Finished the outline of my first full length romance

5000 words of outline should make for a 50k-ish novel… Goal is to have it done by Labor Day.  Wish me luck, more details to follow as I go.

6 Comments on Finished the outline of my first full length romance

  1. PaParanormalFan // July 28, 2013 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    Congrats Brad, I’ll definitely be LQQking forward to any additional info you can tease your Fans with 😉
    Take Care & Stay Naughty,
    PaParanormalFan( Renee)

  2. Go, Brad, go! You da man! (I’m such a geek…)
    Seriously, you must be a machine to have made so much progress already! I’ll be checking Amazon, daily, for the chance to buy your next hot story. Be sure to look out a window every so often; vitamin D deficiency is no laughing matter! 😛

    • Yeah, tell me about it 🙂 But if I keep writing and hit the list with a story that’s a big success, I can do Braddin’ 100% of the time, and I’ve got THREE windows in my home office …zero at work :(. So actually, the more I write, the MORE likely I’ll see the sun!

  3. that’s excellent! what’s the story synopsis?

  4. Ahh I can’t say too much 🙂 It’s a contemporary romance, with both what I always thought HEA stood for (hot erotic action, heh) and what everyone else thinks it stands for (happily ever after) though not completely happy ever after, since I want to do sequels if the first one flies – can’t solve all their problems in the first one! Once I know it’s going to work, and I’m closer to done, I’ll leak more details.

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