Watching today’s LGBT BookBub title, “Pickup Men”

So this is the first LGBT title I’ve seen in a BookBub email, and I’ve decided to track some stats on it, hopefully as a predictor on my own upcoming BookBub for “Given the Circumstances.”

“Pickup Men” is already the #1 gay fiction AND gay romance title, and has gone from a Kindle rank of 1,900 (when I opened the mail this a.m.) to #534 in the entire Kindle store!  NovelRank is useless so far in telling me how many copies that translates to, but that’s because I must have everything now!  Maybe tomorrow it’ll catch up.

More importantly, though, is that author L.C. Chase also has a few other titles up, and what I really want to know is, will the rising tide on this book lift her other boats… Does a BookBub result in people just buying one, .99 book, or do they actually go buy your other titles at full price?  We shall see…  I’m tryin’ to get more scientific with the sellin’ stuff, ya see LOL.

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