The Big Finish is tomorrow!

At 41K and just did the Big Family Scene.  So an ‘epilogue’ to be written tomorrow and A LITTLE TOO BROKEN is In The Can!  I’ve been editing as I go, but I’m going to give this pie a couple days to cool on the windowsill (so I can catch some stupid errors like the one K. thankfully pointed out in the sample), but it will be on the digital shelves next week!

So, what’s next?  Well, I have a really fun idea for a hetero romantic comedy (heteromcom?).  Not sure if “my sister Angelina” ( 🙂 ) should be the author of that one, given my all-gay backlist.  After all the unexpectedly heavy emotional lifting I ended up doing on ALTB, I need a comedy break.

But, then…well, I have another gayrom pretty fully fleshed out.  Just imagine an alternate universe where two professional athletes were, well, more than friends…


2 Comments on The Big Finish is tomorrow!

  1. Wahoooo!! Congratulations on approaching the finish line so quickly! I’m actually curious to see what your hetero story would read like; the whole female perspective thing and all. Hehehe… do remember that women *are* crazy, and it should all be fine. 😉

    Now the wait begins…

    P.S.- those *are* two hot guys!

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