$800 to IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project this year!

Holy crap I just did the math!  That’s including one last 100% donation of December royalties on “A Little Too Broken” of about $150.  $405 to IAVA and $395 to Wounded Warrior Project.  THANK YOU, because hey, it’s your money 🙂

Today’s WWP donation is in progress because their website is slow this a.m.; hopefully that’s because they’re being swamped with last minute donations!

Most writers drop the price on titles this old (months and months old!) but in this case, I’m not gonna.  However, if you haven’t purchased “Given the Circumstances” yet, look for a little price drop on that tomorrow!

It’s “one last” 100% month because The Tax Man Cometh Soon and I Doth Not Haveth What He Come For 🙂  Single, renter, no kids…I’m the one paying for the “refunds” that all those people in the commercials are getting!  So, it’ll be the 50% minimum as promised for a while…

Still working on the climactic scene of “The Worst Best Luck.”  Damn, suspense is hard!  A LOT harder than sexin’!  This is the big finish and I can’t rush it… I’m working on reining in my tendency to do that.  Even though I’m DYING to have a new title out on 1/1 to maximize my profits from Kindlemas, I know I’m better off in the long run making this as good as I can instead.  So…stay tuned!

4 Comments on $800 to IAVA and Wounded Warrior Project this year!

  1. Know what you mean! About 90% of the money sitting in my checking account is going to Uncle Sam before the week is out. That’s awesome that a little time in front of the computer+your imagination=helping out those guys to the tune of $800+ !!
    Anxiously awaiting the next ebook, no matter when it drops! So take your time; you’ve got a lot to deliver for the ending. No pressure… 😉

    • Haa yeah no pressure LOL! The Big Scene is about 75% constructed, so the first draft will be done soon; only the HEA remains after this and that’s easy 🙂

  2. Good on ya BV
    Happy New Year!

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