IT’S LIVE! “The Worst Best Luck” is available everywhere now!

WBLCoverHere at, here at, here at, and here at  Submitted to Kobo and the iStore and so it might possibly maybe be available in those stores some time in the far future if it doesn’t get blocked for havin’ gay sexin’ 🙂 But in the meantime, don’t forget you can always shop from these retailers and use other e-reader apps on your iPad!

PLEASE leave a review if you’ve enjoyed this book, preferably at Amazon and/or Goodreads! Without good reviews, books don’t sell.  I don’t pay for reviews or have an astroturfing network set up to produce 25 5-star reviews on the date of publication, so I NEED YOUR HELP.  All the reviews you see of my books are honest reviews, and I could use yours, too.  An honest three or four star review is more important to me than a bunch of instant five-stars.  THANK YOU!

2 Comments on IT’S LIVE! “The Worst Best Luck” is available everywhere now!

  1. Just left my review on Amazon, after reading through the story in one go. Outstanding!

    Only saw a few typos, including one that I know you had fixed in your blog earlier. Maybe the Amazon copy and your blog copy weren’t synced up properly. Don’t fret over this! It didn’t affect the story; I’m just a picky bitch- a grammar and spelling Nazi that does NOT practice what she screeches.

    Now you have time for Rob and Sol! Or your sister, Angelina! (hint hint) 🙂

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’m not surprised a few things got past me on the copy edit. You just stop seeing things when you look at em too many times… I’d get a copy editor, but people just take too damn long to get things done 🙂 So yes it’s off to Rob and Sol again, but I’m afraid Angelina is in cold storage. I had the greatest idea for a gayrom ever, which I’m too paranoid to put on the blog, so that’s next after Rob II 🙂

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