Sinfully Sexy’s great review of “Rob the Daemon” is up!

RobOneCoverGo check it out, and get in on the chance to win a FREE COPY!

“I have never read anything until now in the M/M subgenre of paranormal and I’m pleased to say that it won’t be my last either…There is a chemistry between [Rob and Sol] that can’t be explained and Brad brings this across very well in his writing. The sex is hot and so is the relationship these two have with each other. Rob must be the hottest deamon around…

“For my first paranormal book I was relieved and enthralled that I could get into it so quickly. It is well grounded in the present and had a certain believability factor, that didn’t leave me rolling my eyes and thinking, ‘oh yeah, like seriously?’

“I found the self-defacing humour great as it is definitely there. Made the whole thing for me easier to get my head around. For someone attempting the paranormal side of things for the first time then this book would be a good place to start. I enjoyed this book and it was a nice introduction into losing my paranormal virginity.”

Thanks, Mark! Β I put Rob and Sol on the shelf to get “The Worst Best Luck” out the door by Kindlemas, and was a little disappointed with the sales, but right now I’m looking at a nearly 100% approval rating from those who have read it – so yeah, NEXT UP after Matt and Peter are put to bed (happily, together) will be the next episode of Rob and Sol – that’s a promise!

4 Comments on Sinfully Sexy’s great review of “Rob the Daemon” is up!

  1. Yay! Congratulations on the great review, and that goes to show that you need to give some things a little time to get traction! After all, ‘Cheers’ took a couple of seasons to get their mono on. You got to give Rob and Sol a little time as well. And I will definitely be first in line for the second book! πŸ˜€

    • Aww you know it’s all about the immediate gratification! πŸ™‚ Still, I’m glad I kept moving with Matt and Peter and let Rob and Sol do their thing in the background. Thanks for the reminder, though, that “these things take time.”

  2. I finally read Rob the Daemon today and I *loved* it – almost as much as your Callum and Sam/Derek stories. It’s so well written–snappy dialogue and internal monologues, interesting plot, two very spicy and unusual sex scenes. Overall, it’s very creative and clever storytelling. I went to write that on Amazon…but I can’t find it on your pages! Have you pulled it down for the time being? πŸ™‚

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