November 2013

Okay! Turning on a dime again! Get ready for “The Worst Best Luck”!

November 30, 2013 // 4 Comments

Yeah I know, I said the next episode of “Rob the Daemon” was coming next.  And it was, really!  It’s sold seven copies so far (thanks, you guys, you know who you are!), and that’s it. Rob may not be what the market wants, or he may need three stories out there before they start selling.  I know what’s selling in gay paranormal is shifters/werewolves, and sorry but I’m just not into that bag, man!  Just doesn’t frost my cupcakes, you know? I have had my PERSONAL BEST sales month ever in November thanks to “Given the Circumstances” and the rising tide from it that’s lifted all my other boats.  THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING AT BRAD-MART WHOOOO!!!! So I realized, duh, I need to get another contemporary gayrom out there now!  Definitely by the end of December, in time for what we selfpubbers call “Kindlemas” – the boom in sales that comes when everyone gets their new Kindles, and their Amazon gift cards, for [MORE]

Because I Lurv You – a taste of “Phoenix Caged,” Rob the Daemon #2!

November 23, 2013 // 2 Comments

Yeah, suddenly I am SO FEELING this one.  Wasn’t sure what I should do next, but Rob and Sol are demanding my attention.  I know how these series develop, saleswise – if they’re good, they’re like potato chips, you don’t want to eat just one.  So readers wait to “binge read” them all when they know the series is ongoing, and has good reviews.  In other words, this series may take some time to develop an audience.  Wow, me, not going for the immediate gratification thing!  What’s up with that?  Now I gotta find a hot sexy pic for my cover… This picks up right after the “sneak peek/prelude” I published at the end of #1.  Of course all my regular readers have already got their copy of Rob #1, but…WARNING: If you haven’t read it, none of this makes ANY SENSE till after you read “Rob the Daemon,” so get your copy now!  Here at the ‘zon, here at, here at, [MORE]

A big thanks to all my 5 star reviewers out there!

November 22, 2013 // 4 Comments

I’m a BAD MAN.  I’ve been so obsessed with chasing a bigger number of reviewers that I haven’t stopped and thanked you guys for the reviews you’ve left.  Long, thoughtful, considered opinions that are worth far more in quality than I’ve properly appreciated in my obsession with quantity.  THANK YOU for your support, for taking the time to write about what you’ve read, for making the effort to help me out.  I DO appreciate it, it’s just that sometimes I’m so crazy with anxiety about sales that I forget to say [MORE]

ZOMG Timing is Everything! Check out this story about Gayness in the NFL!

November 21, 2013 // 0 Comments

I should send this reporter a copy of “Given the Circumstances”!  Thanks to Joleen for the link! “It was early this past spring when a closeted gay player, who was a free agent, reached out to a small group of friends and told them about his sexual orientation. The friends, both current and former players, and others with NFL connections, then contacted a handful of teams to gauge their interest in the player and their comfort with that player talking openly about being gay if they signed him. A number of teams contacted passed. The player was told they didn’t have a need at his position. The player told a recently retired player he believed the teams declined because they feared the attention a gay NFL player would receive from the public and [MORE]

“A Little Too Broken” – 50% of all profits donated from now till forever :)

November 21, 2013 // 2 Comments

I’d originally set the bar at donating 10% of the profits from “A Little Too Broken” to IAVA.  September and October sales were pretty small, so I just donated 100%, splitting it between IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project.  And I’ll probably do 100% in the future some months, but I’m definitely changing the lifetime commitment on this one to a minimum of 50% of royalties donated forever, split between these two orgs.  The recipients may change if circumstances change, but the percentage won’t. I guess I feel like half this story isn’t mine, that it belongs to the people who live it every day.  And the Flying Spaghetti Monster knows that the help they’ve earned isn’t coming to them as it should, from the government, and therefore the public who elects it, that sent them out there in the first place. Remember, you can do your part as well, by making contributions directly [MORE]

“Rob the Daemon” is LIVE around the world! Free review copies – you know the deal!

November 20, 2013 // 4 Comments

Here at the ‘zon, here at, here at, and here at  Cast your spells now to ensure its universal success! Tomorrow a.m. I’ll begin the flogging – the publicity flogging, far more painful and much less fun than the other kind!  And we’ll see if Chronicles of Rob the Daemon #1 becomes the next Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone…or the next Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins!  You don’t know what the hell that is!  That’s right!  Nobody does! So I need REVIEWS!  LOTS of them.  And you can get your free EPUB or MOBI of the book in exchange for an honest, and preferably speedy review.  So far, Given the Circumstances has four reviews on the ‘zon… wah!!! [MORE]

Halfway through edits on “Rob the Daemon”

November 19, 2013 // 2 Comments

Trying to be a careful reader as I go through this one.  Made a FOOL of myself the other day!  Saturday I tweeted to former Deadspin contributor Will Leitch about “Given the Circumstances,” thinking what a great, Deadspinny article could be written about pro sports gayrotica.  “PS I loved The Postmortal” I ended the tweet… …then yesterday morning it hit me.  Drew Magary (another Deadspinner) wrote The Postmortal.  Well, it is an awesome book, but yeah.  I looked like a total dumbass.   In such a hurry!  Not to mention that when I looked at GTC again I realized I’d screwed up Roger’s name twice in the prologue (calling him “Brian” instead).  Got.  To.  Slow.  Down.  In such a race to dash to the next thing I’m screwing the last thing [MORE]

Here’s the cover for “Rob the Daemon,” and your first taste!

November 17, 2013 // 4 Comments

Like Angelina, I am particularly obsessed with one model, as you’ve probably figured out by now!  But hell, there aren’t that many hot guys out there on the photo sites, y’know?  And this guy is SO HAWT.  I wish I could just go with a picture of Eric Decker, since Rob bears an uncanny resemblance to him, but alas…  Besides, Eric left me for his fiancee (sob) so I’m just going to have to console myself in Aaron Murray’s arms now.  He’ll never leave me!  I just know it! Well, it’s only DAYS before I publish this one.  I’m nervous but excited since this is my first paranormal.  It’s a huge market no doubt, but I’m not doing vamps or shifters or werewolves, so it’s a bit of a risk to do this one.  But!  It’s not exactly new ground is it, the demon lover?   And who knows, it could be so successful that the gayrotica bestseller list becomes nothing but demon lovers!  After dinosaur porn hit it big, [MORE]