25,000 words into “Curse of the Tenth Muse”

TenthMuseCover…my Great Experiment.  There’s NO SEXIN’ in the whole book.  None.  It just…has to be that way.  It’s a romcom.  But it is what it is.  I dunno what happens to it when it gets published.  I know it’s a good STORY, so there you go.  Like Dane, its main character, with the romances he’s compelled to keep producing, it’s a story I have to write.

It’s completely superblocked (my word for not just sketched out but completely plotted out, end to end, including most scenes and even some conversations).  So it’s perfect to write while I force myself to do for “Reunified” what I did for “Given the Circumstances” that made it so good, and successful:  do the research, outline like a MoFo, draw out the plot again and again, draw the characters, the side characters, the places, the events.  And take my time doing it.

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