It’s LIVE! “Phoenix Caged” now available everywhere! REVIEW LOVE NEEDED!

RobTwoCoverThe Second of the Chronicles of Rob the Daemon is UP LIVE!  I’ve trimmed a number of loose ends that were left hanging as I serialized the story, and made a few mods to set up #3.  Still “in processing” at, but you can get it now here at Amazon, as well as at:

Submitted to Apple and Kobo but that could take forever 🙂

I’ve been taking some time to go back and revisit a lot of my old content, pretty up the front matter, do some copy edits, etc.  (Damn all if I didn’t get the # of monks who died at Iona wrong in “Colum’s Viking Captivity”!  All that research and I screwed up a critical fact in my mad-dashin’ to publication.)  Maybe this wasn’t the greatest idea in “Colum’s” case, since Colum 1 has been stuck in processing for 48 hours at Amazon – guess I should have deleted the VERY DIRTY excerpt before I repubbed, huh?  Well, at least they look good everywhere else, though if Colum 1 ends up getting BANNED BY AMAZON, that’ll be the nail in the coffin for any more in the series.

Then it’ll be back to “Curse of the Tenth Muse,” then off to my SUPER SECRET PROJECT!  And I need to drum up some sales – I’ve been mad-dashin’ from book to book, not only letting things slip but not doing all the marketing/promotion I should be doing.  You could write freakin’ Tolstoyevsky and it would die a natural death in the sales department, what with all the other content out there vying for attention.

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