Halfway through edits on “Rob the Daemon”

Trying to be a careful reader as I go through this one.  Made a FOOL of myself the other day!  Saturday I tweeted to former Deadspin contributor Will Leitch about “Given the Circumstances,” thinking what a great, Deadspinny article could be written about pro sports gayrotica.  “PS I loved The Postmortal” I ended the tweet…

…then yesterday morning it hit me.  Drew Magary (another Deadspinner) wrote The Postmortal.  Well, it is an awesome book, but yeah.  I looked like a total dumbass.   In such a hurry!  Not to mention that when I looked at GTC again I realized I’d screwed up Roger’s name twice in the prologue (calling him “Brian” instead).  Got.  To.  Slow.  Down.  In such a race to dash to the next thing I’m screwing the last thing up!

2 Comments on Halfway through edits on “Rob the Daemon”

  1. Breathe, honey bunny! Remember: to err is human, to moo, bovine!

    Edit boo-boos get past even hardcopy editions; at least you can post a correction later, if the guilt becomes too much. Can’t wait for this story to drop!


    • Moooooo!!! There, I feel better already! Yeah corrections all around abound, I think I got it fixed everywhere now. The future need never know!

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