July 2013

A longer form romance, and some Knights of Old

July 25, 2013 // 4 Comments

So I’m getting ready to write something a little longer – about 3x the length of my usual stories.  It’ll be my first longer-form erotic romance…looking at the Gayrotica bestsellers on the ‘zon, it’s clear that you guys want more of those than the hot shorts.  So, the master plan is to try my hand at a novella and see where it goes.  Definitely hot sexin’ in it, but more about the lurvin’ than the sexin’ – at least in book 1 (more to come if book 1 flies). I’m still going to get more Colum/Viggo stories going, and I’m also going to start a new series of shorts about two knights during the Hundred Years War (one French and one English, natch).   Yeah, I’m’a’gonna be the Bernard Cornwell of dirty [MORE]

More of Colum III, cuz ah luv yew!

July 12, 2013 // 0 Comments

Warning: No sexin’!  All plottin’! The next morning found the two men entwined as first light shot through the stable windows onto their bodies.  Colum woke first, his head on Viggo’s chest, his lover’s deep, steady breathing like the sound of the ocean in a shell.  The morning light sent an alarm through his head – I’m late!  Gunna will twist my ear for not having the cows milked and the… He stopped.  The vibration of his chuckle caused Viggo, a light sleeper like all warriors, to open an eye and look at him.  “Something funny?” “I thought I was late for kitchen duty.  I forgot I’m a free man now.” Viggo smiled, stroked Colum’s head, rubbed the close-cropped hair of the thrall, hair that would now be allowed to grow out.  “In time you’ll forget you were a slave.” A shadow crossed his face as he said this.  Colum wanted to ask what it meant, so rare was an unprovoked dark look on Viggo.  But before he could muster the courage, Viggo [MORE]

More of Colum III – now with hot sexiness!

July 11, 2013 // 0 Comments

Okay, here’s another sample of the first draft of Colum III for you…and this time, o yeah, Viggo and Colum goin’ at it! The return to Birka was the happiest day of Colum’s life.  The sails were full of wind, and there was no need to row until they approached the harbor, so he was free to stand near the prow and feel the sun and sea spray on his face.  The dragon head had now been removed from the prow, as they were headed home and it wasn’t right to frighten the native spirits with it – inciting that fear in those they were about to raid was the purpose of the awful head. Free.  The word was like honey on his tongue.  He turned to look at Viggo, who was already busy inventorying the loot from the monastery.  It never ceased to amaze Colum, how many people could live in squalor while money was locked up in extravagant chalices, surplices, rings, crosiers.  And there was more than just the garden-variety ecclesiastical loot, since monasteries were like [MORE]

Colum III is Setting Sail

July 8, 2013 // 0 Comments

Okay, yeah, I really got kicked in the balls by Amazon’s adult filter.  And my productivity has not been so great since then!  But I’m getting my shit together.  Colum’s Viking Captivity is starting to pick up in sales, and I’m putting my energy into Colum III:  Warrior Slave.  Fuck, Vikings are hot!  So here’s the first 2000-ish words of the first draft of Colum III to thank you for your patience (no, no sexin’ yet but there is plenty to come!). For once, Colum thought, the enemy was ready for them.  The weather hadn’t helped the Vikings; the seas had resisted their plan to land at dawn, and the skies had spitefully cleared the coast of fog.  The will of the gods, he shrugged, putting his back to the oars with the rest of the raiders.  Not that he believed in the Viking gods any more than the Christian one, but it made as much sense as any other explanation. The monastery had a bell tower, and a man posted on the lookout for dawn raiders [MORE]