A longer form romance, and some Knights of Old

So I’m getting ready to write something a little longer – about 3x the length of my usual stories.  It’ll be my first longer-form erotic romance…looking at the Gayrotica bestsellers on the ‘zon, it’s clear that you guys want more of those than the hot shorts.  So, the master plan is to try my hand at a novella and see where it goes.  Definitely hot sexin’ in it, but more about the lurvin’ than the sexin’ – at least in book 1 (more to come if book 1 flies).

I’m still going to get more Colum/Viggo stories going, and I’m also going to start a new series of shorts about two knights during the Hundred Years War (one French and one English, natch).   Yeah, I’m’a’gonna be the Bernard Cornwell of dirty stories!

4 Comments on A longer form romance, and some Knights of Old

  1. We love your hot shorts (rimshot!), but hate seeing the end of the story so quickly! I’m happy to hear that you are going to try a longer piece (*snerk*), and I have every confidence that you will succeed admiringly. But the wait is going to kill me! (How devoted are you to the whole school and sleep thing anyway?)

    • Ba dum bum! Yeah I’m working on it already, I have a ton of ideas and I started outlining this a.m. So if it’s a two week process for a typical short, this should be more like 6-7 weeks if I don’t get blocked/wiped out during that time. School’s out, sleep’s overrated, so it won’t be too long!

  2. ooh, just saw this post to see that you’re looking at 50k. that is a great length – I really like the 100-120 page historical gayrotica novellas by writers like Ava March (and I like the more traditional book-length pieces too). the shorts that are serialized have their place — but e.g. i’d definitely pay more to read all the colum/viggos at once. btw i’d LOVE more colum/viggo and am SUPER excited for the 100 years war tale. I don’t think I’ve seen anything from that period. you know what other historical era would be excellent gay fodder? the henry the viii / Elizabethan / Tudors time period. I just read two novels (the actor and the earl and its sequel, duty to the crown) from this time period and liked the possibilities this era offers. regardless, please keep the historicals coming! 😉 😉 😉

    • Yeah, 50K looks really doable on this one – my outline is already 5K! It’s a contemporary romance, since that seems to be what the people want right now…but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that the people want what they want until the second they want something else, so you gotta keep doing what you do best. So I’ll see how that goes, but I’m definitely looking forward to more Colum/Viggo and, if the long form romance flies, the 100 years war story will be a single long form as well. Yeah, I LOVE the Tudor period, I’ve read so much about it, that could definitely get in to the queue 🙂 And, I have an old idea about two guys at the court of Henri IV/Catherine de Medici, lotta gayness in upper class France at that time…

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