Outlining this a.m.

And time to take a little breather anyway – had to fix a mistake yesterday (can’t be 9-1 in the 10th week if you’ve already had your bye week, d’oh!), and I needed to look back and make sure my chronology is otherwise relatively rational.  How long was Brian on Percs after the week five fistfight, when did he start DMAA, what day is it now anyway? 🙂

BUT…I’ve started blocking out the Big Day.  The one you’re waiting for.  That I’ve made you wait THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND WORDS for so far.  Oh yeah.  It’s coming soon.  And it’s.  Gonna.  Be.  Magic.

3 Comments on Outlining this a.m.

  1. your just a frickin tease O. ;o)

  2. Mmm, hot, sweaty, and ready manlovin’! Can’t wait!

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