September 2013

Installment #13 – Two Young Men, Fighting Their Urges…

September 14, 2013 // 2 Comments

It’s getting hot in here, ladies and gents…loosen your collars…   Roger pulled Brian aside.  “No, man.  I could get in a lot of trouble.” “For what?” Brian said, wide-eyed and innocent.  “I didn’t use your name.  You didn’t use your name.” Roger laughed despite himself.  “You’re too damn crafty, Brian.  It’s going to get you in trouble some day.” “This…is not that day!” Brian replied theatrically, quoting Aragorn in “Return of the King.” Roger rolled his eyes.  “Fine.”  He was too damn tired to argue, and Brian knew it.  And that’s how they ended up rolling out of the rent-a-car lot on Thanksgiving Eve in a 2009 Cadillac CTS for the price of a Ford Escort.  It was a long drive from Berkeley to Santa Vera, just outside San Diego, and Brian had no intention of putting two big guys in an economy car if he didn’t have to.  All it had taken was for Brian to insist that Roger come inside with him.  The guy at the [MORE]

Outlining this a.m.

September 13, 2013 // 3 Comments

And time to take a little breather anyway – had to fix a mistake yesterday (can’t be 9-1 in the 10th week if you’ve already had your bye week, d’oh!), and I needed to look back and make sure my chronology is otherwise relatively rational.  How long was Brian on Percs after the week five fistfight, when did he start DMAA, what day is it now anyway? 🙂 BUT…I’ve started blocking out the Big Day.  The one you’re waiting for.  That I’ve made you wait THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND WORDS for so far.  Oh yeah.  It’s coming soon.  And it’s.  Gonna.  Be. [MORE]

Installment #12 – Brian Changes Gears

September 12, 2013 // 2 Comments

Building up the steam now…soon, my young apprentices, soon! Roger had no life.  He was used to that by now – practices (official and unofficial), curfew, pep rallies, homework, sleep whenever possible.  But now celebrity was boxing his time in even tighter.  People started stopping him in the street, to shake his hand, to ask him to reassure them about this week’s indubitable victory.  Or, worse, to give him their semi-informed advice.  He had to duck out and go to the bathroom during class, because if he went between classes, guys would start chatting him up at the urinals, hey you’re gonna whip those Bulldogs, you know their left OL is playing hurt, you should run a route there…yeah, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.  Then the next week, it was, Hey I saw you play last weekend how come you didn’t run that route I told you about… And it was not just local celebrity anymore.  Eleven Saturdays in, and the Barbarians were 9-1 with the bye week, their loss to [MORE]

Installment #11: Brian’s Shipwreck

September 11, 2013 // 3 Comments

HUUMMMPPP DAAYYYY!  I hate most of those (“How happy is he, Chuckie?” “Happier than someone who never has to watch a stupid Geico commercial again, Charlie!” ba lingy dow bow dingy bam bam!) but yeah, the camel one, it’s funny.   It’s probably a bad idea, Brian thought.  Then he smiled lazily.  It’s definitely a bad idea.  Little marshmallows, he thought, looking at the Percocets in his hand, you are so delicious. The phrase “it’s all good” had never seemed so true as it had after Brian took one more pill than he was supposed to, the day after he broke his hand.   The prescribed dosage was keeping the pain down to a dull throbbing, but that wasn’t good enough.  So he took two instead of one.  And man, that was Cloud Nine. The clinic doctor had written him a Vicodin prescription.  “I can’t take those,” Brian said truthfully.  “They make me sick.”  The doc had shrugged, torn up the scrip, and written him some Percocet [MORE]

Installment #10 – Brian takes one for the team…

September 10, 2013 // 4 Comments

Yeah it sounds dirty!  But dirty drives traffic to the blog, right? 🙂 But yeah, we’re still a little ways off from what you’re all waiting for.  But I’m starting to block it out, The Big Scene.  We’re building up to it.  Patience, little ones! CHAPTER FOUR – THE MARSHMALLOW TEST “Well, Mike, I think we’ve known for a while that Ehrens has the skill set.  But my problem with him has always been that he’s a very cerebral player.  And that’s what a quarterback needs to be, no doubt.  But this is the first night I’ve really seen him play with passion.  In other games, we’ve seen him spike the ball or do a leap into the stands, but it was always…strategic, calculated.  Tonight I saw a QB who’s ready for the NFL, who’s got the leadership skills and the…mojo to lead a professional team.  Who was fired up, who had his team fired up.  That in my mind is what led them to victory.” Roger had gone into the game so full of joy he [MORE]

Installment #9 – Brian learns a secret

September 9, 2013 // 5 Comments

Did I say GO GIANTS yesterday?  Let us not speak of it.  Ever again.  That is all.  Well, at least Tony Romo got sacked twice in a row, that was nice. So here’s another episode of “Given The Circumstances.”  Happy Monday!   “NO.  You didn’t carry the Y crosswise!  Don’t you see?  You have to transept the thingamie!  God!  It’s so obvious!” Jeremy cracked up at Brian’s impression.  “Dude, that’s insane.” Brian shrugged, accepting the joint from Jeremy.  “I can’t believe I have to take more math classes.  At Lessing?  If I’d stayed there?  College Mathematics and I was done.”  He inhaled deeply and held the smoke until he had to release it with a mighty cough. “And this is the fucking tutor?” “Yeah.  He’s a total asshole, one of those people who was just, I don’t know, born doing math or something.  And he thinks, you know, it should be totally easy for anyone with a brain.  And get this!  When he [MORE]


September 8, 2013 // 0 Comments

Very little writing done yesterday, and none today.  Are YOU ready for some football? So my boyfriend Eric Decker left me for some girl, and I had to go find a new b.f.  Fortunately Georgia Bulldogs QB Aaron Murray and I are now very happy together: Have a great Sunday.  PS GO GIANTS! [MORE]

Installment #8 – How long can Roger hide his feelings?

September 6, 2013 // 2 Comments

We’ll see!  I’m so mad at Peyton Manning.  Last night he did NOT throw the ball nearly enough to my boyfriend, Eric Decker.  What?  Wes who?  Mmmm, Eric Decker…Think I’ll go to the web and find a picture of him and his… WHAT?  HOT FIANCEE!  NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!! I much prefer this picture.  Yes, this one is much better.  Oh Eric, how could you do this to me… It was the last time Roger would have for schoolwork that week.  The vagaries of college football scheduling often put a top 10 school against a, um, top 100 school in the first week.  Such an exciting way to start the season, at least for one school, virtually guaranteed a big win.  And this year, the Oregon Ducks were coming to open the season, bringing ESPN’s College GameDay in tow.  There were two big stories in play that justified ESPN’s selection of the venue – Oregon, of course, since they had become so high-profile, and they had a new starter, Jeremiah Masoli.  And Cal [MORE]

Mostly a research day today

September 5, 2013 // 0 Comments

…only 1000 words written, so I’ll hold off on publishing another installment till I have more.  I had a lot of research to do on college color schemes, stadium sizes, Oregon’s team composition in 2008, whether I could use “fired up, ready to go” in September ’08 (no), college football media contact rules, more NCAA regs…so yeah, slow going on the actual writing. I set a personal attendance record here on Tuesday!  WHOOOO!  Best visit #s since Evan J. Xavier interviewed me on his blog back in January!  Thanks everyone and keep [MORE]

Installment #7 – Roger gets an exciting email…

September 4, 2013 // 4 Comments

Back to college!  I’ve been going around on the whole school name thing.  If I send them to “Cal,” then I feel hemmed in by the Real Cal and its real history and its real baseball and football programs, their winning/losing seasons, quarterbacks, etc.  So I Hereby Declare the existence of Cal State Berkeley, a fine university in Berkeley that is Not Cal! As I finish Roger’s backstory, I’m getting a lot of ideas on what I need to do to give Brian more backstory, too.  I’ll go back and add more detail on his home life, make the passingly mentioned AD at Lessing into a pervy old dude, give him some gay panic based on his father’s/family homophobia.  But you’ll have to buy the final edition to get all that 🙂 Here’s today’s installment:   December 1st.   Batshit crazy day for college football recruiters, as the Evaluation Period ended and the Contact Period began.  Roger woke up at 6 am to the sound of the phone [MORE]