?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Damn I posted this and it vaporized..o well!  Here it is!  Six thousand two hundred and fifty words of hot man lovin’ for your weekend pleasure…


Two days later, they met at the library to work on their project.  Roger was already at one of the bigger tables in the library when Brian arrived.  He had his work spread out across one side of the table, leaving Brian no option but to take the other, far side.  It was a clear message – Roger’s defensive line was set, cross it at your peril.

“So,” Roger said coolly.  “We need to decide if we want to go in this direction with the Condottieri.  If it’s really relevant to the presentation.”

Brian nodded.  I can do this, he told himself, be a good student, set other things aside to focus on the task.  “It could be a lot more work.  But the fact is that if the Florentines didn’t hire mercenaries, if they’d gone and fought their wars themselves, they wouldn’t have had the time to pass, or enforce, or even dream up all these regulations.”

“That sounds like common sense, but we need to either prove the connection, or drop the theory.”

“It’s a classroom presentation,” Brian started to argue.  “We don’t need to have citations for a bullet point.”  Then he reconsidered, dropped it.  “You’re right, it’s too much work.  Let’s forget it.”

Roger looked at him.  Brian had his head down, biting his lip, defeated-looking.  He felt a twinge of pain, just as quickly repressed.  Brian had been asking a thousand pardons since what Roger now thought of as The Incident.  He could tell that Brian thought this was a good idea, but wouldn’t fight for it, because he wouldn’t do anything to risk provoking or upsetting Roger.

Roger ran a hand through his hair.  “Look,” he sighed.  “What happened that night, it was a thing, it’s over.  We can argue about ideas, you know, it’s not the end of the world.”

Brian didn’t even want to say he disagreed about disagreeing.  “Yeah, okay.”

“Dammit,” Roger said, his temper shocking them both.  “You’re just going along with whatever I say.”  He got up abruptly.  “I’m taking a walk.”

Brian jumped up to follow him.  Outside, the late evening was “Bay Area cold,” in the high 40s.

“I just…God, Roger, I’m so sorry.  And I’m sorry that I’m sorry.”  He laughed, the absurdity of it striking him.  “And I’m sorry that I’m sorry that I’m sorry.”

Roger had to laugh with him. “Okay.”  He stopped, turned, and finally looked Brian in the eye, something he’d been avoiding all evening.  “I know you are.  I forgive you.”

As he finally saw Brian relax, he realized that he hadn’t said that before.  His essential goodness kicked him in the ass.  Of course Brian was still apologizing, because Roger hadn’t accepted the apology.

Worse than the cruel prank of the kiss, had been Brian’s confession of his DMAA use.  It made him angry to think of Brian…cheating, yeah, that was the word.  Never mind that it was legal, it was still wrong.  In Roger’s world, Brian was an athlete and athletes didn’t do that shit.  And he didn’t want to think about the other part of what had hurt him – a dull aching conviction that the only reason Brian had kissed him was because he had been high.

It didn’t matter.  After the Rose Bowl, he was going to declare for the draft, go to the Combine, go to the NFL.  Skip his last year of school.  Never see Brian again.  That would fix it, this pain.

Brian knew from pain too.  Getting off the DMAA had meant sleeping more than twelve hours a night, plus naps, sometimes in class.  He hadn’t realized how thoroughly the stimulant had numbed him until…well, until he was off of it, and could remember Roger’s face, the look of agony after Brian’s kiss, Brian’s…teasing, tantalizing, torturing of his friend.  It just killed him to think of it.

And be honest with yourself, Brian told himself.  He had been freaked out by Roger’s revelation of his attraction to him.  The idea that Roger Ehrens could find him attractive, could want him, was just unthinkable.

From there, a cascade of thoughts had taken him to a strange new place.  But it doesn’t matter, right, you’re friends, right, so you can’t fuck it up with sex anyway even if you ever did want to do it with a guy, which of course you wouldn’t, but still, what would it be like to get naked with Roger, to hold him, to be held, and you’re practically married to him anyway now, I mean, who else besides Jeremy do you spend any time with and why haven’t you got a girlfriend yet, well because it would interfere with my Roger time…shit!

He remembered his older brother Tim, nine years old, shouting at his little brother Jeff, five years old.  “You dropped the ball, faggot!”

And Jeff’s high, piping little voice shouting back, “You’re the faggot!”  No idea what it meant, only that it was a bad thing, and in time, of course, when he found out what a faggot was, well, that was a bad thing wasn’t it because that was the bad name his brother called him.

“You’re both faggots,” Brian had taunted them, and then of course the fight was on.

He’d gone out to get laid, to prove, to confirm that he was straight.  He’d gone to Victory Square and easily picked up a girl, because he was big and tall and radiated a sexual energy that even his morose, post-DMAA emotional hangover couldn’t conceal.

In the middle of energetically fucking her, he froze.  A passing car’s headlights slipped through the venetian blinds of her bedroom window, illuminating her face.  Her raven hair, her blue eyes…Roger.  Without even thinking about it, he had picked up a woman who reminded him of Roger.

“What’s wrong?” she said.

“I have to go,” he blurted, jumping up, his cock already flaccid.

She sat up, hurt, wrapping her sheet around her body.  “What the fuck is wrong with you?”



Now they walked the darkened campus, mostly but never empty.  “You shouldn’t have taken drugs,” Roger said at last.  “You don’t need them.”

“Yeah, I do.  I did.  Look, I’m not as good as you.  I’m not as smart or as focused or as dedicated.  I couldn’t keep up here without some help.”  He laughed.  “And now I’m off it, so I don’t know what the fuck I’m going to do next semester.”

“Well, I won’t be around.  I’m going pro.”

Brian was stunned.  The idea that Roger could just be picked up like a toy in an arcade box, the little crane just…scooping him out of Brian’s life, was unfathomable, intolerable.

“I…”  Say it! he ordered himself.  “I don’t want to lose you.  I love you, Roger.”

Roger snorted.  “Yeah, and I love you too.  As you know.”

Brian took him by the arm, stopped him in his tracks.  “I would do anything for you.  I’ll love you back the way you want.”

“You can’t, you’re straight.”

“Well, maybe I’m gay for you.”

Roger’s laugh was sharp, pained.  “Don’t lie to me, please, I can’t stand it.”

Brian didn’t let go, pulled Roger towards him.  “I know, I can’t stand it either. I can’t stand to be away from you.”  So close now, he stroked Roger’s hair, watched Roger’s eyes close in a combination of agony and ecstasy.

“Roger.”  Roger opened his eyes to look at him.  Brian cupped his face again, as he had that night, only tenderly, gently.

He kissed Roger.  Slowly, carefully, his lips just lingering a moment on Roger’s.

Roger couldn’t stop it, didn’t want to stop it.

“I need to be inside you.  Inside your head, your heart, your body.”

“Oh God.” Roger thought he would cry.  Knew he would.

Brian brought him in for a hug, caressed the back of his neck, kissed him on the forehead.

“Let me in,” he whispered.

That was what it took.  Brian needing him, Brian begging him, to be with him.  Roger broke, broke wide open, and Brian felt it, kissed him again, on the eyes, the lips, the throat.  God it feels strange, to kiss the big strong muscles in Roger’s neck, to feel his stubble…God it feels good.  Roger’s big quarterback hands moved over his back, caressed him, sending electric shocks down his spine, radiating through his crotch, his cock warming, firming.  Fuck, I want this so bad!

“I love you, Roger.  I will always love you.”

Roger nodded.  “I know.  I love you too.  Always will.”

Brian held him a little longer, then pulled back, laughing awkwardly.  “So…what now?”

All the frustration of the years of longing, of desire, of waiting, surged out of the broken dam inside Roger.  “We get a really nice hotel room.  Right now.”

And he was relieved to see Brian’s eyes darken, smolder, full of lust, ready, eager, no panic, no question, only acknowledgement:  Yeah, that’s right.

But then, he saw it, the flicker, the hesitation.  He steeled himself for the rejection.

“I just thought…Well, you said you wanted your first time to be special.”

Roger looked up at him, smiled, took his hand.  “It is.”


They ran back to the library, packed their books, and ran again, laughing, to the Hotel Shattuck Plaza – because it was nice, and more importantly, because it was close.  They got up to the room and shut the door behind them.

Roger faced Brian, smiled at him, open, accepting.  Brian reached out, grabbed Roger by the belt buckle and pulled him in, his eyes boring into Roger’s.  Roger thought he would melt, knowing what was coming, tasting it…this was how he’d always fantasized it, being TAKEN!

And Brian saw it, saw the surrender.  It gave him a raging hardon, his own dark side winking at Roger’s, acknowledging what was coming.  Still holding on to Roger’s buckle, he put his hand behind Roger’s head, pulled his hair back just enough to expose his throat like an animal to the bite of its prey.  Then he struck, nipping at it, licking it, rubbing his bristly chin along it, across it.

Roger groaned with pleasure, and Brian smiled.  He knew how to make love, oh yeah – that was one thing he was a fucking expert at – making women scream.  And now he would make love to Roger the same way, push all his buttons, find all the new buttons that a man had that a woman didn’t, learn how to push those too.

He put his mouth on Roger’s ear, let him feel his hot breath, coming harder and heavier now, his heart rate rising.  Then he whispered the promise.  “I am going to fuck you so good, so hard, so long…”

“Oh God…” Roger nearly whimpered as Brian renewed his assault with his mouth.  Now his hands reached under Roger’s shirt, explored his torso.  Roger was smooth, chiseled, skin as soft as a woman’s, but the flesh beneath it was so hard, so thick and solid.  He reached around, let his fingers dance around the base of Roger’s spine, knowing where those nerves would send their tingling alerts.  Then, he ran a fingertip down his new lover’s ass crack, just teasing it, exploring it.

Roger reacted instinctively, arching his ass up.  Brian chuckled.  “Yeah, you’re so ripe.”

“Pluck me,” Roger said.

They both laughed, the tension easing.  Then Brian put both hands down the back of Roger’s pants, cupping his ass.  “You passed the marshmallow test,” Brian said.  “You waited.”

“Yeah.  And I got my reward.”

“So did I.” He squeezed Roger’s ass cheeks hard.  “I got both your marshmallows.”

More laughter.  Roger hadn’t imagined that, in all his fantasies, the idea that it could be…fun.  That there could be joy in it, like this, not just physical but emotional.  But hadn’t that been what he’d waited for, hoped for?

Roger drew back so he could meet Brian’s eyes.  “I want to suck your cock.”

“Oh fuck.  Yeah, man.  Go for it.”

Roger went to his knees, fumbled with Brian’s belt, his hand shaking till Brian helped him out.  Brian was going to undo his shorts too but Roger stopped his hands.  “No, let me.”

He wanted to savor this moment.  The first time he’d see Brian’s dick, the first time he’d touch it.  It was already swollen, bulging at a stiff angle, pressing the fabric tight as Roger undid the button, slowly unzipped and loosened Brian’s shorts till they dropped to his ankles.

Brian was wearing plaid boxers, and Roger had to smile.  Such a dude!  He looked up to see Brian’s face, nearly in agony from anticipation.  His fat erection bent down as Roger pulled on the elastic and lowered the underwear.

“Oh my God,” Roger said, as it came free of the drawers and bounced up against Brian’s belly.  Roger couldn’t imagine that inside him anywhere.  How could he even get it in his mouth?

Brian read his hesitation – it wasn’t the first time someone had been scared of his cock.  “Just lick it.”  He held it up flat against his abs, revealing his smooth, shaved balls.  “Put your tongue on the base.”

Roger tentatively stuck his tongue out, and as it connected with the fat core of Brian’s shaft, he felt it twitch in response.  “That’s it.  Kiss it.”

That was easy enough to do, Roger thought eagerly.  He pressed his lips against it, then licked the shaft some more, moving up towards the head.  Brian obligingly pushed it down, pointed it straight at him.  Roger didn’t need an instruction for that.  He kissed the head of Brian’s cock.  It was soft, smooth, tender, unlike the rock hard meat behind it.  There was just a taste of saltiness that made him flinch for a moment.

“That’s precum.”

“So…you’re already ready to cum?  But I haven’t…”

Brian grinned.  “That means I could shoot my load just looking at you.”

Roger laughed.  “That wouldn’t be much fun for you.”

Brian sobered.  “Yeah, man.  It would.  It would be better to jack off looking at you than to fuck anyone else on earth.”

Roger looked up at him.  He meant it!  Gratitude, affection, desire broke down Roger’s reserve now.  He put a hand on Brian’s shaft, held it straight out, and put his lips around the head.

“Oh fuck…” Brian whispered.

Roger took his time, but now it was because he was the torturer.  He slid more of the tip into his mouth, both head and shaft in there now, letting it slide up and down along the groove of his tongue.  When Brian went to thrust, Roger held out his other hand, put it on Brian’s hard flat stomach, and stopped him, remaining in control.

More of Brian was in his mouth now, and he wrapped his lips around his teeth to keep the ever wider mass in his mouth from grazing them.  The tip touched the back of his throat, and he thought dimly, I should be gagging.  But instead, he let it touch again, and again, till he held it there, prolonging Brian’s agony, so close to fully entering his throat.

He shifted position, just knew with an athlete’s physical instinct how to angle his body, turn his head up, so that his mouth and throat gave Brian a straight shot.  Brian’s dick was also straight and true, which made it easier for it to push past the muscle in Roger’s throat with a little pop, down into his throat, truly penetrating him at last.

“Oh shit oh shit…” Brian said, pulling out quickly.  “I’m gonna cum!”

“Let me have it,” Roger said.

“No, I’m gonna stop it, I’m gonna hold…oh fuck…” As his dick started to pulse, the engine in his groin steaming out of his control, he gave in and stroked it.  Only a second later he was shooting like a geyser, trying to miss Roger’s face…but Roger would have none of that, put his mouth over the head, Brian’s hand knocking into his chin as he wildly pumped his shaft, looking down all the time at Roger’s gorgeous eager face, sucking up every drop.  It went on and on, exquisitely painful, but unstoppable, draining him.

When it was done, he shuddered, shook, and Roger backed off it.  He wiped his mouth and, looking up at Brian with a grin, swallowed every drop of cum.

That made Brian hard all over again.  “Damn, how did you know?”

“Know what?”

“It’s a total fucking turn-on for me.  When a…when you swallow.  Most girls spit it out.”

“I’m not most girls.”

More laughter, and Brian grabbed Roger by the armpits, brought him up to his feet and kissed him, tasted his own salty, sticky fluids as each man’s tongue explored the other’s mouth.

“Do you like the taste?”

“I fucking love it.”

“Damn, dude, you are a natural cocksucker.  I mean, truly gifted.”

“That good, huh?”


“Maybe it was just beginner’s luck.”

“Ha.”  Brian pushed Roger back down to his knees.  “Only one way to find out.”


They stood face to face, eyes alight.  “How many loads can you pull out of me tonight?” Brian asked after the next explosion, pulling Roger’s shirt over his head.

“How many you got?” Roger said, doing the same to Brian’s shirt, revealing the massive torso that had so excited him that day in the dorm – his!  His at last to touch, to worship.

Brian laughed.  “I think seven’s my record.  But that’s because she wore out first.”

Brian undid Roger’s pants, pulled his own impressive member out, tugged on it.  Then he grabbed his own hardon and smacked Roger’s with it, then pushed his head down Roger’s shaft, ground it into his hip.

“Ah!” Roger said, in shock.  “What are you doing?”

“Mine’s bigger.”

“No shit.”

“You never played dueling cocks?”


“Dueling cocks, you know, a bunch of guys pull their cocks out to see whose is bigger.”

“Now that is gay.  Jesus, Brian, you’ve had more gay sex than me.”

“That’s not sex, that’s just guys horsing around.”

Roger put on a surprisingly good Stewie Griffin voice.  “‘Just two good-lookin’ guys sharin’ a cramped office, maybe we, maybe we do it occasionally but it’s not weird…’”

Brian roared.  “Yeah okay, it’s pretty fucking gay, huh.”

“And you shave your balls, that’s pretty gay too.”

“Oh hell no, that’s hot is what it is.  Yeah, you wait and see – once you’ve shaved your balls, and touched yourself down there with a nice smooth sack, you’ll never go back.”

“I’d be afraid to cut ‘em off.”

Brian growled.  “I’ll shave ‘em for you then.”

Roger trembled, shaking with excitement at the idea, at trusting Brian with his most sensitive, precious parts.  He lowered his eyes.  “I want you to fuck me.”



“So…have you ever had, like a dildo up there, or anything?”

“No, nothing, ever.”

Brian hissed through his teeth.  “Damn, a total virgin.  Well, we’re gonna need some serious lube.  And, um…” He blushed.  “Some Magnums.  Rubbers.  I’ve been with, you know, a lot of girls.  So we need to be safe, at least until I get tested again for, well, everything?”

“Right.  Thanks,” Roger smiled.  “What are we waiting for?”


They got dressed and walked around the corner.  “They put a Walgreens right here,” Roger marveled.  “They knew we were coming.”

Brian nodded.  “Nice of them.”

The store was busy, and nobody batted an eyelid at the two guys, y’know, checking out condoms and lube.  Brian picked up a box of the condoms for the large-sized man, and Roger chuckled.


“It’s just funny.” He looked around to see if they were alone, then whispered.  “The first time I get fucked in the ass, it’s got to be the biggest cock on the planet.”

“Oh, it’s not the biggest.  It’s in the top 1% for sure, though.”


Standing in line with all the other raucous college kids picking up cheap beer, junk food, and, oh yeah, some of the same items the two of them had in their basket, Roger wanted to press up against Brian, to do what the other couples in line were doing.  But he knew it was a bad idea, knew there were cell phones with cameras all around and, well, a PDA with another man…that would be the end of his career plans.  So what? he told himself.  So you can’t do it in public?  Big deal.  Aren’t you getting everything you could ever want in private, right now?  Isn’t that enough for you?

The store’s sound system was playing real music, not Muzak.  They stood there grinning as Barry White sang “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love,” knowing it was true.

Brian nodded his head, tapped his foot, and Roger followed suit.  He found his hips moving back and forth, his feet starting to shuffle.  They looked at each other, laughed, and started to dance.

It was infectious, college students picking up on a moment, and soon everyone in line was out of line, dancing, whooping, laughing.

“This is our song now,” Brian whispered to him.

Roger wanted to cry with joy.  To have someone, to have a song with someone!  “Yeah.  Yeah, it is.”


They were finally naked, standing toe to toe.  Brian was becoming accustomed to the strangeness of a man’s body, the firmness of it.  But so many things were the same – the soft warm young skin, the smooth round ass (but much firmer than a woman’s), the mouth on his cock.

Well, wait, that was better.  Roger’s large head and mouth, his wide throat, could encompass Brian in a way no woman ever had, swallow him whole and hold it there.  It felt unbelievably great to finally be completely engulfed to the root.

And more than anything else, the biggest turn-on of all, was Roger’s passion.  Being a turn-on to his partners wasn’t new to him, but to be desired like this, to be loved as well as lusted for, to feel Roger relaxing, trusting, kissing him back now with more fervor, more abandon…

It inspired Brian to even more abandon.  He wanted to dominate Roger, and knew that’s what his friend wanted.  He could feel it in his breathing, see it in his eyes.  Take it slow, he told himself, he’s a virgin…  And how hot was that?

Roger was delirious with pleasure.  After every teddy bear, then every pillow, he’d ever held and loved, dreaming of being loved back, here it was, the return on all the affection he’d invested in every inanimate object now paid back with interest, in the flesh.  Brian was so big, everywhere.  His shoulders were like a doorframe you could hang off by your fingertips, his thighs were like marble pedestals, his chest like a suit of armor.  And his arms, God, his big, power-hitting baseball player arms wrapped around Roger, his huge biceps curling as his big hands cupped Roger’s ass, squeezed it, both of their cocks stiffening, aching.

Roger turned around, backed into Brian’s crotch, felt his erection slipping along his ass crack.  Brian enfolded Roger in his arms, and Roger reached up, held onto his meaty forearms as if they were a life preserver.  He gasped as Brian nuzzled his neck, then nipped his earlobe with the tips of his teeth.

“You like that?”

“Yeah.”  He wanted more!  Was ready to go to the next level.  “You know…I’m not made of glass.”

“What do you mean?”

Roger swallowed, nervous, excited, at daring to reveal his fantasies.  “I’m the QB.  I’m used to getting tackled by guys bigger than you.  You can’t break me.”

Brian absorbed this.  His hands clenched tight around Roger’s hips as his temperature went even higher.  “Yeah.  That’s right.”

Like the well-trained weightlifter he was, he bent his knees to save his back.  Then with a fluid motion he swept Roger off his feet and carried him the short distance to the bed.  He threw him down on his back, watching him bounce, and before the bounce was over, Brian had jumped on the bed as well.  He grabbed Roger’s legs by the ankles and pushed them back, till his face was hovering over Roger’s, his cock pressed against Roger’s upturned ass.

Roger’s eyes were feverish, and Brian knew he was on the right track.  He let go of Roger’s ankles and put his hands on his ass, pushing it up into the air.  He put his face in it, bit an ass cheek, bit it hard.

“Oh fuck!” Roger shouted.

Brian grinned.  “Fucking nice ass.”  He chewed the other one, knowing Roger’s cries weren’t cries for mercy.  Brian examined his work, inflamed by the bite marks he’d left there.  Then he looked up at Roger, over the horizon of his partner’s own erection, met his eyes as he pushed his face into the base of Roger’s cock.  Then he flicked just the tip of his tongue into Roger’s asshole, making him whimper with pleasure.

“Oh my God…” Roger laughed.  “I thought you were a gay virgin.  You’re an expert at that.”

“I love ass, man.  You think I haven’t fucked girls in the ass?”

“I guess I never thought of that.”

“Well, you’re in luck, because I’m a pro at it.  Now I’m gonna loosen you up, get you ready for me.”

Brian got up and grabbed the lube, and Roger kept his legs in the air, eagerly awaiting the next sensation, loving the feeling of presenting like an animal, remaining in the submissive position.

“Turn over,” Brian commanded, and Roger flipped himself face down.  Brian tossed the lube on the bed and got on top of him.  At first, he braced himself on his elbows, as if to spare Roger the crushing weight of his 240 pounds of muscle.  Then, slipping his hands underneath Roger, engulfing him, he relaxed and pressed him into the bed.

Brian’s weight on him was ecstasy, this feeling of being completely buried beneath him, wrapped up inside him, a shelter against every element.

It was heaven for Brian, too, to be the strong one, the defender, the giver.  I’ll never let anyone hurt you, he swore silently.  Roger’s unbelievable love for him deserved no less.  To feel love, perfectly entwined with lust, was something new and amazing to him.

They just lay there like that for a while, neither one of them fidgeting, or restless, the peaceful shelter they’d built too comfortable to leave.  Then Brian reached for Roger’s left nipple, and gave it a little pinch with his thumb and forefinger.  At Roger’s shocked, excited reaction, Brian put his left hand on the right nipple, pinched them both at once.

“Yeah, hurts don’t it.” Brian whispered in his ear.

“Yeah, but it…it’s good.”

“You’re gonna be one kinky little pervert when we’re done, aren’t you?”

“I already am.  You just have to find out how kinky I am.”

“Fuck yeah!” Brian pulled his hands out from underneath him, reached for the lube.  He rolled off Roger and onto his back, rolling Roger over with him, nuzzling him into his chest, pulling him up high enough that he could get a hand on his ass.  Then he opened the lube and drizzled some onto Roger’s ass crack.

“That’s cold!”

“Not for long.”  Gently, Brian’s finger traced a path with the lube down Roger’s crack, onto his asshole.  “Breathe for me.”


“You’re holding your breath.  Relax.  In, out, in, out.”

Roger realized how tense he was – how scared!  Wasn’t it going to hurt, getting it in the ass, getting that in the ass?  But as Brian’s fingers massaged his hole, pressing the lube in subtly, slowly, he realized that this was Brian, he knew what he was doing, he wasn’t going to hurt Roger – well, not like that, not by being too hasty and splitting him in two.

He could hear Jayce’s voice whispering:  No, not splitting you in two – not yet, anyway…

At the thought, he sighed.  Jayce…I should have taken you up on it, so much pleasure I denied myself for so long…  But then he was glad he hadn’t, glad he had waited for this – for love.  And as he sighed, Brian took advantage of the opening, a finger slipping into Roger’s asshole.

Roger couldn’t believe it – he felt so full!  It was so strange, feeling himself from the inside out for the first time, finding a whole new set of nerves, muscles, sensations.  He thought he knew his own body, but obviously there were all kinds of still-undiscovered areas.  Brian’s hard strong finger felt so filling in his tight virgin hole.  How could I ever take Brian’s cock if a single finger felt like that?

“Feel good?” Brian asked him.

“Yeah.  Oh my God…” he groaned as Brian’s finger began to move, sliding in and almost out of him, keeping his sphincter from closing, massaging it, relaxing it.  Then Brian grabbed him by the hair, tilted his head back, and kissed him, hard, as he slipped a second finger in.

Break me, Roger whispered to himself, watching doors opening inside himself, relishing Brian’s rougher treatment of him.

Brian shifted Roger’s body and his own to get a better angle.  He was working both fingers more energetically now.  Roger could feel the blood flowing to his asshole, could feel his whole brain redirecting its attention to the pleasure.  It was like getting a new extension of his body, a part he’d never had before because he’d never felt it.   Then he had an absurd thought and let out a little snort.


“It’s like a masseuse for my ass.  An asseuse.”

Brian laughed so hard his fingers popped out, causing Roger to yelp.  “Oh, sorry, man.  Didn’t mean to…”

Roger reached up, put a hand on Brian’s mouth, covered his lips.  “No apologies.”

Brian’s eyes narrowed.  He got the message – don’t be so damn careful of me, I can take it.

“No apologies,” he confirmed.  Then he pushed Roger off him, onto his back.  He grabbed a condom and ripped it open, expertly rolling it over his fat tool.  Even the Magnums were tight on him, but they were still better than the “little” condoms.

Hands back on Roger’s ass, holding it up to the sky, he really buried his face in it now.  He stabbed that hole with his tongue, forcing it in, and Roger responded as he’d hoped, grabbing his own ankles now to keep his ass up for Brian.

Brian regreased his fingers, pushed more lube into Roger’s ass.  Then he slapped some on his sheathed cock and mounted Roger, taking over control of his ankles.  He looked down, shifting his hips so the head of his cock was right on the center of the target.  Roger reached down to guide it and Brian swatted his hands away like a fly.

“No.”  He drilled Roger’s eyes with his own.   “I’m in charge.”

“Fuck yeah…”

Brian focused on what he was doing, all his attention on the head of his dick as he pressed it into Roger.  When he had the tip just inserted, that was when he let go of an ankle, put his left hand behind Roger’s head, and brought him up for a kiss.

A long, hard, rough kiss, an attack on Roger’s face, and as Brian knew it would, it made Roger moan, surrender…and Brian pushed himself inside his lover’s ass for the first time.

The finger was nothing compared to this, Roger thought, thinking he knew now what it really felt like to be full inside, but he was wrong, because Brian had barely entered him.  His sphincter throbbed, protested, trying to push the invader out, and it hurt, yeah, but it hurt good.

“More,” Brian said, and it wasn’t a request but a command, a warning, and Roger nodded.

“Omigod omigod…” Roger muttered, his eyes rolling up in his head as Brian pushed in deeper, his cock even fatter at the base, pushing, pushing, not stopping now.

A bell chimed inside Roger’s head as Brian’s cock touched his prostate.  His own cock reacted with a twitch, a drop of liquid blossoming from its head.

Brian grinned.  “Found your g spot, huh?”

“How do you know?”

“I watch porn, dude.  I’ve seen guys get dildos up their asses.  From girls.”  He laughed.  “Not that it matters now, right?”

“It’s like…like you’re jacking me off from inside.”

Brian nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds hot.  I’m gonna do that.”  He moved his hips in small circular motions, making the tip of his dick wiggle against Roger’s button.

“Uhh…..” Roger was beyond words now, pure animal pleasure blanking his mind.

Brian nodded.  “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

He grabbed Roger’s wrists and pinned them above his head, using his weight to keep his partner’s legs back.  Then he went to work.

Roger reveled in it.  To be submitted, held down, to feel Brian pick up the pace, begin to take his own pleasure at last, heedless of Roger’s… I’m a pervert, he thought dimly as the pain/pleasure of Brian’s attack on his ass increased.

Brian wasn’t as heedless as Roger thought, but he was getting there.  He knew how big his dick was, how big he was, how much damage he could do.  But Roger was right – he was the QB, he could take it.  Girls could take it, sure, it always surprised him how much they could handle, but this!  He fucked Roger hard, then harder, and Roger’s face never lost its glow.

“Fucking pound your ass,” Brian hissed, his penchant for dirty talk also unleashed now.  “Fucking nail you to the wall.”

“Yeah!” Roger responded, exultant.  “Do it!”

Brian’s strokes slowed down, become more deliberate.  He made sure Roger was looking him in the eye when he almost pulled out…then rammed it home in one stroke.  Roger shouted and Brian put a hand over his mouth.

“Shut the fuck up.”  In Roger’s eyes he saw excitement at his rough treatment, and that only stimulated him more.  Now he could fucking go to town!  It was so hot, forcing himself on Roger, pressing his big hand into Roger’s face, obliterating his features but not his eyes, eyes that looked at him though his fingers and said, yes, yes, more.

Brian resolved to use him up, to make this last till Roger begged for mercy.  But Roger never did, his own hardon bouncing madly as Brian pumped away, a steady drip of fluid from its head, a long slow orgasm that never ended…

“I’m gonna cum,” Brian winced.

“In my face,” Roger said, and in a flash Brian was out, the condom ripped off.  Roger stretched out his legs and Brian sat on his chest, cupping Roger’s head with one hand while he jacked off with the other.  Roger’s mouth was open, eager, waiting for the delivery.

“Fuhhhhhh!” Brian’s cock struck oil, erupted with shocking force and volume into Roger’s face, his mouth, fucking everywhere he was shooting so hard.

Then just as it tailed off, Roger put his mouth on it…

God.  He’d never shot twice in a row, not like this, not this fast.  The second orgasm was painful it was so good, like there was a hand squeezing his balls tighter and tighter…  And Roger, down there lapping it up like cream, fuck that was so hot it made him cum even more…

Then he stretched out on top of Roger, pinning his wrists up against the headboard, his mouth on Roger’s, he fell on him and ate him up, ate his own cum and Roger’s spit and sweat and fuck it was good.  He spit the mix in his hand and reached down, his hand between their sweat-slippery torsos…

Roger could barely think, but what he did think was, this must be what drugs are like.  This white sheet of pleasure above you, that billows as it settles over you, cool and clean and soft, the sun behind it, illuminating it, warming it.  The taste of Brian’s cum, the secret knowledge that only he had, what Brian tasted like, inside

Then he felt Brian’s hand on his cock.  That was when he really knew what drugs were like.

Then they were on their sides, Brian with one arm tossed over his shoulder, Roger holding on to it for dear life with both hands as Brian’s other hand worked his dick, bent it, slapped it, squeezed it, tortured it, made him cum o my god it’s so much better when someone else does this.  Made him cum again.  Wouldn’t stop touching it until it got soft and even then he had to beg, stop please stop, the first time all night he’d said it…

Brian took his hand, gloppy with Roger’s jizz, and put it in Roger’s mouth.  Roger eagerly licked his fingers clean, or clean enough.  Brian wiped the rest on Roger’s ass cheek before holding him tight, squeezing him hard.  Roger turned his head, and Brian kissed him, reaching at the strange angle with his tongue for his lover’s mouth, tasting another man’s cum for the first time, tasting Roger, getting hard again, rubbing up against Roger’s ass, already ready for another round…

Later there would be time for thinking, reflecting, for questions like “what does this mean, what happens next.”  None of that mattered now.  For both men, it was as if they’d arrived at a destination to which they’d never known they’d been traveling.  As if all their wandering hadn’t been wandering at all.

6 Comments on Installment #15 – IT’S HERE. ROGER AND BRIAN TOGETHER AT LAST!

  1. Whew ee! That was hot!

  2. Holy schnikes! That is a hell of a scene! And there was a good mix of humor in it as well; keeps it realistic, since real life can make sex seem funny in the middle of a serious time. Well done, indeed!

    Um… you do know that we will require much, much more, right? More sexies, please!

  3. Just finished–ok I am slow—- Love it and really want it all–More Soon???

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