December 2013

$800 to IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project this year!

December 31, 2013 // 4 Comments

Holy crap I just did the math!  That’s including one last 100% donation of December royalties on “A Little Too Broken” of about $150.  $405 to IAVA and $395 to Wounded Warrior Project.  THANK YOU, because hey, it’s your money 🙂 Today’s WWP donation is in progress because their website is slow this a.m.; hopefully that’s because they’re being swamped with last minute donations! Most writers drop the price on titles this old (months and months old!) but in this case, I’m not gonna.  However, if you haven’t purchased “Given the Circumstances” yet, look for a little price drop on that tomorrow! It’s “one last” 100% month because The Tax Man Cometh Soon and I Doth Not Haveth What He Come For 🙂  Single, renter, no kids…I’m the one paying for the “refunds” that all those people in the commercials are getting!  So, it’ll be the 50% minimum as promised for a [MORE]

Episode 14 – You’ll remember that we belong together

December 28, 2013 // 9 Comments

OK, back in the saddle!  I had to take a few days off and NOT THINK about anything, enjoy the holidays and REST.  But we’re moving towards the conclusion now…   Peter couldn’t remember ever just…doing nothing.  There’d never been a time when he hadn’t had to work.  He’d been stunned to realize that he’d never even been on vacation – they couldn’t afford it when he was growing up, and his paycheck at the advertising agency hadn’t left enough after NYC living expenses were covered to do it now, either. And the days flew by.  They’d get up late and greet the boat, unload the supplies and wave them off, no, we don’t need the house cleaned, no, we’re fine, goodbye.  Then they’d fish, or nap, or make love, or cook, or splash around in the shallows of the cove, or huddle together in companionable silence by the fire pit.  Peter got brown, while Matt stayed white, slathered in suntan lotion like a sensible person. The pieces of Peter’s plan [MORE]

Episode 13 – Happy Festivus! A tropical island awaits Matt and Peter…

December 24, 2013 // 0 Comments

As promised, HOT SEXIN’ again at last!  I’m feeling about a week away from the big finish.  This one is not as long as “Given the Circumstances,” but it’s longer than “A Little Too Broken.”  Enjoy, and may you triumph in the Feats of Strength!   Matt watched Peter sleeping on the plane.  The big tan leather seats in the Worthington family’s Gulfstream flattened out into beds, and right after takeoff, Peter had accidentally hit the button that stretched his seat out.  He’d laughed, delighted, closed his eyes, sighed and passed out. Matt wanted to join him, to lay down beside him and hold him.  But first he’d have to unclench his hands from his own armrests, the anger at fucking Cody rolling through him in waves.  He could fix this situation!  All it would take was one solid punch to Cody’s face… The plane landed at the airport in St. Thomas.  Peter woke up, looked out the window at the blue-green Caribbean, and smiled.  [MORE]

Episode 12 – Matt offers Peter an escape route

December 20, 2013 // 2 Comments

Oh yeah, it’s about time for you to get ready for some HOT SEXIN’ in the next episode!  I know, what a tease, right?  You won’t be disappointed, I promise 🙂   It was like something out of a movie, Peter thought, staring at the shrink-wrapped package.  One thousand brand new hundred dollar bills, weighing about 2.2 pounds – he’d looked it up.  He thought about the scene in “Breaking Bad” where Skyler reveals the enormous pile of cash she’d hidden in storage.  And even that pile was “only” $80 million in drug money, about a third of Peter’s fortune. His Security team called before they escorted Cody up from the lobby, and Peter steeled himself for the encounter.  He just wanted to get it over with, get Cody in and out of there and never see him again. “Hey, lover!” Cody said, his eyes shining with avarice and something else.  “Give me a hug!” Peter complied, barely.  “It’s over on the table.” Cody looked over Peter’s [MORE]

Episode 11 – Peter cashes his $700m lottery ticket

December 19, 2013 // 3 Comments

Truth is stranger than fiction, well, almost!  The MegaMillions finally paid out, so Peter still has the biggest US jackpot ever WHOOO!   The great thing about the Carlyle, Peter decided, was that it catered to people as rich if not richer than he was.  Insane amounts of wealth and fame were daily fare for the staff, and they greeted him with friendly, polite, helpful gestures and actions, smoothing his way into the suite, accommodating the security detail, all lips sealed about his presence.  The media mob would find him, eventually.  But not from them. He woke up after a restless night’s sleep on the most comfortable bed he’d ever slept on –  or tried to sleep on, anyway.  The press conference would be in three hours.  He turned on the TV; the news headlines on NY1 that morning were, in order of importance, Quadrillions winner comes forward today, scaffolding collapses kills three, and deputy mayor resigns in sex scandal to spend more time with the family he was [MORE]

Episode 10 – It’s time to face the music…

December 17, 2013 // 3 Comments

Peter turned over in bed again, the hard mattress giving him no comfort.  I’m going to buy one of those memory foam mattress pads, he told himself.  The first day after I cash it. He hadn’t checked the time in how long?  It had to have been an hour.  He rolled back over, picked up his phone.  3:22.  Shit, it had only been twenty minutes.  He’d been awake since 2:30, and it was pretty obvious he wasn’t going back to sleep. He got up and woke up his computer, checked the stats on his blog.  Thirty hits yesterday on his rave review of Mark Rylance and the all-male “Twelfth Night.”  That was a pretty good haul, all things considered. He smiled as he thought of a new post.  He even started typing it.  “Dear readers, I AM RICH.  So very rich.  So disgustingly rich.  I can’t wait to give it all away before my evil ex-boyfriend sucks it all into his gaping maw.” His smile faded.  He backspaced furiously till he had a blank post again.  Why can’t I tell him [MORE]

Now Peter’s jackpot looks like chump change…

December 16, 2013 // 0 Comments

Man, you cannot win with fiction.  Every time you set the bar at crazy, reality jumps it.  In first draft, I’d given Peter a $700,000,000 lottery prize, biggest US prize ever.  And now? “Because no one matched all six numbers on Friday, the Mega Millions jackpot jumped to $550 million for Tuesday’s drawing. It’s possible that the second largest pot in the history of the Mega Millions will eventually make a run for the all-time record of $656 million, which was split by three players on March 30, 2012.” Now they’re talking about a $1,000,000,000 prize.  What’s a poor writer to do, but hope it ends up getting split like two dozen ways 🙂   [MORE]

Episode 9 – Do I Know You?

December 15, 2013 // 3 Comments

OK, we’re rolling now…   “Cody,” was all Peter could say. “Aren’t you going to give me a hug?” “What do you want.” Cody’s smile grew wider.  He knew what this tone of voice meant in Peter. “I just want a hug.” Cody opened his arms, and Peter found himself automatically doing what he’d always done with Cody, giving in again.  He could feel a little of himself being sucked away as he did. Peter flashed back to a night in the “Cody Era” of his life.  Outside school, a fellow student had flirted with him, made him feel…attractive, special, interesting.  Then Cody had come along, glowered at the guy, drove him away. “You like that?”  Cody snorted.  “Man, you’ll sleep with anyone if you think that’s hot.” “I…” Peter wanted to protest, to say, but he’s nice, he’s kind of cute, and he likes me…  But Cody’s words had the desired effect, reminded him what a little rabbit he was, how desperate he was for affection, and [MORE]

Sinfully Sexy’s great review of “Rob the Daemon” is up!

December 14, 2013 // 4 Comments

Go check it out, and get in on the chance to win a FREE COPY! “I have never read anything until now in the M/M subgenre of paranormal and I’m pleased to say that it won’t be my last either…There is a chemistry between [Rob and Sol] that can’t be explained and Brad brings this across very well in his writing. The sex is hot and so is the relationship these two have with each other. Rob must be the hottest deamon around… “For my first paranormal book I was relieved and enthralled that I could get into it so quickly. It is well grounded in the present and had a certain believability factor, that didn’t leave me rolling my eyes and thinking, ‘oh yeah, like seriously?’ “I found the self-defacing humour great as it is definitely there. Made the whole thing for me easier to get my head around. For someone attempting the paranormal side of [MORE]

Episode 8 – Hello, lover…

December 12, 2013 // 2 Comments

A short piece today, and it’ll take me a few days to get what’s coming next just right.  So…ZOMG!  Holy Crap!  I’m going to take my time on it!  I’m aiming for another episode by Sunday latest.  Sorry, K., this one may not be done by Xmas at this rate 🙂  But by end of December for sure!   “Wow,” was all Peter could say when Matt finished.  “So you just…quit.  No notice, nothing.” Matt shrugged.  “Yeah.  I mean, it wasn’t the most professional thing to do, but, you know, it wasn’t like I was doing anything that someone else couldn’t do instead.  And I just…snapped, you know?  I couldn’t go back in there for even one more day, once I knew what I was supposed to be doing with my life.” “But…what about bills?  Rent, health insurance…everything?  What did you do about all that?” “I moved out to Hell’s Kitchen, dropped the insurance, and I didn’t have any charge card debt, so I was able to live pretty [MORE]