I am Back! And here is your 5K reward!

Hey all, I’m back to work on Sam IV.  And for you hardcore visitors, here is another FIVE THOUSAND WORDS of the first draft of the story so far… O LORDY WARNING HARD CORE PUT YOUR ADULT FILTER ON GERTRUDE!

The gun pissed Sam off.  He didn’t like having it around, didn’t like the way he had to constantly think about it, where it was, was the safety on, never mind why he might need it on top of all that.  But Derek had insisted – if he wasn’t going to be nannied by a security detail, then he had to pack heat.

It nearly ruined his weekend in the woods with his latest crop of survival school students.  The mountains were where he was supposed to get away from it all, not bring it with him.  He hated the idea that rather than being free and at peace in the forest, he was at his most vulnerable and isolated.  And worse, that he was putting his students at risk, if indeed the Factory was going to come after him as well as Derek.

“We need to close this shit down,” he muttered to himself in the car on the way home.  The gun was in the glove compartment, and he was so mad he wanted to shoot the gun with the gun, to kill it, to shut it up.

He hadn’t fired a gun in over a year now, since leaving the service, and he’d thought those days were over.  For Sam, a gun was a tool, not a hobby.  He’d been raised with guns, but it hadn’t taken as a sport with him.  He learned to use them, he shot animals with them, and then he shot people with them, and then he put them away, taking them out only to keep his skills sharp.

Skills that he’d let dull this last year, deliberately, his whole life plan being “to study war no more.”  He’d been in situations in the Middle East, South America, even Eastern Europe, and he’d killed more than one man.  He knew himself to be extremely lucky that he was one of what he called “Type 2 killers.”  Type 2 killers were the guys who could do it, and it bothered them to think about the lives they’d ended, the impact that had on their loved ones, because even our enemies probably had someone who loved them.  But guys like Sam knew that a righteous kill in a just cause was no reason to lose too much sleep.  Type 1 killers were the ones who lost their marbles over it, who couldn’t stop thinking about the images of the dead men, who were racked with guilt and uncertainty.  Good men, moral men, but unsuited to the job.

And then there was Type Zero, the type the military needed in wartime and needed to get rid of after wartime as soon as possible.  The ones who loved it.  Who couldn’t fucking kill enough.  The kind of men Sam was sure the Factory had in spades.

He’d almost cancelled their dinner with Jake and Eddie, but as Derek said, “They already know we’re there every Sunday.  We might as well keep living our lives as we’ve been living them.”

Sam was generally a firm proponent of the maxim, “Those who sacrifice liberty for security achieve neither.” But he wasn’t willing to make that deal for his friends as easily as he made it for himself.  Which was why tonight they were going to tell them what was up.  And that Derek had provided them with the security detail that Sam had refused.


Eddie opened the door for them with his usual bright smile.  He’d cut off most of his curly hair, buzzing the sides and back to a #4 length, but leaving a few inches on top.

“I like the new hair,” Sam said, handing him a bottle of wine.

“Thanks!  Jake said I had to leave just enough for him to grab while he fucks my face.”

Sam laughed as Derek flushed.  He hadn’t got used to the idea that mansex could be so casually, so lightly discussed that way.  He knew Sam had played around with Jake and Eddie, knew that they were the only two guys he’d had sex with other than Derek, and that it had been the kind of experience Derek couldn’t give him.  He’d tried to tell Derek what it had been like, to be so free and easy in bed, to relax and enjoy a friendly fuck without it having to be so…intense all the time.  But Derek wasn’t ready for that yet.

Sam watched with a pang as Jake snuck up behind Eddie in the kitchen as Eddie was opening the wine.  He had his hands open as they encircled Eddie’s waist, and he winked at Sam as he used his lightning-fast reflexes to tickle Eddie’s sides.

Eddie shouted.  “Ahh!  Fucker!” he laughed.  “If you make me spill this wine…”

“I’ll make you lick it up,” Jake teased him.  Jake was hard and lean, with buzzed dark hair, the incongruously attractive look of an MMA fighter in his prime – the beauty of his handsome chiseled face, the clear eyes and healthy skin, enhanced rather than marred by the broken nose and the cauliflower ears.  Eddie was pale and also dark haired, slim, but toned.  He was a software dude who’d started doing MMA after he and Jake had cruised each other in a convenience store; their “trial workout” had been a pretext for hooking up, but Eddie had gotten hooked on more than Jake.  He and Sam had met at Downtown Fight Academy and become sparring partners, then friends, then fuck buddies along with a very willing Jake.

The whole thing had changed Sam, made him see what being gay really meant, and he was more grateful than he could express for how they’d helped him get in touch with his sexuality.  They accepted Derek, were happy for Sam that he’d found someone, but they could see that the playfulness they had was something Sam would never have with Derek, and they knew something was missing if you couldn’t have that, as well as the passion.  He and Derek were different people, for sure – here was Derek in slacks and a jacket over a black t-shirt, and here was Sam in his favorite fatigues and white T; two very different ideas about what was appropriate dress for a Sunday afternoon.

The idea that some strangers could jeopardize his friends, because of their tangential relationship to Derek, filled Sam with rage.  We are going to put a stop to that, Sam thought.

Jake and Eddie took the couch while Derek and Sam took the arm chairs.  “So what were you guys up to this weekend?” Jake asked as the wine glasses were distributed and filled.  “Did you have a class, Sam?”

“Yeah…” Sam said tentatively.  “But something else happened this weekend, too.”

Jake and Eddie listened as Derek told them about the Factory, their threat, and the possible danger to anyone associated with Derek, including themselves.  Sam thought they took it remarkably well, in their different ways – Eddie was thoughtful, his logical software designer’s mind calculating the odds and the risks.  Jake was coming to a slow boil, his anger building, but he held it in like a fighter would, reserving it for when it would do the most good.

“So,” Derek concluded, “we thought about whether we should come here tonight, but the way I figure it, they’ve been watching me for a while now.  If we were to not come today, it would be a red flag that we were trying to protect you by disassociating.”

Jake nodded.  “Makes sense.”  He put an arm around Eddie without thinking.  “So what happens now?”

“We’re going to Nigeria,” Sam said.  “I’ve been making some calls, Derek’s been making calls.  We’re putting together a plan.  But it takes time to get it right.”

“Proper planning prevents piss poor performance,” Eddie said.  “And when you get to Nigeria…?”

Sam smiled.  “We’re going to pre-empt whatever they have in mind.  Bribe, threaten, whatever we need to do to make them see that it’s not worthwhile pursuing Derek, or his friends.”

“They’ve got to be crazy,” Eddie said.  “I mean, you’re a fucking billionaire, right?”  Money had never come up before, Sam realized, because neither man gave any more of a damn about Derek’s money than Sam did.  But it was relevant now, no doubt.

Derek shrugged.  “Maybe not exactly a billionaire, but definitely a few hundred millionaire.”

“So don’t they know that means you’ve got power?  That you could hit them harder than they could hit you?”

“They have more money than I do, Eddie.  A lot more.”

They were all silent, thinking about that.  A criminal organization that size, that made the garden variety South American cocaine cartels look puny…

“But,” Sam smiled.  “We have things they don’t have.”

“Fuck yeah,” Jake laughed.  “One badass fucking Green Beret and…whatever you are,” he said to Derek, to general laughter, even getting a smile out of Derek with that one.

“So we’ve already put a protective detail on you,” Sam said.  “Subtle, but professional.  You’ll never be alone, but you won’t feel like you’re being smothered.”

Then Derek really surprised Sam.  He looked sternly at Jake and Eddie and said, “I’m sorry about this.  I’m sorry you got dragged into it.  It’s not your fight and…”

“The fuck it’s not,” Jake broke in.  “If it’s your fight, and you’re Sam’s man, and Sam is our friend, well, that’s the math all done for you.”  Eddie nodded his agreement.

Sam felt a wave of affection for his friends that he hadn’t felt since…well, since his Army days, when both shared danger and a common level of competence at handling it had bonded him to his teammates.  He didn’t miss being shot at, and he didn’t miss the incompetence of high command, but he missed that.

Jake downed his glass of wine and Eddie refilled it.  “Besides,” Jake said, “life is risk, right, Sam?  Some fucking danger makes you feel alive.”

Sam smiled.  “Yeah.  Yeah, it does.”

Jake went on.  “You took a risk with us, and that turned out pretty well.”

Derek raised an eyebrow.  “Oh shit,” Jake said.  “Does he know…”

Sam nodded.  “Yeah, he knows.”

“It was before you guys got together,” Eddie said.  “I mean, after you did it but before you, you know, didn’t do it as part of a game, after you…I mean before you…”

Derek cut him off with a grin.  “I know what you mean.  After it stopped being a contest.”

“Well,” Jake said, leaning back with his own reptilian smile, “it’s always a contest, isn’t it?”

Derek looked at him levelly.  He and Jake had always been civil, but Sam could feel the wariness between them.  There were two total alphas in the room, and that always set off sparks.

“It’s a contest when it’s good,” Derek replied.  “If you know what you’re doing.”

Sam looked at Eddie.  Neither of them said a thing, but both could feel the sexual heat rising in the room.

“Well, I know Sam does.  I’ve seen him take Eddie here and throw him down on the bed and nearly fuck him through the wall.”

Sam realized he was getting to know Derek better each day – he was starting to discern the subtle tells that showed him that something had got through Derek’s hard carapace.  It had just never occurred to Derek, Sam thought, that I could be as ruthless a top as he is… He just always took it for granted that I was a bottom.

“That must have been something to see,” Derek said neutrally.

Jake wasn’t letting go – he had a plan.  “Yeah, we sure miss him on Sunday afternoons.  After some wine, before dinner…”  He half rustled, half grabbed Eddie’s hair.  “I know Eddie misses having both holes filled up…getting it so hard from both ends it fucking compresses his spine.”

Derek’s nostrils flared slightly.  “I bet.”  He polished off his own glass.  “You know, I’d like to see that.” He looked at Sam, fire in his eyes.  “I’d like to see another side of Sam.”

“Are you just going to watch?” Sam challenged him back.

“What do you think?”

Sam looked at Eddie.  “Looks like I’ve got something to prove tonight.  You ready for that?”

Eddie’s eyes glazed with feverish anticipation, his head tilting back as Jake’s grip on his hair tightened.  “Fuck yeah.”

“Then get over here and suck my fucking dick,” Sam said in his darkest, most chilling command voice.  There was a second of tangible fear in the air, a sudden knowledge of what Sam was capable of, what he’d done in his previous life, that the threat he posed could be real.  Sam smirked – yeah, low key Sam is gonna give you a surprise now.

“Well?” he said.  “What’s the holdup?”

The spell was broken, and Eddie was across the floor and on his knees in front of Sam.  Sam leaned back, hands on the arms of the chair, but only for a second.  As Eddie went to unbutton his fatigues, Sam knocked his hand away and grabbed that crop of hair Jake had insisted on, forcing Eddie’s face into his crotch, grinding it against his swelling cock.  Eddie willingly took on the bulge, rubbing his chin across it, nipping it through the fabric with his teeth.

“Fuck yeah, work it,” Sam commanded.  “Get it hard.”  His eyes were hooded now, glazed, and though he deliberately didn’t look at Derek or Jake, his peripheral vision told him that they were rapt with attention.

“Now suck my dick,” Sam commanded, putting his hands behind his head.  Eddie unbuttoned Sam’s fatigues and wrestled his hard nine incher out of his boxer briefs.  As soon as it was up and at attention, Eddie started licking it, kissing it, his adoring eyes meeting Sam’s cold stare.  Sam groaned as Eddie’s lips closed just over the tip of the head, slowly, agonizing in its pleasurable sensation.

Eddie moved to get Sam’s hands on his head again, to make Sam skullfuck him, but Sam swatted them away again.  “You do the fucking work.  Not me.  Get down on that.”

Eddie didn’t need to be told twice.  He was like a snake swallowing an egg, he opened his throat so wide as he took Sam all the way in, all the way down.  Only when Sam was entirely embedded in Eddie’s throat did he finally look at Derek.  And as he made eye contact, he put both hands on the back of Eddie’s head, preventing him from getting away.  Eddie choked once, twice, but Sam didn’t let him go, or look away from Derek, who was meeting his stony gaze with his own, his eyes smoldering with lust, and, Sam thought, surprise – he really had no idea, Sam thought, that I had this in me.

Finally on the third choke, Sam let go and Eddie came up for air, gasping, a look of drugged pleasure on his face.

Sam slapped him.  “You fucking liked that, didn’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” Eddie moaned.  Sam could see Jake working his own crotch now, turned on by the dark shadow of Sam’s other side.

Slowly, Sam put his hands around Eddie’s throat.  “You ready to get choked out again?”

“Fuck yeah!” Eddie said, and as he did Sam’s hands split up, one holding his cock by the base and the other keeping Eddie’s head still, to make a perfect target.  Then he pushed his hips up, his dick slipping into Eddie’s willing mouth.

Sam looked over at Jake.  “Help me out here.”

Jake was up and over like a shot, standing behind Sam, his own hard dick up against the back of Sam’s head.  He reached down with one hand, and pushed Eddie’s head down onto Sam’s dick, all the way down.  Then with the other, he gently stroked Sam’s left nipple through the thin t-shirt fabric.

“Oh shit,” Jake said, laughing as he discovered the barbell.  “You’re a fucking pervert now.  I’d have ‘em too, if I didn’t have to worry about ‘em getting torn out in a fight.”

“You could always get your dick pierced,” Sam said.  He could hear Eddie whimper with excitement at that thought.

“Maybe I should, right, baby?” Jake asked Eddie, who nodded his assent furiously.

“Oh fuck,” Sam said involuntarily as Jake went to work on his hypersensitive nipple.  He looked at Derek, who grinned, knowing that the piercing was like a prism now, magnifying all the sensation not only in his tit but in his groin.  Sam reached down and pinched Eddie’s nostrils closed, all breath shut off now.

Eddie gagged, but Sam didn’t let go of his nose, and Jake kept his partner’s head down.  “You can do it, baby,” Jake egged him on.  The gags were like blood pressure cuff squeezes on Sam’s cock, the sensation of tightness exquisite.  “Fucking take Sam’s cock.”

When Eddie’s face turned red, they let him go.  As he took a huge breath, it was Jake this time who slapped him, doubling the magnitude of Eddie’s gasp.

Jake reached down to pull Sam’s shirt off, and Eddie got his first glimpse of Sam’s piercings.  He smiled, reached up to touch them, and Sam let him.  “Easy,” he commanded.

This wasn’t Eddie’s first time at this, Sam could tell.  He was so gentle, knowing how little it took to send waves of sensation through Sam’s whole body using the newly installed hardware.  He licked his fingers and used the spit to massage the balls on the ends of the barbells, turning them inside Sam ever so slightly, then with thumb and forefinger just pinching the very end of the nipple.

“Holy crap,” Sam laughed.  “Fuck me!”

“That’s my job,” Jake said.  “Fucking Eddie is yours.”  The three of them laughed, and Sam looked to Derek to join him in the amusement…but Derek looked surprised more than amused.  This was more shocking to him than the most barbaric torture Sam could devise for Eddie, the idea that the three of them could be so entwined in such an intense way and still laugh about it, without it breaking the mood, ruining the excitement.

“C’mon you dirty fucking cocksucker,” Sam growled at Eddie.  “Get back to work.”

Eddie didn’t need to be told twice.  This time Sam had both hands on the back of his head, and Jake leaned over and put his hands over Sam’s.  This put Jake’s throbbing wood up against the side of Sam’s face, and Sam turned into it, doing to Jake through the fabric of his shorts what Eddie had done to him, teasing it, warming it up for the main event.  The sexual current flowed through Sam, from Jake through him into Eddie, emotionally warm and physically hot.  Derek, Sam whispered to himself, you should be here.

Derek was there, but not.  He watched, but didn’t touch himself.  Sam didn’t want to meet his eyes, didn’t want to see, didn’t want to know, if he was distancing himself from this much…love.  Then Sam realized, I have to look.  I have to see if this hurts him, if he’s jealous.

His questioning look brought a small smile from Derek – it’s fine, was the message.  Go for it.  Sam smiled back and closed his eyes and opened his mouth.  Jake let go of Eddie’s hands so he could pull his hard tool out and stick it between Sam’s waiting lips.  The angle was wrong for both of them, and Jake remedied that by coming around and jumping up onto the arms of the chair, holding on to the back of it for balance as he thrust himself down Sam’s throat.

The chair almost tipped over backwards as Jake started fucking Sam’s face; only Eddie’s quick thinking in grabbing Jake’s waist prevented disaster.  The trio broke up, Jake adeptly jumping off the chair, one leg high to miss Eddie’s head as Eddie backed off.

“Okay,” Jake laughed.  “That was a bad idea!”

“Go suck my boyfriend’s dick,” Sam commanded Eddie.  Jake and Eddie hadn’t been unaware of Derek’s passivity; they both paused and looked to see if Derek was ready to join in.  Sam wasn’t having any of that.  “Go on.  He wants it.”  He looked Derek in the eye, daring him, knowing that the dare if nothing else would make him join in.

Derek nodded.  “Get some,” he said with a smile.

The tension broke, and Eddie made his way over to Derek, undoing his belt, pulling Derek out.  Derek’s cock was as long as Sam’s but fatter, and Sam knew damn well how much different that would feel in Eddie’s throat than his own dick.  But before he could start, Derek jumped to his feet, his pants falling down.  He grabbed Eddie’s head, and paused, looking down for his assent.

“Fuck me,” Eddie begged.  “Fuck my face.”

Derek slipped out of his jacket and tossed it to the side.  He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his smooth, firm torso, his chiseled abs.  He took the shirt off, revealing his Armoured Corps tattoo on his shoulder.  He reached down and pulled Eddie’s t-shirt off, then twisted it up and wrapped it behind Eddie’s head like a pair of reins, grabbing it with both hands.  Then he used the shirt to pull Eddie’s mouth over his dick, down, down…then he released the tension, let Eddie back up a little, before pulling the shirt towards his hips again, forcing Eddie to take more of Derek each time, stretching his throat out.

“Make him gag on it,” Sam encouraged Derek.  Derek took his advice and held the shirt tight, feeling Eddie’s chokes compressing his dick.  Eddie undid his pants and pulled them down so he could touch his own hardon as Derek used his mouth.

“Fucking feels good, don’t it?” Jake said.

“Yeah,” Derek whispered.  “Fucking great.”

Sam got up out of the chair and moved it by the arms, angling it to face Derek and Eddie.  Then he put his hands around Jake’s waist from behind, lifting his shirt up and off, stroking his abs, looking over the shorter man’s shoulders at Derek, trying to meet his eyes.  But Derek was focused on Eddie and Sam forgave him, knew that this was new to Derek – a first for him, today, the first time he’d been with an officially gay guy, not a straight guy he had to force to take his cock but a guy who was burning with desire for it, who was getting pleasure from the get-go from Derek’s assault.

Sam came around in front of Jake and the two men smiled.  Jake nipped at Sam’s neck, right where a predator would have torn it out.  Sam gasped, surrendered his throat by lifting his head, tilting it to the side.  Jake smiled and nipped again, harder.  That would leave a mark, Sam thought, but like the pierced nipples, he didn’t care, didn’t give a shit if people looked at him and knew what a twisted fucker he was becoming.

He pushed Jake back into the chair and went to his knees, parting Jake’s legs and grabbing his crotch with his big hand, giving it a firm shake.  Jake laughed even as he jumped with shock.  “Fuck!”

“Mine,” Sam said, and yanked Jake’s pants down without unbuttoning them, and his underwear with them.  He admired Jake’s big balls, licked them, took them in his mouth and sucked them gently.  Then he nipped at Jake’s cock the way Jake had nipped at his neck, returning shock for shock.    Jake laughed, fully aware of what Sam was doing.

“You motherfucker.  Look.”  Sam opened his eyes and looked at the tip of Jake’s cock, at the clear bubble of precum already forming at the slit.  “Already fucking making me cum.”

Sam’s tongue darted out, hitting its target perfectly, slipping into the slit and lapping up the salty juices.  Again and again he tap-tapped the tip of his tongue right inside there, causing Jake’s eyes to roll back in his head.  “You seeing this?” Jake asked Derek.

“Yeah,” Sam’s lover whispered.  “Fuck yeah.”

Sam got even more excited, more inspired, by the thought of Derek behind him, watching the show.  His tongue circled the head of Jake’s dick, rolled up and down the shaft, his chin rubbing against the base of it, teasing, never taking the whole thing in his mouth.

“Ahh…AHH!” Jake shouted, suddenly shooting a load into Sam’s face.  Sam flinched instinctively, keeping it out of his eyes, but then eagerly licked Jake’s cock like a cat lapping up milk, feeling the pulses of Jake’s orgasm with his tongue, then finally putting his mouth on it to catch the last few pumps.  He looked up at Jake, smiled, and swallowed the warm, slick, salty package.

Eddie and Derek had broken off, were watching the show.  “Oh god…” Eddie whimpered.

Jake laughed, finally spent.  “My bitch is in heat, guys.  What are we gonna do about that?”

Sam wiped his mouth as he got up.  “We’re gonna fucking gang bang his ass.”  He grabbed Eddie by the back of his neck and pulled him up to his feet.

“I need that chair,” he said to Jake, who jumped out of it.  Sam thrust Eddie into it face first, his ass up in the air, his pants already down around his ankles.  Sam’s own pants came off, as Derek and Jake also finished stripping.

Sam threw a bottle of lube on the chair underneath Eddie.  “Lube that ass up good.”

Eddie opened the bottle and reached around, squeezing the Astroglide straight onto his ass with one hand and eagerly plugging it up into his hole with the fingers of the other.   Then he dropped the bottle and grabbed the back of the chair.

Sam was drawn to Eddie’s ass like a fox to a henhouse door.  He slapped his hardon against Eddie’s ass a few time, ran it along the slippery crack, until Eddie finally shouted, “Oh shit, put it in me.  Please!”

“Well, when you ask like that…” Sam said, burying himself to the hilt in Eddie’s ass with one vicious thrust.

Eddie screamed into the fabric of the chair, his face already buried in it, knowing what would happen.  Sam was merciless, giving him no time to adjust to it, pulling back on the bow of his hips and firing his arrow again and again deep into the target.

He looked at the landline on the table next to the chair, and paused in his thrusts.  He reached over and unplugged the twisty cord from the handset.  He grabbed Eddie’s hands, one and then the other, tearing them off the back of the chair where Eddie was holding on for dear life.  He stretched the cord out and wrapped it around and around Eddie’s wrists, tying it off.

“Gimme your underwear,” he said to Derek, who took his briefs off the floor and handed them to Sam.

Sam reached around and stuffed them into Eddie’s mouth.  “Fucking scream now, bitch,” he whispered.  Then he grabbed Eddie’s bound arms to hold him in place and began hammering him again.

He’d never been so cruel, so ruthless with his friend, but he knew Eddie was fucking loving it, getting off not only on Sam’s cock but on the knowledge that Derek and Jake were watching, hot-eyed, waiting their turn, that Derek was seeing Sam do to another man what had only, to Derek’s knowledge, been done to him.

Derek finally grabbed Sam and pulled him off.  “My turn,” he said, shoving his own cock into Eddie’s hole before it had even had time to close after Sam’s had left it.  Eddie screamed through Derek’s underwear, but the look in his eyes gave away the game – he loved it, reveled in the pain.

Derek turned to look over his shoulder at Sam.  He smiled, understanding the game now, a player like Sam.  Sam came up behind him, put his hands around Derek’s waist.  Derek’s thrusts were in Sam’s control now, Sam using Derek like a fucking machine, controlling his pace inside Eddie’s ass.

Jake had had enough waiting, got behind the easy chair and pulled the underwear out of Eddie’s mouth, inserting his own cock inside his lover’s mouth.  “Suck me, baby,” he whispered affectionately, stroking his face as gently and lovingly as Sam and Derek were fucking him ruthlessly from behind.

“Fucking gonna come,” Derek whispered.  “Let me,” he said to Sam.  “Let me finish off.”

“No,” Sam said.  “Trust me.”

Derek laughed.  “Fucker!”  But he let Sam continue to hold on to his hips, Sam’s grip stronger now, working to stop Derek’s body from doing what came naturally, which was to pump furiously, to hammer and pound till the juices erupted.

Derek hissed, flinched, finally even whimpered as he came so close, closer…all the while Sam slowing the pace, stretching the moment out, the stinging sweetness of the tension in Derek’s cock, until finally it was intolerable to his prostate, his balls, and they burst, a firehose of cum gouting inside Eddie’s ass.

“Oh…Oh!” Derek cried, the indescribable agony of it overwhelming him.

“Fuck yeah,” Sam whispered, letting Derek go, letting him take off from zero to sixty now, and it was like a second orgasm piggybacking the first when Derek really nailed Eddie, the shock waves of his assault pushing his whole body up, forcing his head up and down on Jake’s dick.

Eddie shouted, his own orgasm shocking all of them, Derek’s pounding fucking the cum right out of him, spattering the chair beneath him.

Sam came around the side and stroked his own dick hard and fast, shooting his own load, pointing his cock across Eddie’s tight, smooth ass, waiting to see if Derek would take the cue.  He did, pulling his still-hard cock out and rubbing it in Sam’s cum, then thrusting it back into Eddie’s ass, mixing Sam’s load with his own in Eddie’s guts, again and again.

“You’re gettin’ two loads at once, baby,” Jake told Eddie.  “Both of ‘em putting their mark inside you.”

“Oh fuck yeah!”  Eddie said.

“Ah shit make it three!” Jake said.  “Get out of the way!”

Sam and Derek laughed and backed off, letting Jake take their place, his dick already shooting another load, untouched, when he crammed it into Eddie’s ass.  “Fuck! Fuck!” he shouted, and Sam and Derek were on either side of him, each of them taking an ass cheek and pushing him deeper.

Finally, spent, he fell across Eddie’s sweaty back.  “Damn!”

They all laughed, Eddie included, even as they gasped for breath.  Jake untied his lover and pulled him up, rolled onto the couch with Eddie in his lap.  Derek and Sam fell into the chair, Sam cradled in Derek’s arms.

“That was a surprise,” Derek whispered in his ear.

Sam took Derek’s hands in his, squeezed them tight.  “I’m full of ‘em.”

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  1. PaParanormalFan // June 18, 2013 at 5:27 am // Reply

    O M F G that was hose-me-down Smokin’ HAWT!!!!! WOW Brad, you sure started my morning on a VERY Happy note!!! 😉 Ohhh myyyy, I just wanna go back to sleep now for a nap! ROFL
    I had nooooo idea, I’m gonna HAVE to get this Series….as well as going through several pairs of panties while reading them! 😉 LOL I’m sooooo Bad!
    I won’t be able to find them on Amazon??
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan (Renee)

    • Thanks! My first four way! So complicated :). Yeah, you can “find” them on Amazon but they make it hard. Don’t search for the title from the main page default search. Don’t search for Brad Vance from the main page default search. BOTH will pretend Amazon can’t find my filtered content…creepy, right? Select Search > Kindle Store and then you can search on Author or Title and get results.

      • PaParanormalFan // June 18, 2013 at 6:16 am //

        1st 4way, WooHoo veryyy well done 😉 LQQking forward to more! 😉 Thanks for the tip on navigating Amazon to find your Books, they are Unbelievable!!!! Well they won’t stop me from finding them now. 🙂
        Take Care & Stay Naughty,
        PaParanormalFan (Renee)

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