struck fear in the hearts of men.  The wind that thrust the ship forward chilled the already-frigid beads of sea spray on his back, his ass, his head.  His monk’s tonsure [MORE]

Check out my interview on the Gaysexcast!

April 27, 2013 // 3 Comments

So Evan J. Xavier, Dean Sage and A.D. Cooper have started a podcast on “all things gayrotica,” and I’m their first guest… You can hear it now on G+ before it’s live on the podcast disti sites: https://plus.google.com/117438221439850572575/posts You don’t need to be a G+’er to listen [MORE]

The Vikings Returneth!

April 25, 2013 // 0 Comments

Well, not yet…but Colum II is under sail.  Here’s the cover – yeah, I know, you’ve seen it before!  It’s…THAT GUY!  The guy who’s everywhere!  (Yeah, he’s also Sam on the cover of Sam III.)  But he’s hot, right?  And there ain’t many sexy Vikings out there on the photo sites. [MORE]

Sam keeps on coming!

April 21, 2013 // 0 Comments

“Sam’s Reluctant Submission III: Search and Rescue” is up at the ‘zon!  Here in the US, here in the UK and here in Germany.  Thanks for keeping Sam and Derek and Jake and Eddie at the top of the gayrotica bestseller list.  This one is a HE-UGE 17000 word story with all kinds of good sexin’! In fact, here’s another taste for you… Sam got Terry home safe Sunday morning.  Sunday night had become Sam’s night to have dinner at Jake and Eddie’s house.  The two of them had moved in together not long after Sam’s last encounter with Derek, and were more than happy – they were ecstatic.  You wouldn’t have put them together in your head, Sam thought – Eddie the software guy and Jake the semi-pro MMA fighter.  But put them together in a room and it made perfect sense.  There was always a low current traveling between them that you could feel, but it was never anything overt, never any “get a room” moments…at least around Sam. [MORE]

A sneak peek at Sam III !

April 12, 2013 // 1 Comment

Working hard on this one…look for it next week.  Wait till you get a load of the three way between Sam, Eddie and Jake!  How I’m going to top that with the big finish between Sam and Derek, I don’t know… Here’s the first draft of the opening to hold you till then! How long would you survive in the wild? Sam never thought of it in terms of time.  Survival was something you did minute to minute, day to day.  Surviving was something you did until circumstances changed, until you were rescued, or your pursuers gave up, or you found your way home.  Surviving meant not thinking too far in the future – the farther into the future you looked, the longer you were out there on your own, the dimmer your prospects. He brushed his longish hair back off his face.  He’d been letting it grow for a few months now, his military buzzcut a part of the past…like so many other things.  His future was changing, he knew, and in some great ways, but also in ways [MORE]

The Vikings are Here!

April 3, 2013 // 0 Comments

“Colum’s Viking Captivity” is live at the ‘zon!  Here in the US, here in the UK, and it hasn’t rolled to the German store yet, but soon! Go and plunder [MORE]

You guys are so awesome…

April 3, 2013 // 3 Comments

…that I changed my mind about unpubbing the excerpt below.  The epic opening to “Colum” stays right here.  I pushed it up to Amazon just now, so it should be available later today…  Oh yes, I have plenty of ideas about what happens next with Colum and Viggo, if you guys and gals like the first one well enough [MORE]