Wow, at 30K words and happy with a big preview coming soon

I gotta tell you, I thought writing a romance would be easy.  Ha!  Boy, once you get into it and your characters get real and start having all these damn feelings, it’s no picnic.  Erotica is a lot easier, to be sure, because the sex comes first and the feelings are an outgrowth (eventually 🙂 ) of that.

But, I’m really happy with what I have so far.  I’m trying not to rush to the ending, I really want to make this a good ‘un.  But, I don’t know that 50K is going to happen.  I don’t want to rush it…but I don’t want to pad it either.  It will be what it is, and I think you’ll like it.

In fact, I’ll be ready to give you a big preview of the first draft VERY SOON.  15k words is probably too much for a blog post, huh?  You guys okay if I post a PDF?

3 Comments on Wow, at 30K words and happy with a big preview coming soon

  1. Sure PDF is fine.

  2. I’ll figure out how to download it somehow!

    Your comment about how your characters “get real” and are giving you some lively times, rings true with what I’ve read about what other romance authors have stated. The good ones always let the characters stay true to themselves, even if it messes with the author’s original intentions. Sounds like you’ve got a great story popping there!

    • I can email it to you, save you the trouble :). I need to make a pass over it for typos etc. before I post, and I’m just so under full steam on writing that I haven’t stopped to edit. But later this week for sure.

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