$35 sent to IAVA this morning, thanks to you

Royalties as of this a.m. for “A Little Too Broken” are around $325 for August, so I rounded up and sent $35 off to IAVA, as promised.  As long as the proceeds are in the lower range, I’ll just send the money at the end of the earned month rather than waiting for my payments 60 days later; they need that money more than I need to hold onto it for two more months.  Unless y’all make it a GIANT HIT in September, and the 10% is more than I can send until I get paid myself 🙂

Don’t forget that you can donate here, too:  https://secure.iava.org/donate-now

Roger’s “origin story” is under way, and I’ll be pubbing more content here when it’s ready.  Maybe today, definitely by tomorrow.  There is a LOT I need to learn about college football programs, and football itself – to be honest, while I’ve always been a football fan I’ve never been a “student of the game.”  So before I talk about zone reads and slant routes, I need to get myself edumacated further.  What kinds of plays do they run in high school vs. college? How much film watching or playbook memorizing do you have to do at HS, college, pro levels, respectively?  I saw a passing mention in “Three and Out” of players being allowed to “sell their books,” as if this meant their playbooks and not their textbooks, I think?  What is a “sitting out” year like for a college athlete, does it drive you crazy, what do you get to do, go to the games, suit up but not play, or what?  Yeah, lots of questions.

HOWEVER, that being said, I’m writing at such a white heat right now that I don’t want to just stop till I can fill in those blanks.  The characters are developing before my eyes, their stories are busting out of me like “Alien” from my chest :), and I have this long weekend to produce a LOT of content, so I don’t wanna stop.  So while the first draft may not have that depth of detail/research, I guarantee you the final product will.

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