“A Little Too Broken” is Published…Need some review love ASAP!

BradVance_ALittleTooBrokenMiniWow, Amazon is fast on putting things up when they’re not erotica!

“A Little Too Broken” is here on amazon.com, as well as amazon.co.uk, and of course amazon.de.  Also here on Smashwords.com and allromancebooks.com, and coming soon to bn.com and eventually to the iStore.

As soon as you’ve had a chance to read it, and of course if you like it, please leave a review!  On Amazon in particular, since their algorithms seem to pump up books with more, better reviews.

THANKS AGAIN!  Now it’s time for me to go give birth to my sister Angelina Vance, WINK! Be on the lookout for her website and her first novel, a romantic comedy currently tentatively titled “Curse of the Summer Queen.”  Details to come here and there very soon…

2 Comments on “A Little Too Broken” is Published…Need some review love ASAP!

  1. You wrote an AWESOME story! I had wondered exactly how those two guys would get together, after reading the sample, and everything just flowed so well! You must have been writing in a white-hot blur for it to show up *two weeks* before Labor Day! I hope that you have a substantial nap before Angelina is born; then it’s back to the grindstone, mister!

    P.S.: thanks for the link to iava.org! I’m genuinely interested now in seeing what one can do to help vets around the ginormous gridlock that is the U.S. V.A. system. XOXO :’)

    • Thank you, I worked HARD on this one, I’m so glad it came out well. And MEGA THANKS for your long, thoughtful, and very convincing positive review on Amazon. Already fighting Amazon this a.m., I posted it in erotica and gay fiction categories, and asked them to add “gay romance” to its categories…instead this morning it’s only in “erotica”…so your review really helped lift my mood 🙂

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