October 2013

100% of October Royalties on “A Little Too Broken” to WWP and IAVA

October 31, 2013 // 0 Comments

Well, sales sure haven’t been great on “A Little Too Broken.” Could this be because I’m the worst salesman ever? 🙂  At any rate, royalties turned out to be $80 for the month (at this rate, today’s might make a $2-3 difference in the total), and honestly, though I said I’d donate 10% of the proceeds to IAVA, I’d feel like a giant turd making an $8 donation.  So once more, I’ve given 100% of the royalties, half to IAVA and half to Wounded Warrior Project.  And I’m not waiting to get paid in 60 days, either – sent it this a.m.  They’re both great organizations that actually do real stuff for veterans, so you should support them [MORE]

Installment #23 – A Job Interview

October 30, 2013 // 6 Comments

Hurtling towards the end!  Hey, where’s my regular readers/commenters?  You guys no like where this is going?  Where you at, eh?  I miss you!  I need you!  I’m like Brian that way – I need the support, man! I’m changing the cover pic to this one, just got him off dreamstime.com – it makes the football theme more obvious; you can see that he’s got jock pants on in the old cover, but subtlety doesn’t go far in a 2×4″ ebook thumbnail, amiright?   CHAPTER NINE – HOMECOMING   Brian was sweating.  The receptionist smiled at him, he smiled back. “It’ll just be a few more minutes.” “Okay.  Thanks.” She was an older lady, who’d seen plenty of young men sweating in that seat.  Some of them deserved to be nervous, some didn’t.  She had a pretty good instinct about which was which.  “Trust me, honey, I’ve been working here a long time.  I’ve got their number.  Go to the bathroom while you can, get a [MORE]

Installment #22 – Brian’s Confession

October 29, 2013 // 2 Comments

Okay, it’s coming down to the wire.  4000 words for you this a.m.  The end is in sight! EDIT:  As K. Tuttle points out, the prologue has something different happening than I have here…the joy of pubbing your first drafts online 🙂  It’ll all be reconciled perfectly in the final edition, I swear! CHAPTER EIGHT – ONE LAST MINUTE “Little pig, little pig, let me in,” Brian growled at the door of the cabin, his arms full of wood. “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!” Roger squeaked, grinning madly as he opened the door. “Fuck it’s cold!” Brian shuddered, throwing the wood down by the already-roaring stove.  He’d bundled up to ludicrous lengths for the short walk to the woodpile, but he was Santa Vera born-and-bred, used to the balmy climes of southern California, where the weathermen advised you to bring your pets and plants inside and urged the homeless to seek shelter whenever the temperature went below 50. Roger laughed.  “Dude, you were [MORE]

Installment #21 – Two New Stars

October 24, 2013 // 0 Comments

Welcome to all the new folks, coming in from the Sinfully Sexy review of “A Little Too Broken”!  If you’re new to this story, start here for the beginning and work your way backward thru the blog! I’m picking up steam again, finally, and the end is near!  At this rate, the first draft should be complete in the next two weeks or so…   Roger was finally discovering what countless other people around the world had long known:  there is little else as exhausting as doing nothing all day at work.  Watching the clock, spinning out the time, unable to leave even though there’s no reason to stay. Especially when there was something so exciting going on in front of him, around him…At least he could walk around the sidelines, talk to the other players, shout encouragement.  But still.  All he could do now was watch Antoine Phoenix’s sterling performance.  If Phoenix kept doing really well out there, if he stretched their lead out by another TD to [MORE]

A Sunday Diversion from my Sister Angelina!

October 20, 2013 // 7 Comments

Okay, so you all know my sister Angelina has been working on a heteromcom :).  We’ve had it on ice while I have control of the computer for Roger and Brian’s story, but since my productivity has slowed down a bit lately, I wanted to share what we have so far on this one.  We threw this cover together this a.m. so it’s VERY temporary!  This guy, though? He’s staying on the cover. Yeah, you know him.  He’s everywhere.  I’ve used him on a ton of my covers, so, well, it made sense to make him the model for Diana’s muse.  Besides, he’s SO HOT. Hey, and if you’re a big ass publisher, and you’d like to make a deal with Angelina for this one, she’s listening! CHAPTER ONE – WAYWARD SISTERS Every romance has a happy ending – right?  I should know, I’ve written enough of them now.  But I don’t think I get to pick the ending to this one.  This is not the book I wanted to write, but then again, since last summer, I [MORE]

Installment #20 – Roger Makes an Offer

October 19, 2013 // 2 Comments

Don’t forget, the whole Luke’s Brutal Abduction series is FREE on Smashwords with coupon FW56S!  Because fuck censorship!   Roger was beat.  His first pro game!  Okay, admittedly, preseason, and he’d been put in for the second half.  And since the rest of the guys in the line were also mostly rookies like himself, rotated in and out for the coaches to see their chops, he hadn’t been able to throw a successful pass.  He didn’t know them, they didn’t know him, their rhythms were off. “Let me run a couple plays,” he pleaded with his coach.  “I want to move the ball.” Tacitus DaMarcus looked at him with kind but firm eyes.  “Son, this is the preseason.  I don’t want you getting tackled in the preseason.  Understand?  This is not the time to risk getting hurt.” Roger nodded, the disappointment in his eyes plain to see. DaMarcus put a hand on his shoulder.  “Look.  You’re not going anywhere.  I know what you can do.  You have a long [MORE]

Installment #19 – A Bad Influence on Brian

October 16, 2013 // 0 Comments

If there was one good thing about what kept them separated over the coming months, it was that they were both too damn busy to think too much about it.  Roger was drafted by the Phoenix Skywalkers, with great fanfare, as the #2 draft pick in the first round – after Matt Stafford, to Roger’s relief, because that meant the media shitstorm landed on Matt’s head and not his.  Then he quickly found himself in in pre-pre-camp, the purely informal players’ workouts, then pre-camp, the non-obligatory-but-really-obligatory camp, then actual training camp, and it was summer and the season was nearly upon them.  When he wasn’t practicing, or working out, or getting therapy for his aching body, or watching film, or memorizing playbooks, or taking advice from veteran QB James Beaumont…well, when wasn’t he doing one of those? For Brian, the pace was no less insane.  He was already on the Loggers’ AAA team, and his batting average was crazy, well over .500, a clear indication he [MORE]

Installment #18 – A Secret Rendezvous

October 15, 2013 // 4 Comments

So I’m thinking pretty seriously about trying to find a publisher for these guys.  Self pubbing is wearing me down.  I’m exhausted by this whole worldwide witch hunt for naughty prose…Prose! that’s being blocked, by the way, in case we forget.  Not movies or pictures we’re banning here, but WORDS.  No actual real human people are being abused or exploited, or even pretending to be in those situations.  Scary, right? A lot of us erotica writers are now self-censoring, frantically taking titles down before the ‘zon bans them for us, in case (rumors flying) they decide to delete authors or even accounts, instead of taking the time to delete titles.  None of us can afford to be blacklisted on Amazon.  (As for the universal takedown of all authors on Kobo, I made maybe a nickel on Kobo ever, so fuck them 🙂 ) So, it may be time to line myself up with a bigger entity, a “real” publisher, even if it’s a smaller house. [MORE]

Gee, Gayrotica Novels about Football are suddenly popular…

October 11, 2013 // 0 Comments

Novels about gay football dudes are currently #1 and 2 on Amazon.  And there’s another in the top 20.  Well now, isn’t that special!  Coincidence?  Could be! I took a quick thumb through two of ’em, though, and mine’s better LOL.  They don’t have what Roger and Brian have, I’ll swear to that. I know, 11th commandment, Thou Shalt Not Speak Ill of Other Gayrotica Writers.  But it takes a big ego to be a writer – you have to always be telling yourself, MINE’S BETTER, or you’d fall down and give up.  If I didn’t have to work a full time job, this novel would be out by now, too.  But so it goes… This is a good thing, though.  It lights a fire under my ass to get crackin’.  I’ve got to FINISH this soon or I’ll look like I’m just following a trend others have started, which is exactly what I’ve sworn I won’t [MORE]