May 2014


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Okay, not in the entire universe, but…this is my first #1 on the Gayrom or Gayrotica charts!  Ever!  “Sam’s Reluctant Submission” got to #2 once, but he just couldn’t top the other guy (heh). I screwed up my statistical analysis though…Just went to NovelRank and discovered that “Given” was inactivated!  So all the sales I got today (FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE so far on the ‘zon, and about fifty on B&N!) won’t be counted.  Bah humbug.  Oh well, there will be other BookBubs! And this is only less than 12 hours into the BookBub…”who knows what tomorrow brings…”  THANK YOU ALL for being on TEAM VANCE! [MORE]

This time, for sure! BookBub is ON today! “Given the Circumstances” @ .99 for a few more days…

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And here are all the links for your buying pleasure!  YES, even Amazon! Here’s today’s “starting gate” numbers for those of you who are into these things. The book definitely had a jolt over the last two days just from being priced at .99 – We Shall See what the BookBub mail does to goose this some more…   Google Play may be a FAIL today…  My original promo was set up for 29th-31st, but this A.M. I discovered Google Math means a 5/31 end date means it’s *ended* when 5/31 gets here, not *ends on* 5/31…  So I just stuck a new one in, but we’ll see how long that takes to cycle through… Ebooks really are the redheaded stepchild in [MORE]

BookBub FAIL at, but you can get it at other retailers…

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UPDATE: BookBub has moved my listing to May 31st! YAY FOR BOOKBUB! My apologies. I have a BookBub starting this a.m. for “Given The Circumstances” and Amazon has NOT changed the price to $0.99, and is not cooperating on fixing this issue in a timely manner.   I changed it yesterday afternoon, and woke up to find it’s still sitting in someone’s queue – I wrote with an urgent request, and got a boilerplate email copy/pasted out of the Big Binder of Generic Responses, that only offered to put it back in draft status so that I can start all over and re-request a .99 price.  So, I’m screwed.  40,000 people are about to get an email directing most of them to Amazon, who not only didn’t process the one urgent change I’ve ever needed, but isn’t doing jack to help me fix this. You CAN get it at Smashwords, iStore,, or Google Play for the advertised price for the next two days! [MORE]

Dr. Vance’s Learned Economic Analysis of a BookBub Promotion (*My BookBub starts tomorrow!)

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So, having just gotten my first BookBub title accepted for a promo, I decided I’d watch someone else’s and see what happened.  LC Chase is the author, and her book “Pickup Men” was the title.  Here’s the TL;DR: So what’s it all mean, doctor? Well, the first # was the rank and sales the book had when the BookBub mail came out and the price dropped to .99.  Rank is the overall Amazon store ranking – 1900 is pretty damn good, to be honest.  Then it rocketed up to around #200 over two day’s time, moving down gradually over the promo.  I also wanted to see how many people reviewed the book.  She went from 22 to 25 over the course of the promo – a pretty good addition for a book that’s a year old.  The “Gay rank” is where it ranked on gay fiction and romance lists. The 28 May rank is a lot lower, because the price went back up to $5.99.  Now, this is pretty high for a 166 page story.  But if you can get people [MORE]

Colum’s Viking Captivity is FREE on Amazon!

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Yeah, speaking of stories that required a lot of research!  I put this out on Google Play as a freebie about a week ago – really, that’s all you have to do to “make it free” on the ‘zon – they’re obsessed with price matching Google.  I mean, to the penny.  For some stupid reason, you have to overprice on Google because they automatically discount your prices 80% – for instance, you have to enter a price of $5.17 to get it actually listed at $3.99.  If you’re off by a penny, and it ends up being $3.98, well, Amazon will price match and knock your title’s price down by a penny.  Yeah, that’s why “Given the Circumstances” is $3.98 and not $3.99. And wouldn’t you think a bastion of mathematical geniuses like Google could DO THE MATH FOR YOU, instead of making you reverse engineer the real price?  There’s a reason a lot of people don’t post content on Google Play – they make it too [MORE]

What Makes a Fantasy Even Better?

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Research. Yeah, that’s right.  Reality makes fantasy better, in my opinion.  I know that a lot of readers don’t agree.  A lot of popular romances feature, say, a football player, or a rock star, and other than naming the profession, there’s no more discussion about it.  Nothing about what it’s like to play a football game, or what’s involved in a sound check, or how it feels to mesh with other musicans onstage or how to write or rewrite a song or…well, anything.  The book goes straight to the romance plot and doesn’t look back. And I accept that a lot of people don’t want me to give them my reality.  They have fertile imaginations, and that imagination fills in their idea of what a rock star is, or a football player, or a fireman, or a cowboy.  And their favorite author is smart enough to stand back, and not get in the way of that. But that’s not for me.  When I wrote “Given the Circumstances,” I wanted to [MORE]

Watching today’s LGBT BookBub title, “Pickup Men”

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So this is the first LGBT title I’ve seen in a BookBub email, and I’ve decided to track some stats on it, hopefully as a predictor on my own upcoming BookBub for “Given the Circumstances.” “Pickup Men” is already the #1 gay fiction AND gay romance title, and has gone from a Kindle rank of 1,900 (when I opened the mail this a.m.) to #534 in the entire Kindle store!  NovelRank is useless so far in telling me how many copies that translates to, but that’s because I must have everything now!  Maybe tomorrow it’ll catch up. More importantly, though, is that author L.C. Chase also has a few other titles up, and what I really want to know is, will the rising tide on this book lift her other boats… Does a BookBub result in people just buying one, .99 book, or do they actually go buy your other titles at full price?  We shall see…  I’m tryin’ to get more scientific with the sellin’ stuff, ya see LOL. [MORE]

HEADS UP! “Given the Circumstances” was selected as a BookBub pick!

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The .99 sale will be May 29th and 30th at Amazon, Google Play, Smashwords, ARE, and (maybe, if they don’t drag ass too badly posting pricing changes) the Apple Store. And maybe Kobo, depending on what they’re banning that day LOL. It costs me $80 to reach 40,000 subscribers (!) to their LGBT mailing list.  And, hooray for transparency, they even tell us hapless authors what we can expect:  somewhere between 40 and 910 sales, with 320 being the average. Of course, really the $80 is a write off, at .35 royalty per copy on a .99 book, I’d have to make that 320 average to break even – but, that’s the beauty of it – you could break even, AND introduce several hundred people to your work who might buy other works at list price.  So cross your fingers for [MORE]

Another VA Scandal…what can I do? Right – donate 100% of this month’s royalties from “A Little Too Broken”

May 16, 2014 // 2 Comments

Un. Fucking.  Believable.  But also totally believable, that someone would let sick people die to save their own job.  A quote from “A Little Too Broken” that’s proven all too true every day: “And as [Tom] grew stronger, he was able to look around him, was able to see the other soldiers, and their struggles.  And therefore able to grow angry at the system, at what he came to call the People of the Binder:  People who would do nothing if it wasn’t strictly laid out in some binder or manual as a specifically permitted thing they could do.  Who would never use any creativity, any initiative, and God forbid ever make an exception, bend a rule, for a better outcome.  To whom you were nothing but a piece of paper in their inbox, a name on a checklist, a billing code, for whom making a sacrifice of their own, taking a risk to fix your shit, was unthinkable.  Who would never check their consciences before checking the binder.” Yeah, fuck those people. [MORE]