Another VA Scandal…what can I do? Right – donate 100% of this month’s royalties from “A Little Too Broken”

Un. Fucking.  Believable.  But also totally believable, that someone would let sick people die to save their own job.  A quote from “A Little Too Broken” that’s proven all too true every day:

“And as [Tom] grew stronger, he was able to look around him, was able to see the other soldiers, and their struggles.  And therefore able to grow angry at the system, at what he came to call the People of the Binder:  People who would do nothing if it wasn’t strictly laid out in some binder or manual as a specifically permitted thing they could do.  Who would never use any creativity, any initiative, and God forbid ever make an exception, bend a rule, for a better outcome.  To whom you were nothing but a piece of paper in their inbox, a name on a checklist, a billing code, for whom making a sacrifice of their own, taking a risk to fix your shit, was unthinkable.  Who would never check their consciences before checking the binder.”

Yeah, fuck those people.  I’ve been giving all my royalties lately to WWP, partly because they’ve been too low to split and feel like I was making a difference.  But also because I thought, well, politics, whatever, what can IAVA do really that’ll change anything in Washington, and at least with WWP I know it’s going directly to help real people, not being spent on a losing battle.

Let’s be realistic.  We have Republican congresspeople who blather till the cows come home about “supporting our troops,” but if supporting those troops will cost their rich masters one extra nickel in taxes a year, they will throw those troops to the wolves.

But that having been said…maybe IAVA’s new project,, can make a difference.  I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.  So, all royalties from ALTB this month go to IAVA.

2 Comments on Another VA Scandal…what can I do? Right – donate 100% of this month’s royalties from “A Little Too Broken”

  1. This has been going on for years. I tried to make an appointment 4 years ago for continued care after heart surgery and I had to wait eighteen weeks. I finally just went to a cardio specialist at Jeff Hospital

    • BradVance // May 16, 2014 at 5:52 am // Reply

      That’s awful, Dan. There’s no reason for this to happen, either – all the money the government spends on stupid shit…all the money they *wasted* paying “consultants” for a screwed up Obamacare software system, money that could have gone into direct care for veterans… It makes me crazy.

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