IT’S LIVE “Apollo’s Curse” available now! FREE COPIES for reviewers available now!


But, if you want to be my friend forever, you can buy one for $2.99 and get my ranking up right out the gate ūüôā

Also up at Smashwords and AllRomanceEbooks, and in process at Nook, iStore and Kobo.

Yeah, I changed the title! ¬†I realized “Curse of the Tenth Muse” wasn’t a great title. ¬†I was looking at the list of the biggest movies ever, and they all have short titles that tell you exactly what they’re about. ¬†Star Wars. ¬†Titanic. ¬†The Lion King. ¬†So, Apollo’s Curse tells you just what you’re getting here…

So write to me at ASAP please to¬†sign up for your free review copy :). ¬†Amazon and Goodreads are my preferred sites for leaving reviews, since the ‘zon is #1 sales-wise.

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