Price drop on “A Little Too Broken”

…it’s now at $3.99.  Thanks to those who paid $5, but I realized I needed to lower the price a bit.  At 129 pages by Amazon’s count, and given the pricing around other gay romance titles, $4 is a more realistic number.  If lowering the price 20% raises sales at least 20%, well, then I’m even!

It’s made about $200 in royalties so far since publication last week, so that’s at least a $20 donation for IAVA in the first month!  I’ll give you a final number in a week.  As long as the royalties are in this range, I’m going to go ahead and send those donations in at the end of each sales month, rather than waiting the 60 days from end of month before Amazon, BN etc. pay me.  Of course if it ends up selling a thousand copies a month, the 10% will have to wait till I get paid 🙂

5 Comments on Price drop on “A Little Too Broken”

  1. Glad to pay $5, especially now that I know that IAVA receives 10% of each sale! Have you thought about putting that detail in your blurb?

    • I have, but it didn’t feel right…it’s charity, not advertising, ya know? I put it at the end of the book so that if you get there, you find out about the 10%, and you have a little nudge to do something yourself. What do you think?

    • Well, stupid me, I already said on G+ that I was donating 10%…so I might as well add it to the book listing…I’m a space cadet.

      • K. Tuttle // August 26, 2013 at 7:39 pm //

        I understand that you didn’t want to use them as a way to push your book, but see it more like it is letting people know that they’re getting a two-fer: a good story and helping a good cause. Geesh, all those pink ribbons get a free boost, why not IAVA?

      • BradVance // August 27, 2013 at 4:23 am //

        True, huh? Even if they don’t buy the book they’ll at least be exposed to the link. I’m sold 🙂

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