Amazon’s Pornpocalypse of Smutblocking Has Begun! And a deal for you…

Most every erotica writer is being hit with this massive wave of censorship at Amazon.  Titles are being blocked left and right, with a randomness that is even more baffling and amazing in its dumbness than the censorship itself.

LukesBrutalAbductionNewMiniThree of my “Luke’s Brutal Abduction” series were removed from the store and returned to “draft” status because of their covers…yeah, two guys with chains on their hands and another with a black belt in his hands.  So, fine, I went and bought new art and resubbed them, along with new back matter for IV and V, so all my links to all my stories are up to date.  And here they are, embedded in this post.  Hot, right?  Even with no scary whips or chains!

Then I get two mails at once…I, II and IV are now BLOCKED, gone from Amazon forever, for “content” – gee, why didn’t they figure that out the first time, when they only rejected I and II for the covers?  Oh, and Congratulations, Luke’s Brutal Abduction V is published on Amazon!  And III is still in review, for some crazy reason.  It almost feels like the cockblockers in the censorship department have a quota – “ban seventy stories today, doesn’t really matter which ones.”  (Oh and never mind that the “brutal abduction” in the stories is a kidnap-for-hire by a willing “victim”  and that the “home invasion” is a pre-arranged scene – nobody actually reads the stories they’re banning for content.)

Well, we’ve all seen this coming – thus my jump in the summer to long form gayrom and away from the hot dirty stories that brought me this far, not because I don’t like writing them, but because the ‘Zon is 90% (was 90%) of my income, and they are quietly going out of the erotica business (unless it comes from a major publisher like 50 Shades).  But, you all should know that this is happening, that this is Amazon at work, and this is the half-ass way they’re doing it.

LukeBrutalTwoNewMiniYou know, I could accept and maybe even respect it if they were forthright, methodical, and organized, if they just said, “We don’t want to be in the erotica biz any more.  We’re going to ban stories that have the following content.  We’re banning yours because of this in particular.”  But they don’t.  They ban you and say it’s because of “content,” and when you ask them what content, they say, please see our guidelines, which don’t tell you what you’re being banned for if you haven’t written bestiality, incest, etc.  They want to have their cake and eat it, too – to censor, and yet not be seen to censor.  In the end, it’s this aggravated halfassery that really gets me.

So!  Luke and Slader are still available in the Google Play store,, and  None of whom have ever given me any shit about my content.  AND, here’s the deal…

Send me your email address at and I’ll send you, FREE, the omnibus edition of the Luke and Slader saga, if I can have your email address for a mailing list I need to start (never ever ever to be shared with/sold to anyone ever).  Please specify EPUB/generic ebook or MOBI/Kindle content format.  I’ve had a hell of a ride with Luke and Slader, and made a lot of smutbux.  So if you’ve read this far and listened to my rant, you deserve a reward!

UPDATE:  Looks like this is an across the board reaction to some extremely nonconsensual titles found on the Internet.  Kobo has gone crazy and dumped EVERY title uploaded through Draft2Digital, period, in case they miss anythinhg.  If you find bad apples, for God’s sake, burn down the orchard…

2 Comments on Amazon’s Pornpocalypse of Smutblocking Has Begun! And a deal for you…

  1. This news just pisses me off! If it wasn’t for Amazon, I wouldn’t have found your stories, and I regularly buy these kind of stories, too. I sent off a wordy, and probably ignored, email to Amazon’s customer service and can’t wait to receive whatever tired platitudes they come up with! WTF?! Why are they suddenly the bastions of moral rightiousness? They still sell sex toys and cinema torture porn!! ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!

    P.S.- I liked your original covers more. 🙂

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