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30k words into “Curse of the Tenth Muse,” and guess what, kids?  I’m hiring an EDITOR for it!  I know!  Shocking!  But I found someone I like, who can work as fast as I do – it just couldn’t have happened with someone who works at a tradpub pace, who’d take longer to edit it than it took me to write it.

I’m rereading “Given the Circumstances” now, for the first time since pubbing.  And yeah, I’m catching those “D’oh!” moments with an eye to fix them and repub.  But the thing that strikes me most is…damn, that’s good!  If I do say so myself.  And I know I outlined and re-outlined, and researched, and did timelines so that I didn’t have for instance NCAA regulations in place in 2008 that weren’t in place till 2012.  And while I wrote it in a white heat, still, I gave it the time it needed, took a few weeks off in October to just let it…rest while I figured out the right ending.

I think one of the *SPOILER ALERT* problems with “The Worst Best Luck” is that I sort of boxed myself in, character wise.  I mean, Peter and Matt meet and it’s WOW.  And they deserve each other.  But, then I introduced Cody back into the mix.  And if you’re going to go the Full Soap Opera Route with the plot, then Peter has to leave Matt or lose Matt and end up with Cody for pages and pages of angst…but if he does, then he doesn’t deserve Matt, right?  So all I could do is bring Cody back in to stir up trouble (lots, admittedly).  And again, going Full Soap would have meant giving Peter all the money and having him go the drugs-and-hookers route, doing the whole “Wolf of Wall Street” thing with lots of scenes of “money porn,” before realizing that Matt is The One.  Which, again, means he doesn’t deserve Matt because he blew him off for drugs and hookers…

And maybe I could have fixed all that, somehow, if I hadn’t been in SUCH A HURRY to publish.

The good thing about Tenth Muse is that it’s been “in development” since August of last year.  So I’ve had plenty of time to think about it, about what will and won’t work, to perfect the plot and the characters.  And I’m still writing fast, of course!  So March is still the project pub date, though late March is more likely.  There’s NO SEX in it, but I hope, just this once, you’ll forgive me if we just go on a date and have a really good time without the sexin’? 🙂

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  1. Don’t agree with the ways you suggest “Worst Best Luck” should be fixed. I like the fact that you don’t ever go the cliched route. In most scenes you find a fresh way (and more realistic) to deal with a subject.
    Having Peter get sucked back in to Cody more than you have wouldn’t have worked IMHO. He does enough (and you really get that manipulative behaviour that goes on in a lot of relationships, het and gay)
    But the essence of the story is about the crap that surrounds wealth and money. The way it can affect people and their lives if they let it.
    Not saying that the story is perfect. There are two Lydia’s for example. The Worthington admissions counselor and the owner of a bistro they visit. (I discovered that fact when I mentioned one in a review and did a search on the word….)
    What I like about the story is that, through your characters, you make some very pertinent comments about things like helicopter parenting, even the number of homors given at Harvard.
    I like that part of your writing (other readers may not, but that’s their problem) I like characters who have opinions.
    The interesting question then is, are they the character’s opinions or yours (generally spaking in all your books) and could you have a main character that honestly expresses an opinion that you don’t agree with.

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