HEADS UP! “Given the Circumstances” was selected as a BookBub pick!

GTCTwoThe .99 sale will be May 29th and 30th at Amazon, Google Play, Smashwords, ARE, and (maybe, if they don’t drag ass too badly posting pricing changes) the Apple Store. And maybe Kobo, depending on what they’re banning that day LOL.

It costs me $80 to reach 40,000 subscribers (!) to their LGBT mailing list.  And, hooray for transparency, they even tell us hapless authors what we can expect:  somewhere between 40 and 910 sales, with 320 being the average.

Of course, really the $80 is a write off, at .35 royalty per copy on a .99 book, I’d have to make that 320 average to break even – but, that’s the beauty of it – you could break even, AND introduce several hundred people to your work who might buy other works at list price.  So cross your fingers for me!

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