45,000 words into “Tenth Muse”

TenthMuseCoverI took a WHOLE WEEK OFF ZOMG that’s illegal in selfpub.  Okay, this one won’t be finished in March.  I haven’t even got them to Greece yet!  Then they have to come back to Venice!  Yeah, so, there’s that.

Also, my productivity has slowed because I see now that mad-dashing led me to throw “Worst Best Luck” out there as fast as I could, and it shows.  I mean, it’s not terrible, but it’s not as good as “Given the Circumstances.”  And shockingly enough, the slower I go, the more I see I need to go back and rework or repair the plot or characters or motivations in this one.  So this is 5k words and eighteen days after my 40k post, which was 10/18 from the 30K post.  Half the productivity, but still, pretty freakin’ impressive by most standards – that’s still 20,000 words since February 4th!  And that’s with a day job, children, so no excuses if you’re not following your own dream.  As the Gap Band says…


4 Comments on 45,000 words into “Tenth Muse”

  1. I’m intrigued at why you are so critical of The Worst Bad Luck. You’ve taken a difficult format, using those flashbacks, but I think they work. There is a bit of head hopping that could be improved with better paragraph breaks, but the characters, the story is fine. Mind you I haven’t read “Given the Circumstances” yet so that must be fabulous!
    At least there’s no:”spelling errors. The repetition of a thought or a joke someone had told three chapters earlier. The mental roadblocks I’d hit in the form of weird, long, twisted and grammatically tortured sentences. The upfront cramming of TMI exposition in place of character development.”
    Or not too many…..

    • Thanks, I get hard on myself after things go to press. I’m glad you like it 🙂

      • The only thing I noticed was that fonts varied throughout, not sure how that would have happened.
        And in a little too broken the line spacing seems too narrow and even though my Kobo can theoreticaly increase this figure, that function doesn’t seem to work.
        So maybe both issues are ePub problems? I know my files vary depending on whether I create them in Jutoh or Calibre.

  2. Oh, and you identified the problem yourself. Post publishing depression. It’s real. I know a lot of prolific authors who are having difficulties writing at the moment. Maybe all that talk about biorhythms is correct. Or else it’s a drought. Hey! Maybe there’s a writing equivalent to El Nino and El Nina!

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