September 2013

Installment #6, Roger leads the team to…?

September 3, 2013 // 4 Comments

…read on and find out! I’m a machine!  I can’t stop writing!  Gawd I love this story.  Little sister Angelina has her arms crossed; she’s looking at the calendar (and the checking account balance) and insisting it’s time to get back to the heteromcom.  But Roger and Brian are not letting go of my arms, they keep pulling me back into their story, so what’s a guy to do?   It was raining.  Awesome, Roger thought, meaning it.  He and the other guys had held their own private Mud Bowls more than once, knew how to compensate for the slippery surface.  And Jayce had been a fast runner, so Roger’s plan to “be Jayce” would work even better with a focus on the running game.  He’d get hit more – Jayce had been a bigger dude, better able to take a tackle, but Roger wasn’t scared. The moment of silence for Jayce was recorded, TV cameras trying to get in everyone’s faces.  Roger had already sent the message down the line.  This [MORE]

Installment #5, a last Labor Day treat and things are looking up for Roger…

September 2, 2013 // 2 Comments

This isn’t the end of Roger’s backstory, but I still have a big football action sequence to write and I need to take my time with that – and it’s back to the day job tomorrow, so nowhere near as productive for the near future.  But I don’t want to leave y’all hanging in tears after that last bit, so here’s a bit more for you to end your weekend on a good note 🙂   I don’t want to live anymore, Roger thought when he woke up in the mornings and he meant it, being a teenager.  His body wanted to live – it twitched and thrashed and begged him to take it for a run, a walk, anything.  But his brain fought back, made his body curl up into an ever tighter ball, pulled the covers over his head, returned to the womb, or tried. “Jayce.”  Sometimes he’d whisper the word out loud, to make it hurt more.  But only when he was deep under the covers, as if the whole world would turn and look at him if they could hear it, shocked and [MORE]