A big thanks to all my 5 star reviewers out there!

I’m a BAD MAN.  I’ve been so obsessed with chasing a bigger number of reviewers that I haven’t stopped and thanked you guys for the reviews you’ve left.  Long, thoughtful, considered opinions that are worth far more in quality than I’ve properly appreciated in my obsession with quantity.  THANK YOU for your support, for taking the time to write about what you’ve read, for making the effort to help me out.  I DO appreciate it, it’s just that sometimes I’m so crazy with anxiety about sales that I forget to say it!

4 Comments on A big thanks to all my 5 star reviewers out there!

  1. Love you too!

    • Thanks! How is your kitty doing?

      • Well, she got called back to kitty heaven. I’m sad that it had to go down like that, but she was 18 yrs old and suffering near the end. So I’m keeping the other cat cheered up and letting her have the yard sale recliner as her scratching post. I know that is depressing news, but she lived a good, long life and won’t be forgotten. Thank you for asking, sincerely.

        And I love Rob the Daemon! Even ending on a cliffhanger, it was fun to read and helped to distract me from my day-to-day worries. Now hurry up with book #2!

      • I’m so sorry…my last kitty lived 17 years, she had a good life but it’s still awful when they go. I have two now, they keep each other company when I”m gone all day to the day job 🙂 And I have THREE chairs they’ve turned into scratching posts/daybeds – pets > furniture, right?

        Oh and thank you for the review of Rob. Oh. And. THANK YOU for setting Mr. One Star straight! That was my first one star review ever, and it wasn’t even a review of the book!

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