At 38K, and here’s a PDF of the first 17K in draft…

BradVance_ALittleTooBrokenMiniThanks for all the support from DanHo, PaParanormalFan, Jenn, and K. Tuttle!  Here is the first big chunk of the DRAFT of the story so far… K., I’m emailing yours 🙂

Right click on this link and “Save Link as…” to save to your PC, or just click to read it online!

4 Comments on At 38K, and here’s a PDF of the first 17K in draft…

  1. Damn Brad…this is the best thing you’ve written !
    I like the characters especially Ava and the slow build up to a possible relationship with Tom.

  2. No worries on the email if you haven’t sent it yet- Kindles rock! Downloaded with no problem. 🙂
    Holy sheee-at! I’m in love. It’s wonderfully set up and I’m pissed about having to wait until Labor Day for the rest of it to see the light. Aaarrrgh!!! How will these two souls overcome their personal mountains?! This is the literary equivalent of a cocktease, you bad, bad boy…
    P.S.- page 24 has him losing his legs above the knees, but earlier his nurse said that they were lost below the knees. Did I miss something?

    • Arrgh! the first draft walk of shame! Its supposed to be just above, I will fix asap, thanks:-)

      Quick edit – done. Man am I grateful for my first readers. I need to slow down and make sure this doesn’t happen again…

      • K. Tuttle // August 14, 2013 at 9:29 pm //

        Don’t beat yourself up so much! That’s what’s fun about a first draft- it gives the editing process that special, eyeball-bleeding *zing*!

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