April 2014

P-P-Price Drop! “Rob the Daemon” only .99!

April 28, 2014 // 0 Comments

Worldwide!  I wanted to wait till I had more stories in the series, but putting the first out at .99 has helped the Colum series as well as driving sales for the Sam bundle, so… go buy it! Here at amazon (can’t just paste the link or you get two copies of the cover!) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rob-the-daemon-brad-vance/1117472367?ean=2940149105922&itm=1&usri=2940149105922 https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/380102 [MORE]

65,000! The End Is Near!

April 24, 2014 // 0 Comments

Yeah, I write short books, it’s true.  But how many books have you read that dragged on and on and on?  It’s because publishers set a minimum word count in their contracts, and when a writer is done telling his story, OH SHIT he has to go back and put a bunch of filler in to make his count.  So, yeah, lean and mean baby 🙂   [MORE]

Another Tale From The Sea…

April 21, 2014 // 0 Comments

On a small and beautiful island in the Aegean sea, there lived two lovers.  Well, two and a half lovers, really, which was the problem.  Andromeda, Perseus and Hephaestos had grown up together on the island, and as children they’d been the best of friends.  But then they became adolescents, and then things changed.  If Andromeda hadn’t gone and turned into one of the great beauties of the age, there wouldn’t have been a problem, really – it probably would have worked out.  Probably.  Who knows. But she had.  And so Perseus and Hephaestos fell in love with her, and out of friendship with each other, even though she continued to treat them both like friends.  They reached young adulthood, and Hephaestos had two realizations.  One, that if he and Perseus both stayed there, they would probably kill each other at some point.  Two, that if he left the island, he could make a successful life in the wider world to which he could lure Andromeda. So he got a job on the boat [MORE]

60,000…and here’s a little taste for you :)

April 18, 2014 // 0 Comments

COMPLETELY out of context!  But here is one of the tales within a tale from “Tenth Muse,” to hold you till the final product in May… Once upon a time, long before people came to these islands, but after the Gods had found them and set up their summer homes here, there lived a goat.  He was the only goat on the island and he was very, very lonely.  Don’t ask how he got here, it’s a long story about intra-deity spite and revenge that he got caught up in by accident, but suffice it to say that he sure didn’t ask for it or deserve it, but you know, with the gods, that’s how it goes sometimes. It wasn’t a bad life, as you know.  It’s gorgeous here, and there was plenty to eat, and lots of hills for him to scramble up and down.  But when he would say “ba-a-a-a,” there was nobody to “ba-a-a-a” back.  Or even any pigs, or chickens, or swans, or anything else that could talk back.  Yes, the gods are pretty fucking cruel, no doubt. So he got [MORE]

55,000 words into “Tenth Muse” (Yes, I’m still alive!)

April 15, 2014 // 1 Comment

HI!  I had to take some time off, and am still going to be posting intermittently.  But, the book needed the time, and I really think taking said time off to think about this one is paying off.  That said, I’m now back in a “production cycle,” despite RAGING allergies for the first time since childhood that have, along with the meds for them, sidelined my brain for almost two weeks now.  Getting an allergy shot in the bum tomorrow!  TMI right?  But that should do the trick since nothing else is. The way things are going now, I am definitely optimistic about a May release date for this book (the title may change by then, I’m not sure).  So watch the skies [MORE]