June 2013

Sam IV Is Here!

June 23, 2013 // 2 Comments

Available here at amazon.com, here at amazon.co.uk, and here at amazon.de.  Also for you non-‘zoners, here at Smashwords.  Coming soon to TLA!  Also includes a free copy of “Eddie’s MMA Submission,” the story of Jake and Eddie’s first hookup. When Derek’s dark past rears its head to jeopardize the couple and their friends Jake and Eddie, Sam will have to call on his old Special Forces buddies to do battle with The Factory, a malevolent cartel bent on revenge.  Will Sam and Derek rescue Eddie from his kidnappers?  Will seeing Sam explore his top side with Eddie make Derek jealous…or make him want Sam to do that to him?  Most frightening and dangerous of all, will Derek finally say the L word! GO SAM [MORE]

I am Back! And here is your 5K reward!

June 18, 2013 // 3 Comments

Hey all, I’m back to work on Sam IV.  And for you hardcore visitors, here is another FIVE THOUSAND WORDS of the first draft of the story so far… O LORDY WARNING HARD CORE PUT YOUR ADULT FILTER ON GERTRUDE! The gun pissed Sam off.  He didn’t like having it around, didn’t like the way he had to constantly think about it, where it was, was the safety on, never mind why he might need it on top of all that.  But Derek had insisted – if he wasn’t going to be nannied by a security detail, then he had to pack heat. It nearly ruined his weekend in the woods with his latest crop of survival school students.  The mountains were where he was supposed to get away from it all, not bring it with him.  He hated the idea that rather than being free and at peace in the forest, he was at his most vulnerable and isolated.  And worse, that he was putting his students at risk, if indeed the Factory was going to come after him as well as Derek. “We need to close this shit [MORE]

What’s Up, Buttercups!

June 4, 2013 // 0 Comments

Hey all, just letting you know I’m taking a break for a few weeks to finish up another creative project, but I’ll be back to work on Sam IV when it’s done.  Amazon’s rather randomly applied ADULT filter has really kicked me in the sales nuts, but things are looking up at other sites – in fact, I urge you to use this link to my books on TLAGay.com and check me out there!  It’s a filter free [MORE]