Superblocking the rest of Phoenix this a.m…and a new direction for “Angelina”

WOW so I have all the rest of “Phoenix Caged” fully outlined now, so this should be a breeze to finish BEFORE the end of the month.

And, I had a brainstorm the other day – as some of you know, my “sister” Angelina was going to write a heteromcom…well, that got off to a promising start but puttered out after 20k words when I realized, hell, I’m not doing half of what I’m supposed to be doing for “Brad” in terms of promotion, marketing, etc…and to start all over and do all of that for “Angelina”?  Well, fuck me, that wasn’t gonna happen.

So…I’m please to report that, in a major Fringe Event, Brad and Angelina have gone into the Iso Tank together and emerged…Brangelina!  We Are One!  So yeah, that means “Curse of the Tenth Muse” will happen, only with the gayness now 🙂

In fact…I’ve even got a cover to show you!  And since this one is so far underway already, it’ll be up next after “Phoenix Caged” and before “Super Secret Gayrom” (now retitled “Reunified” because “Reunification” is too damn long, amiright?).


3 Comments on Superblocking the rest of Phoenix this a.m…and a new direction for “Angelina”

  1. So long Angelina, we hardly knew thee…

    Go forth Brangelina! Conquer new worlds of hot’n’sexy manlovin’!

    PS: There’s too much sheet on the cover model! For shame! 😀

  2. Ah, you superblock. From which I gather you’re a plotter rather than a pantser?
    And I’ll be interested in whether you switch the POV character’s gender…. A male in with a couple of females. Able to add what really goes on in a man’s brain for when their stories switch to the male perspective. How they get things wrong…..???

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