Moving slow today!

Running a little low on gas these days.  I got a “half scene” done this a.m., a mere 1000 words, so I’ll hold off on posting till I have a “full scene.”

I had a lot of personal stress last week that’s over now, but I’m still “coming down” from it.  Amazing how long that takes.  Coming down involves sleeping shockingly late (sometimes even till 5 am!), which cuts into writing hours, as well as losing some of the frantic energy that you run on when you’re in Full Stress Mode.

So I may be a little less productive in the coming two weeks or so.  My vacation starts a week from today, WHOO!  I won’t be taking my computer with me, but I will have my tablet so I can post and comment.

Wow, I have written about NINETY THOUSAND words since July 25 – all of “A Little Too Broken” and 50k of “Given the Circumstances.”  With a full time job!  And school!  No wonder I’m tired!

You guys have been great at keeping me productive, I want to say.  Knowing that there’s an eager audience waiting for me every day, knowing that I’ll get immediate feedback on what I’ve done, has been the greatest motivator in the world.  Like Brian, I fail the “Marshmallow Test” a lot 🙂 and delayed gratification ain’t my bag, man.  Thanks again to all of you for your support!

2 Comments on Moving slow today!

  1. You are an awesome writer and I love to devour your works as soon as I can get them, but now you need some cotton candy time: tastes great and with no nutritional value whatsoever!

    I think you went above and beyond in catering to your fans, so I hope that you have a wonderful vacation, where the only necessary writing occurs when you sign your credit card slip. (Um, just don’t get too swipe-happy; Visa is an unforgiving mo-fo!)

    Bon voyage!!

    • Why thank you, I do still have a few more days before departure, so there’s a bit more of Roger and Brian to come… But I am ready for my vacation. I’ll be careful with the plastic!

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