October 2013

Installment #17 – Big Decisions

October 9, 2013 // 3 Comments

I’m back, baby!  Had a fantastic time in The Big City.  Now it’s time to power back up and get this puppy rolling again.  So here you go, and thanks for your patience!   “What’s your story?” Coach Deere asked Brian. “What do you mean, sir?”  Brian had learned early that the Great White Father, as the team called him behind his back, preferred the honorific.  Just calling him “Coach” seemed a little too familiar, they supposed. He’d been summoned to the Throne Room on the last day of the semester.  He’d spent the afternoon at an informal batting practice, just a bunch of the guys swinging at a ball on the last day they’d see each other before the Christmas holidays.  But Brian had batted with a little more focus, a little more fervor, than the other guys.  Had laughed with them at their jokes about the Home Run Derby, even as he knocked ball after ball out of the park.  Had joined the upperclassmen jeering the younger guys as they scrambled [MORE]

Reviews are coming in for “A Little Too Broken”

October 3, 2013 // 0 Comments

At last 🙂  My own damn fault it took so long, because I never stopped writing long enough to promote it.  I keep thinking stuff will sell itself!  There’s an author service I’ve heard good things about that I may be hiring to help me do…well, everything I don’t want to do, which is everything but writing books and blogging. So both The Bitches of Eastwick and Top 2 Bottom Reviews have given “A Little Too Broken” great reviews, which you can read at these links.  It’s my goal next time to get review copies of “Given the Circumstances” out BEFORE publication instead of a ways afterward. OKAY!  I’m a gettin’ on a plane this a.m. to NEW YORK CITY!  WHOO!  I’ll see you all next week 🙂  Stay [MORE]