Today’s wordage needs a breather

Got a big haul this a.m. but it needs some time to sit.  I know!  Me!  Sitting on wordage!  But it’s pretty important, and I need to get it right; it’s pretty much one of the linchpins of the story so I Can’t. Fuck. It. Up.  Peter meets Cody and it’s Not Good.

I wonder if I’m gonna get myself in too deep with the angst here – I mean, really chronicling an emotionally abusive relationship may be too much heavy lifting for the gayrom market.  Maybe all the market will bear is a little light boo-hoo and not the real thing.  Well, in that case, I’m fucked now!  No turning back!  Next time I’m doin’ a mother fuckin’ romcom! 🙂

6 Comments on Today’s wordage needs a breather

  1. Breathe and relax. What ever you have will be fine.

  2. If you think that angst and drama over past abusive relationships don’t belong in this genre, then you need to read some Mary Calmes and Amy Lane, who is the queen of angst and never met a good character that she couldn’t put through the wringer for seasoning and flavor. 😉 While it’s always great to read hawt sexin’ and humor helps everything go down smoothly, angst shows that these characters can feel like we feel, even if theirs is worse than ours. And it’s that much more satisfying when they overcome those things in their lives to get their HEA at the end.

    So like dano1128 said, relax already!

  3. Hey, if GTC was any indication… you got it in the bag (I know, I know…still gotta work through it – hey, I may be new to Team Vance, but I ain’t worried in the least!) . Soooo looking forward to what’s next..

    • Thanks, man! I need to hear this…really appreciate you guys not lettin’ me sink into my own angst over all this 🙂

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